A Wind Gathering

A Wind Gathering

There is a wind gathering

an ill wind…

It is gathering out there
with method upon the planes

where it is yet marking time…

When it will come tearing

Darfur will be a thing of laughter…

But where is the oarman

has he fallen asleep?

The ship now totters at midsea

left at the mercy of Forcara’s wind…

There is a wind gathering

an ill wind…

And nothing is done to plant wind breakers

to stem its sinister rage
if it comes tearing…

When it will explode
Darfur will be a thing of laughter…

©️Orisa Onyemachi

TAKE A SIP By Ngam Emmanuel

Take a sip

Take my child this calabash and keep
Sip it’s content whenever you lack sleep
In it my heart, my soul my all
You’ll think of home whenever you fall
Entangled in mesh of snares recall
Words l give and you’ll always stand tall

Drink my child, take this cold water
All blessings l ever have to offer
So that on life’s highway you don’t suffer
Even when your feeble limbs begin to stutter.

Gurgle it down your patched throat
When heat of frustration from heart’s crust
Dehydrates your only tiny dews of hope
Chill down, relax! Don’t mope like dope
All is that, sip from it, its my Love’s cup

When your dreams perspire to near convulsion
Keep eyes on the stars, legs ever in motion
For secret of life’s success is to keep moving
Swinging forward and backward, falling and rising.

Ngam Emmanuel©®15-5-21


by Joseph Gnatek

Beware the radical Fringe
with “Marjorie Taylor Green-like eyes”
as they commit their immoral sins.
With eyes glossed over,
and an artificial smile,
they’ll tell you how President Trump
is the one who really did win.

It’s not one lie.
It’s a large set of calibrated lies,
told over and over and over again.
Put forth by organized propaganda franchises,
on which the Republican loyals din.

To give you an idea how effective it is
to implement this kind of propaganda sin,
70% of Republican voters still believe
the election was stolen by Joe Biden.
Even though he won by 7 million votes,
after all the counts are in.

Their fearless leader, Donald Trump
is about to be indicted on several fronts,
but the biggest lies are yet to begin.
There’s another organized front
supported by the likes of Fox News
and a set of coopted Republican politicians
that just continues to spread its lies and spin.

How did the world release Germany
from the grips of Hitler before world war II,
before the murdering ravages, indeed, moved in???
The world didn’t, of course,
and the world paid the price . . .
again and again and again!

The writing’s on the wall;
this is exactly what they do.
They terrorize and propagandize,
and tell their vicious lies,
from within!

The truth no longer matters,
All that matters is that the story is consistent
and repeated in all its twisted vainglory,
and perpetuated to support the party line,
and the singular message of mass appeal
that claims some sort of moral ideal.
Some hijacked message from the divine
that claims moral high ground
in “the end of times”,
but actually got twisted and tangled
on the propaganda vine,
and is told again and again and again,

from within.
Beware before it’s too late . . . again!

Oh, and the insurrection?
Well that never happened
according to many Republican politicians.
They’d like you to forget what your eyes saw
On January 6th.
They’d like you to forget about
the 140 police officers injured
And the 5 fatalities including an officer.
(I included the picture in case you’ve forgotten)

© 5/15/21 🙏🎯✍️ Joe Gnatek

MY HEART, HOLD MY HAND Dedicated to William Warigon by Wellington Nyawo

Dedicated to William Warigon by Wellington Nyawo

Hold my hand
Please my heart
Let us walk together
The world changed

My heart
Hold my hand
For decisions demanding
Hold me my heart

My hand has needs
And you desire goodness
My heart, hold my hand
The extremities so rough

Walk with me
When budgets slim
When the wallet overflows
My heart don’t leave me

Wingless afflictions
Fear of statistics
Worn out by breaking news
My heart, hold my hand

In marital decisions
Business transactions
In political analysis
Hold my hand dear heart

Yesterday was yesterday
We were happy
Today is today
We’re scared
Hold my hand my Lord…

Pic by William Warigon



Taught to que at the last, cue being adherence to ‘orderity’
Wondering when and how order made this turn,
Scriptures of maleness and ‘majorness’ leading the weak neck,
Sex and symbology of defeatist protest against each.
To lay still, to rise strong, to peel the eyes for a long look,
Breasted fully to feed the thrust of needs for infant and adult,
Mother nature is a feast for the eyes and the soul,
Steel nerves in gentle songs of lifes passage,
Love has soldered on this blistering terrain of impostor teachers,
Who teach bitter repose and harsh swipes,
Against itself by way of dissatisfied ego,
And the planted schism of wrought benevolence,
That falls flat on the playing field of unequal semantics.
Old is nothing new than a revisit to now,
Death is not a reaper but a sower of a new foot and a newer boot,
Life is a transient guest who can’t be delayed,
But love is the bus and the driver that feeds the journey and the sojourner,
Away from it, collectively, we are prisoners of our own designed jails.
Guarding rot with expensive arms and steel walls.
The jailer and the jailed partaking of the same meal made of rotting grains,
The individual counts. The society counts.
The maths of life is music that counts in vibrational wellness,
Notes rising to wake good or falling to maim it.
We are a lot that rides on choices, chose what favors all.

Nancy Ndeke
@ May 2021


Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Sodom Apple

The English Name of Sodom Apple is “GIANT MILK WEED or CALOTROPIS GIGANTEA”
Calotropis Gigantea is a species of calotropis native to Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, China, Pakistan, Nepal, Booc Booc in Somalia and Tropical Africa.

It is a large shrub growing to 4m tall, it has clusters of waxy flowers that are either white or lavender in colour.

Some 11 Uses Of Sodom Apple Below

1. As a Coagulant
The sodom apple leaf serves as a coagulant. It is used to make cheese, it coagulates the milk making it to come together.

2. For Breast-feeding
Soak it inside water, then grind the leaf to extract the milk and use it to wash your both breast. Be prepared for free flow of milk.

3. For Chicken Pox
Yes it’s good in treating chicken pox or measles
Just grind the leaf add it to original African Black Soap. Mix it very well and use it to bath, It will dry off the chicken pox.

4. For Stomach Ache
It is not poionous, It is used for stomarch aches. Soak it in dry gin and take 1 shot daily, It has worked for me.

5. For Typhoid
Soak the leaf with milk in a dry gin or vodka or if you can get original palm-wine, take 1 shot twice daily.

6. For Malaria
yes it can also be cooked along side with lemon grass and lime to treat malaria.

7. For Pile
For the pile that is already out, [eg- it comes out wenever you poop]. You go get butter rub it on the leaf, place over your coal or stove top. When the leaf is warm and the butter oil starts dripping, place it on your anus, its painful but effective.

8. For Tooth Ache
Cut and drop the whitish gel that comes out of it on your tooth that has hole and chew on the root in the affected tooth.

9. For Snakes
It is also very effective in driving away snakes, just have it around the house.

10. For Diabetes
Pluck two leaves and place it on the ground, make sure you wear socks and place your feet on it for some hours do it daily for a week or more. Endeavour to go do diabetes check-up.

11. For Asthma
Take 9 pieces of the leaves for a females and 7 pieces of the leaves for a male. Wash and arrange it in a pot and boil for 15 minutes with little water drink it warm half glass cup both morning and night for 7 days, when the water finishes add another water to it till you see results.


HEART, HOLD MY HAND By William Warigon


Ho, hello holy heart, hold my hand.
You are the only one to understand
What and where I reign to stand
Hold my hand. Hold my unholy hand.

Tangled things, tears and tensions ache so my soul.
To the angels around, I’m the sinful white
Fungus of a leprous whim surrounding me whole
To make me mine’s city covered in blight.

Hold my hand, make me a fountain
That falls freely in the court of the day.
Hold me and let my soul maintain
The grip of hope every night, I do pray.

©️ William Warigon™️
📸Abu Abstar Ishaku



I woke up with clouds of excitement
Hovering like a halo above my head
My morning hunger couldn’t be fed
I’d barely conceal my grandiloquent
Pleasure at the prospect
Of airflight, flying for first a time
It was sweet like confect
With a breath of sweet spring, sublime

The once busy airport
Was as empty as a church on Monday
No flirtatious consort
As I envisaged. Bleakness descended my way
The large bubbly bird on the tarmac
Patiently awaited to be filled
While other planes parked like unused almanac
Sparse passengers masked like Ninjas
Sat like wraiths waiting at the stairway to heaven
Aptly observing the ritual of social distance
My pleasure and anticipation turned to agitation

Claivoyant I was not, but I felt dread
Lodged like a wedge in me deep
The fingers of fear gripped my head
My nerves piled happily in a heap
A baby nearby suckled his mother’s breast
With no care in the world
A wife near her husband sought to be caressed
Two boisterous boys banged heads on the aisle
Until the remonstration of an attendant brought order

Finally the plane started to charge towards Marsaile
A gnawing ache was such a bother
Above, I was in awe, I looked through the window
At the roads looking like baby boomslangs making a grand entrance
I felt like I was a mile close to God’s golden door

Suddenly, we flew into turbulence, I was in trance
The reassurance from the pilot
Did not do well to offer me any ample assurance
I was like a brisket in a basket

Seeking swift act of deliverance
But before my tongue’d lift the roof of my mouth in orison
All ears splitted by a booming sound
The plane disintegrated In slow movie-like motion
We spiralled towards the ground
Intent to leave us high going down or dry
Ferocious fire engulfed us all
Here we were, we’re not ready yet to die
But die we must. We started to fall
Charred, severed heads and limps had no time to say goodbye

No magic to upturn this tragic end
So, this is my last flight, my friend
We were headed to heaven or perdition
Frogs with no choice without best condition

Cold sweat made me shiver
My eyes flew open this morning
It was a bad dream. I quiver
Sighing. Satisfied. Teary, trembling
I greeted the golden grey morning
With a rare smile saved for success
I was reborn and lay appreciating
Every tiny bit of life’s lugubrious essence

©️William Warigon™️


Never too old

Down Casually at midnight
Another drunken fight
Concussion and a Hangover
The trophies of a ‘perfect’ night

Monday back to boring
‘Respectable’ an act
Another story made as scars parade
It’s called ‘Diplomacy and tact’

Partner screams with shame
Little understanding
To me It’s about being a known ‘Name’

Some part of yesterday a Soccer match
Happened I am sure
Was not there to watch it
Someone say the final score

No, not of the Ball game
Us and them you fool
Ahh right, that’s good, that’s proper
They now know who this turf do rule

Living like a pendulum
Swinging to and fro
Reaching end of one direction
Now just other one to go

Shirt and Tie for the Office
Again, before the Beak
Suitable downcast expression
As lower Fine do seek

You are never too old to be a Hooligan
Boasted the perfect example of how to be a bad example to their Children

Ian Wilcox

Soothing Song (Lullaby) By Poetess Bhutan

( Lullaby )

Soothing Song

Little princess, little princess, in the cradle
Everything around us is so incredible
Brightly sweating eternal lamp aside
Gives the warmth of love, care and guide.

Little princess, little princess, in the cradle
Everything around us is so incredible
Endearing bears and jumpy lions on the floor
Sings the melodic songs within golden door.

Little princess, little princess, in the cradle
Everything around us is so incredible
Wandering moon in the rich blue sky
Dances the night with the accompany of butterfly.

Little princess, little princess, in the cradle
Everything around us is so incredible
The howling wind with it’s honey tune
Touches us to sleep the night of June.

Little princess, little princess, in the cradle
Everything around us is so incredible
With the soothing song from your mum
Sleep the sweet night with nightly strum.

Copyright ✍️🇧🇹✍️
Picture Credit: Google

THE BRING By Cynthia Gentile

The Bring

Beloved poetic Sweetness
You are a flash of joy here
You are my dearest adoration
A fantasy come true
I felt your eyes undressing me
Enjoying earthily warmness
I tasted your desire
Your envy partners sweet and sour

My great warrior take rest
Come lie here within me
Allow me to fill your every craving
Hunger and thirst
You’ve found me at last
This flower blooms for you
I’ll paint you with bright colors
My ecstasy we are ageless

You exude royalty
Amidst your request to marry
A band of unity’s vows will be
Exchanged at the altar
If death is by cake come
Let us eat together and drift
You are my happiness
Marvelous magnificent man

I can still hear sounds of the
Chandelier as we swung
Many crowd around
Wanting your companionship
I only ask you come
Swing on the porch of my love
You are my spotless dream
Manifested here

My life is a living dream assuredly
Come relish in the fulfillment of it
Sip, taste Fingers, roam
Trusts bring pleasurable moans
You’ve entered my paradise
Come and spread inside
Awake to my wetness, moist kisses
Soft and seductive




Earn a living by all means but not on the graves of the innocent,
Ascend to power by whatever means but not on the integrity of compromising truth,
Hold onto what you have acquired by all means,
Even without scriptures, right and wrong are tenets known to a human heart,
Wrong will never ascend a throne without the silent applause of the masses,
And the loud defense of it by those society thinks credible.
True loss is when truth has been dragged through the murky swamps of shameful denial.
It’s how iniquity passes onto the future as an affliction more like a curse,
To hung round the necks of children whose only crime was birth by men less than honest in their dealings.
Way forward then is way backwards to the basis and foundations of truth,
For redemption is never cheap nor validation a matter of slight of hand.

Nancy Ndeke
@ May 2021