LOVE IS THE WORD!By Thomas Nku & Mildred DJ Par

(A Collab)

Thomas Nku
The earth needs love
To heal the rotting world
A fragrance of unscathed air
And a refreshing breathe
To scintillate the earth…

Mildred Par
Ahh, so young, so noble
But yes, i too love humanity
We are bound by common destiny
Why not magnify the fragrance
Advocate change for better world.

Thomas Nku
Let the earth be healed
By your kindest words and deeds
Indeed we need to keep
In touch with orphans and the needy
For love is the language humanity seeks
‘I love you’ is not all part of a speech
Yes, It is all part of a deed indeed!

Mildred Par
Let the earth feel the love
As we extend our hands for help
We must keep in mind to manifest love
Not only the orphans and the needy
But more for those forsaken by society
Love should be spread for all
It should be our hearts’ goal.

©️ Thomas Nku (Nigeria )🇳🇬
©️ Mildred DJ Par (Philippines) 🇵🇭

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