Betrayed Her True Love By Lhabab Dorji

Title: Betrayed Her True Love

Her love to him is unconditional
The flight of trust is beyond words to describe
Her madness is like she met Cupid above
She glows when he is right at her sight
He is only her goal in earth to capture

The two had epitomized the lovers world
Inseparable two kept the memory of love
Earth for them turned into heavenly world
Music was their best companion after all
Interference of jealous war cannot take them apart.

Like destructive wind their love came to an end
For the boy played with her fragile heart
His love was the infatuation so wise
He betrayed her true love full of trust
Madness crippled slowly to gnaw her heart.

The day she became a botherless crow
Gained she the courage to revenge his doers
With remorse he promised his love once more
But she would let the dog bark till it’s death
Never in life he can now conquer the flight of crow.
©️®️ Lhabab Dorji