This month in history, *July* 1988, The then World Heavy Weight Boxing Champion: Michael “Iron” Tyson, hired Donald Trump to be his Financial Consultant and Advisor.
Be careful how you treat your Staff and/or Associates, because your Employee or Associate may turn up to be your Head of State tomorrow.




Disabled comedian embarrassed by guard for using mobility scooter on train — Metro

A comedian with dwarfism was left in tears after she was embarrassed by a train guard for using a disabled space for her mobility scooter. Tanyalee Davis said she felt humiliated when the Great Western Railway (GWR) worker announced over the train’s tannoy system that she was delaying the train as she was causing problems.…

via Disabled comedian embarrassed by guard for using mobility scooter on train — Metro

Woman suffers facial burns after discarded cigarette hits her oxygen tank — Metro

A mother suffered facial burns after a lit cigarette was thrown out of a car and hit her oxygen tank. Nicola Doyle was out alone when the discarded cigarette hit the pipe and set it alight. It was only her quick-thinking that stopped the 42-year-old from being more seriously burnt. Ms Doyle was riding down…

via Woman suffers facial burns after discarded cigarette hits her oxygen tank — Metro

Air hostess fired for having a baby gets nearly £8,000 in compensation — Metro

An air hostess who was fired from her ‘dream job’ after she had a baby has won a discrimination claim against the airline. Andrea Elcock suffered agonising pain and had to use crutches to get around when her joints were ‘pushed to the limit’ during her third pregnancy. She had been diagnosed with rare genetic…

via Air hostess fired for having a baby gets nearly £8,000 in compensation — Metro

Woman Critically Injured after Being Stung ‘Hundreds of Times’ By Swarm of Bees — FOX40

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. – A California woman was critically injured after being stung “hundreds of times” by a swarm of bees in Lake Forest Monday morning, and three others – including two firefighters – were also injured, officials said. The incident occurred about 10:25 a.m. when firefighters responded to a report of a bee sting…

via Woman Critically Injured after Being Stung ‘Hundreds of Times’ By Swarm of Bees — FOX40

Donald Trump still thinks his meeting with Vladimir Putin was a glittering success — Metro

Donald Trump has insisted his widely-condemned meeting and press conference with Vladimir Putin was a success. Taking to Twitter hours after he was blasted by senior Republicans and Democrats, the president wrote: ‘While I had a great meeting with NATO, raising vast amounts of money, I had an even better meeting with Vladimir Putin of…

via Donald Trump still thinks his meeting with Vladimir Putin was a glittering success — Metro

POETIC JUSTICE 99 – Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey


Her beauty had always been a burden
Men swarmed around her like flies
They were like yoked of heavy laden
She basked in their attention and lies

She’d suitors sweetening her world
With riches without measure
Time passed and age took its toll
Then they flee to other treasure

She bore the scars of yesterday’s foolishness
Burdened with regrets that gnawed like cancer
She now wished to recapture her youthfulness
But she swirled all alone like a lonely dancer

She turned to the suitors she’d turned away
But they laughed and also turned away
To the bubbling town she once held sway
Leaving her emotions in disarray

So she fled to an unknown land
Used her wealth to enhance her beauty
Bottoxed body from face to hand
In a quest to remain young and pretty

Botched, broke and broken
She hid in the darkness like a pariah
An elusive chanteuse sunken
Alone, singing sad songs like Mariah

The hand of time has eluded her
She’s gone to far, yes too far
Her mistake is her burden, her cross
Many rivers await her yet to cross
®©William Warigon 2018:Picture Credit-Pinterest

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POETIC JUSTICE 98 -By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey


Sometimes you just feel like throwing in the towel
When tongues wage war against you
Your efforts are always thrown under the trowel
And frustration festers all through

When the soft tendrils of hope withers
The comforting arms of perseverance
Emerge to quell the hopeless dithers
Gingered, you become courage’s capacitance

Bolstered with renewed determination
To trudge on every spiky terrain
That negates every step of progression
Is the needed perseverance’s rain

He that perseveres reaches the rainbow’s end
Picks the gold and also returns bold
He strains to make a fiend and foe as a friend
For he fears not any vemon hot or cold
®©William Warigon 2018



SexZeeNation- By Zee O’shaugnessy: Women should not give themselves ‘peegasms’: Doctors warn new trend for holding on to urine for sexual pleasure can cause infections and even kidney damage

Women are giving themselves ‘peegasms’ in a bizarre new sex trend.

Fans are claiming they are achieving solo orgasms by urinating after holding it in.

A man asked users of an online forum if they also have so-called ‘p*** shivers’ after his girlfriend told him releasing pent-up urine causes her to experience shivers ‘from her spine to her head’.

Many women were quick to reply that the technique creates a ‘whole body massage’.

Yet doctors are warning the trend could lead to painful urinary infections that may cause kidney damage.

Full bladders stimulate nerves linked to arousal

An over-full bladder is thought to stimulate nerves in the pelvis that control arousal, with letting go creating an orgasm-like sensation.

Responding to the thread on Reddit, many women claim they are most likely to ‘peegasm’ after waking in the night.

Others add that although they get a pleasurable feeling from releasing urine from a full bladder, they claim it does not make them orgasm.

While others add the feeling is unpleasant and far from orgasmic.

Bizarre trend puts women at risk of cystitis

Doctors warn that peegasms can only be achieved if the bladder is holding urine for longer than normal, which is a cause of infections.

Due to women being more prone to cystitis than men, medics add the bizarre act should be avoided by all, even those who are healthy.

They add there are many other less risky ways women can experience sexual pleasure.

Sex addiction is a mental-health disorder, declares World Health Organization

This comes after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared sex addiction is a mental-health disorder earlier this month.

Known as compulsive sexual behaviour disorder, it is defined as an inability to control intense sexual urges leading to people neglecting their health despite often deriving no pleasure from being intimate, according to a report issued by the WHO.

Patients must suffer from the disorder for at least six months, and experience substantial distress as a result of their addiction, before being diagnosed, the report adds.

It is unclear if this move will lead to sex addiction treatment being provided on the NHS, which does not currently consider it to be a condition.

Comedian Russell Brand has been to rehab for sex addiction saying being active between the sheets gives him ‘a breathing space, when you’re outside of yourself and your own head’.

In July 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared sex addiction is a mental-health disorder.

Yet many experts disagree about whether this is an actual diagnosis.

According to the relationship counselling service Relate, sex addiction is any intimate activity that feels ‘out of control’.

This could be sex with a partner, masturbation, pornography use, visiting prostitutes or using chat lines.

In some cases, people feel unable to control their urges, which affects their quality of life and those around them.

According to the WHO, compulsive sexual behaviour disorder is defined as an inability to control intense sexual urges leading to people neglecting their health despite often deriving no pleasure from being intimate.

Patients must suffer from the disorder for at least six months, and experience substantial distress as a result of their addiction, before being diagnosed, the WHO adds.

Source: NHS Choices

Shocked widower whose wife died of breast cancer is sent letter from Paypal saying she’s breached her agreement by being ‘deceased’ as she hasn’t paid off her £3,200 bill

A widower told last night of his shock after receiving a letter from online banking company, PayPal, threatening his dead wife with debt collection and legal action.

Howard Durdle was contacted by the ‘insensitive’ company, which claimed the death of Mr Durdle’s wife, Lindsay, constituted a ‘breach’ of their rules.

Lindsay Durdle, from Bucklebury, West Berkshire, died at just 37 years old in May earlier this year after a long battle with breast cancer which spread to her lungs and her brain.

And, until he opened the letter, Mr Durdle had been coping with the loss of his wife as best he could, telling the BBC: ‘I’m in a reasonable place at the moment – I’ve got quite a level head on my shoulders.’

He said he was ‘quite capable of dealing with paperwork like this’.

But Mr Durdle became distressed as he read the letter headed: ‘Important: You should read this notice carefully.’

It continued: ‘Dear Mrs Lindsay Durdle, This is a default notice served under section 87 (1) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Your account has an outstanding balance of £3,240.72.’

The brusque letter went on to read that Mrs Durdle was ‘in breach of condition 15.4(c) of your agreement with PayPal Credit as we have received notice that you are deceased’.


POETIC JUSTICE 97 -By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey


O, sweet Mother Earth

The bastion of true art

You are the epitome of swirling beauty

Arrayed with flowers and birds’ affinity

You flount your majestic beauty with the derision

Of a beautiful queen veiled in turquoise horizon

Sleepy naked trees in snow-windy winter

Stand still knowing you’re the Protector

Vibrant winds of warm summer cause the sea to preen

Like a coquettish woman who wishes to see and be unseen

Your moon, young and shy kisses the milky mist

Giving the silver gladness of stars the yen for gist

The limpid basin of the the sky

Filled with halos of clouds, high

Pours on your enviable charm nurturing rains

To soothe your hills and lands of their pains

®©William Warigon 20180_3b86f_62a09bbf_XL1-300x300

POETIC JUSTICE 96-BY Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey


I’d want you to be my melody
I’d be glad to be your harmony
In unison we could weave our song
That’d cement our bond so strong
Like two doves in love
Let us dance with wild, sweet abandon
In melody soft or rough
As I play to your heart with my accordion

As I serenade my love song to you
I’d watch your body move
To the melody made specially for you
Blasting through the roof
We waltz and tango to our hearts’ content
As though we owned the world
Here, in the web of our melody, we consent
To love each other fully whole
®©William Warigon 2018



POETIC JUSTICE 95 By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey



Amina was my uncle’s second wife
Dearly he loved her as he loved his life
She cooked rice and placed it on the mat
A cobra spat on the rice, the dog got mad
My uncle came in and sat on the mat to eat
But the dog wouldn’t allow that so he got beat
The dog ate the food, lay down and died
My uncle thought Amina wanted him dead
Townspeople came to skin Amina alive
Cobra emerged, hissed,tried to jive
Amina’s innocence was established that day
Apologies said,in sorrow dog became hero of the day
Innocence scents the saints
Innocence pure, never taints
That day a valuable lesson was learnt
Never be too quick to see one burnt
Patience is a real virtue
So’s sacrifice that’s true
®©William Warigon.Pic:Getty

Woman, 92, allegedly killed son who wanted to put her in a nursing home —

Watch Video PHOENIX, Ariz — A 92-year-old woman allegedly killed her son in Arizona because she did not want to be sent to an assisted living facility, authorities said. Anna Mae Blessing was charged with first degree murder, aggravated assault and kidnapping after authorities found her 72-year-old son dead Monday at their home in Fountain…

via Woman, 92, allegedly killed son who wanted to put her in a nursing home —

POETIC JUSTICE 93-By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey


My darling Dawn, born at dawn,
With nary a supercilious horn.
Though blind, but beautiful to a fault.
Many men behold your beauty and bolt,
Because you are the fairest star above,
That brightens the tendrils of my love.

Each day dawns, I see your face
Each dawn’s cock crow is a taste
Of your non-infinitesimal beauty
That is bigger than holy history

I may be devilishly handsome,
But never vain, humble I come.
Laying my love on your feet. My dear Dawn
Accept it like the heaven accepts each dawn.

So, I want to be down with dear Dawn
So, I proclaim loudly to my hometown
“She’s my beloved,to whom ‘am bound!
She is my heart’s trumpet that I sound “

®©William Warigon 2018 Pic:ALS


POETIC JUSTICE 92- By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey

#Word44 Words In Motion Poetry Exercise Featured Artist “Y.O.L.O.” (You Only Live Once)

William Warigon

Read his poem

YOLO (You Only Live Once)

The rambunctious teenagers partied all night
And left their trail the next day
The chagrined, harried neighbour whose right
Had so been trashed away
When he complained, they only guffawed
And told him, ‘Give over old timer, You only Live Once!’
He stood rooted, like a lillylivered fowl
While the rambunctious ramblers preened with a prance

Selene scrimped and skimmed
Saved well for that rainy day
While her lively friends lived
She believed in making hay
While the sun shone.She denied herself the joys of life’s flavour
And walked wearily with worry warts all day
One day, when she felt ready to enjoy the fruits of her labour
She was crushed to death on the highway

Your life is to be enjoyed not endured
Give yourself some love daily
And let your stress level be reduced
Eat, drink, be merry, only fairly
For you never live twice but once
Do right, colour your life, be happy
For you, only you, only live once
So, be the light, and don’t be crappy.

Never allow your fiestiness or the zest for life wane
Like the setting moon
Penury,sadness and sorrow shouldn’t be your bane
Know that late or soon
A new generation will sprout
And you may be gone, no doubt
So, live life like there won’t be no tomorrow
If your life ends, there’ll be none to borrow
®©William Warigon 2018



GOD A6LMIGHTY, You deserve the glory and praise, honour and adoration for the bountiful favours You deigned to send my way.

I am but an empty,humble and unworthy vessel whom You deemed worthy to be uplifted and be blessed with various internal awards in recent times. I write via Your unction. And it pleases me to acknowledge that You are my Inspiration.

My thanks to the various esteemed groups that have deemed it fit to honour me so. They include Poetry Planet, Planet For Budding Poets, Asian Literary Society,Home of African Poetry and Splendid Stories, Poem24/7.

I am elated to be part of those re-awakening the interest in the art of reading and writing poetry. I believe everyone is a Poet/Poetess  in his/her own right. Believe in yourself and let every leg of criticism-whether malicious or constructive – be the yen that eggs you on to be better and greater.

Glory be to God, great things He has done!
















Every human life is priceless.So, every life must be valued and protected.

Everyday you are greeted with news headlines of gruesome killings. If it is not as a result of a clashes in Adamawa, it is in Zamfara, Benue, Plateau or Borno State. The most recent generated outrage across the country as scores of innocent people were slaughtered In cold blood because of stolen cows!

The government claims that desperate politicians were behind the killing. If the so- called desperate politicians are identified, why not swiftly prosecute them? Or are they in the Untouchable-above-the-law category?

It is very dangerous a trend the way these killings are being handled. If the government does not take a decisive action against these bloodthirsty perpetrators, the people will decide to arm and defend themselves which will ultimately end in a bloody  civil war, which this already wounded country cannot not afford at this trying  time.

The government must be decisive and unbiased.Call a spade a spade and punish anyone found guilty of perpetrating these heinous murders.Already the polity is overheated and people are divided along ethno-religious lines. This is definitely not healthy because our strength lies in our unity indiversity.

Blame games are out with the old. Let the lives of Nigerians be valued too as they value those in civilized climes!

©William Warigon

Pastor Donates N1 million For Completion Of Mosque

By Hussein

A Nigerian pastor has shocked his immediate community members by donating N1 million to a mosque.
A Senior Pastor with the Peniel Church of God in Calabar, Essien Ayi, has donated one million Naira to help the Muslim community in the Cross River State capital complete its central mosque.
According to a report by The Nation newspaper, Tuesday, Mr Ayi who is also a lawmaker, said Nigerians should be their brothers’ keepers, irrespective of religion.
Mr Ayi, who represents Akpabuyo/Bakassi/Calabar-South Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, made the cash donation at Gbogobiri, an Hausa settlement in Calabar.
He said the gesture was also to appreciate the support he has enjoyed from them.
“Every human being whether Christian or Muslim believes in God, the creator. The religion may be different. The mode of practicing may be different, but it is tilted towards one being, which is God,” he said at the event.
“Also the Muslim society has been very supportive of me right from when I was chairman and they informed me that their former mosque had been demolished and they are trying to erect a new and befitting mosque. I feel as a representative, they too are my constituents.
”I am bound to make a token donation towards the completion of that mosque. We should be be our brothers’ keepers. We are all Nigerians irrespective of our religion,” he added.
The head of the Hausa community, Sarki Lawan, who spoke through the Secretary of the Mosque Committee, Hashimu Abubakar, expressed gratitude for the donation, which he said would go a long way in the completion of the project.
“We are very happy. We appreciate his concern about coming here to give us his donation. This is the first time it has ever happened. He donated N1 million and we assure him the money would be put to use. The name of the mosque is Central Mosque and Islamic Centre in Calabar.
“Work started about four months ago and the money would help us a great deal. Our message to other politicians is to emulate what he has done so that the people they are representing would feel their impact,” he said.
Mr Ayi also made donations to two orphanages at Uwanse and Bateba Streets, as well as the Pope John Paul Home for the aged and needy along Target Street.
He said it has been his tradition over the years to the less-privileged in the society and encourage harmonious coexistence.
“Whenever God bless you, use part of that blessing to bless others. I came from a disadvantaged home and by the grace of God he has lifted me to this height. I always have a feeling for the less privileged in the society,” he said.
He called for harmonious inter-religious relations.
“That is all we preach about. We call for a harmonious living environment because if you don’t have a peaceful atmosphere, you cannot even practice your religion. Let us come together. We should not start fighting ourselves and make the environment unconducive for us to stay.
” If we are in peace everyone can practice their own religion. That is what we believe. Peaceful coexistence is what we need,” he said.

POETIC JUSTICE 91 by Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey


If I was a cloud, I would show my clout
In one form or another
I would be Cirrus, that fair silver cloud
That bejewels as no other

Or wear the dark ferocity of fierce Altocumulus
While dotting the sky with cookies like Cirrucumulus
Perhaps be a chasing playboy like cottoned Cumulus
Preening like a peacock as I change to Stratocumulus

I would pour out random rain like Altostratus
In the night, I cast silver shadows like Cirrostratus
I could be gentle, perching oh the next the hills as Stratus
The unpredictable, I cook a raging storm like Cumulonimbus

However the shape or size
I would be a relief from the scorching sun’s rays
When heat become atrocious
I would be succour of shade or the cooling rains
®©William Warigon 2018 PicCredit:Pinterest


POETIC JUSTICE 90-Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey


I had always ways been a delicate flower
To the eyes that behold my softness
But beneath this veneer is a hidden power
That is a testament to my toughness

Fate’s cruel hand took away my Liam
The love of my life, soul of my existence
While I am wetly cloaked in grief’s realm
I mustn’t forget the cooing life’s breeze

The Afghan war has stolen my precious
A needless war that trumpets dirges daily
Leaving me an with in-law’s acrimonious
Advances that haunt me ever desperately

But despite the volley of lonesomeness
I pick up the pieces with stoic resoluteness
To cross every gloomy river with deftness
And rise above negative emotive nonsense

I am my own Gibraltar’s rock
Having had my thunder stolen
To defeat’s kiss, I won’t sock
To determination I am beholden.
®©William Warigon 2018




POETIC JUSTICE 89-By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey


This fair ebony beauty
That was the famed Queen of Ethiopia
Her Highness was lofty
In name, panache, living in her Utopia
Every ear tingled upon hearing of her quests
Fearless, fierce, fabulous, the Eve of Bliss
She was the Mistress of all she surveyed.Tests
Were sent her way, she crushed with ease
Men came from far and near,armed to charm with their ardour
They preened like princely peacocks, raving about their grandeur
But soon, their crown jewels shriveled upon seeing her splendour

She had it all, but she was empty
Her heart longed for true love
Nights upon nights, her bed empty
She tossed and turned enough
To set her sweaty duvet on fire
The undeniable cravings in her heart were like a disease
She’d not known such alien desire
Her magicians failed to bring her remedies

Then, like a big bolt from a thunderstorm
She heard of a king from a faraway land
The things she heard,set her heart to roam
She wasted no breath, she took her band
And traveled torturous journey to Jerusalem
She’s mesmerized by the riches of the land
His beauty and brains captured her soul
And head over heals her heart fell in love
She gave in to her heart’s desire, whole
And gave thanks to the Almighty, above

Time sped as though chased by the demons
Solomon was Cupidly arrowed with love
A union of two strange nations of diamonds
Those star-crossed lovers wrapped in love
Sang the songs of the moon and the stars
And danced above the rim of the setting sun
Their story is retold till we raise the bars
With fervour, we wish,so ours will be done.
®©William Warigon



POETIC JUSTICE 88 – by Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey


I travelled many miles across the sea
To a land I thought was real paradise
Through the vineyards of hatred I see
Darkness shooting from my hosts’ eyes

I am judged by the colour of my skin
Not from my knowledge and wisdom
Wrapped in nostalgia, missing my kin
At home, where I strut in our kingdom

I cry a river thinking of the hills and valleys
That were nature’s gift to us
The footpaths that lead us to night parties
Under the moon’s silver shadows

I miss the evening mist that garlands the hills
Curling with grey mien over the sleepy trees
Like silver grey ribbons aimed to give thrills
In its company is the evening cool breeze.

Loneliness envelopes me like a second skin
I cried my last tear hankering after home
I wish there was a magical spell I could spin
To betake myself home and on love roam

Here, I am a total stranger here
I fear to fall in love
For such opportunity’s rare here
Thus this is enough

To my sweet homeland now I must go
Where I understand it’s language
Where the lamb bleats and the lion roar
It is here they see me as a sage!
©™William Warigon 2018Pic




The fact that our extant laws prohibit attempted suicides is a testament that we live within the ambit of our multireligious makeup. The various religions clearly stand against suicide.’Thou shall not kill’ simply means no one has the power to take his/her life or the life of another.

So, whenever I hear of someone commuting suicide, it breaks my heart to pieces.This is because I knew someone who almost committed suicide but for the timely intervention of love ones.

She was in a relationship with a married man who was very controlling and she was emotionally dependent on him for the fifteen years that the relationship lasted.Then he just dropped her like a hot potato after promising her heaven and earth. Her world came crashing down after she was suddenly jilted. She was emotionally distraught. She became a recluse.Thankfully, none of her loved ones(who were clearly against the relationship right from the beginning) told her I Told You So.She had the best support system. Friends kept her company, kept her busy, family visited and gave her emotional lean-on. Eventually she started healing.

She confessed that initially she contemplated suicide because she felt cheated and used after emotionally and financially investing into the relationship. Suddenly, she realized the irony that she was The Other Woman and guilt gnawed at her even deeper,tgereby propelling her to the edge of the precipice. Then she went into therephy, returned to school and today, she is a respected psychologist and a happy wife and mother.

Many never had second chances and many will not because we are so caught up in our own endeavours we hardly spare the time to think of the welfare of others. Sometimes they are even right beside us and deeply hurting but because we are not sensitive to their needs, we fail to see the tell-tale signs. Albeit we might be too busy ekking out a living, still, we can always reach out to others in many little ways that can make big difference in other’s lives. A simple act of prayer, visitation, texting, sending small, personal gifts, etc could open the gateway for the silent sufferer to open up about their travails and that is when we offer the needed help. We could contact experts for assistance whenever we can not rise up to the occasion.

Suicide is never the easy way out. But then, not everyone knows that. Diana Ross’ ‘Reach out and touch, somebody’s hand, make this world a better place, if you can,’ says it all. Yes we can make our world a better place.

POETIC JUSTICE 86-By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey


Obilor my son
The first one to bless my loins
Obilor, the sun
I hoped you’d hold fast to your loins
Indeed I was a teen, nary an adult
When youthful exuberance
Took me to the maiden of John Holt
I returned home in a prance
Nine months later, you were born
The village was scandalized
Because I was in Christ Reborn
So, my name was bastardized

Obilor my only son
To the unwary, we could pass as brothers
I begot you, my son
When I was fifteen,the last of my brothers
And my mother raised you
With the discipline of the military
I had high hopes for you
I wanted you in the revered Gentry

Alas, Obilor my son
You were a chip off the old block
A vicious circle done
Sure, the fates feasted on the clock
I am only twenty nine
Already a grandfather
Obilor, the son of mine
At fifteen is too a father

The girl I want to marry has picked a race
She did outrun the mythical Atlantha
She said she’d be a bride with young face
Not a grandma from Georgia’s Atlanta
I scratch my head, which isn’t yet grey
My tongue is heavy like a dead stone
I am in a quagmire, needing to pray
Should I expiate my sin and atone?

Or should I be proud and drink bourguignon?
®©William Warigon2018.Pic.Credit:Pinterest





June 9 Integrity Reflects Godly Wisdom — Truth2Freedom’s Blog

“As for [Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed–nego], God gave them knowledge and intelligence in every branch of literature and wisdom; Daniel even understood all kinds of visions and dreams.” Daniel 1:17 ✧✧✧ Godly wisdom guards against the influences of a godless society. From the beginning of human history Satan has tried to confuse and confound […]

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France bans cellphone use in public schools — Peace and Freedom

French lawmakers have approved a ban on the use of mobile phones in public schools. Critics have said the move will do little to end classroom disruptions or bullying. Opponents to the blanket ban on mobile phone use said it is unlikely to wean students off their phones. The legislation — approved by members […]

via France bans cellphone use in public schools — Peace and Freedom

POETIC JUSTICE 85-By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey


Jealousy may be a disease
It eats your heart with ease

Under the spell of jealousy
Insanity blocks what you see

You spew out ear-blistering profanity
Making demons blush at its acidity

Making rash actions resulting in regret
As you puff away poisonous cigarette

Whenever you are bamboozled by jealousy
Take cover, maintan dignity for your sanity

Take a pen and write me a letter
Believe me, you will feel better
®©William Warigon 2018



POETIC JUSTICE 84-By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey


Whenever the storms of life
Send me debris with callous abandon
On determination’s wheel I drive
Bolstering my unshakable acumen

Proudly I win battles with shatterproof faith
Me, traisping on the hot forehead of defeat
Indestructible my step, invincible my gait
On a marble,like Hercules I flounce my feat

I had been to hell’s dreaded kitchen
Fed on the devil’s sumptuous dish
And returned like the Prince of aegean
Sea, and swished like a gold fish

The thunder shivers when I rattle
The adder recant its threat at my sight
I am ramrod, a winner of the battle
Guaranteed unbreakable, my divine right

Throw distress my way
Send the devil to my abode
As long as I fervently pray
I remain an unbreakable rod
®©William Warigon2018






POETIC JUSTICE 83- By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey


I met Lubabatu in small Gbaramatu
She fell head over heels in love;me too
I told her Alhaji Dangote was my uncle
She was so ready to tingle and mingle

So,we went to the forest,dancing and singing
Like the Indian thespians ‘Khabi-Khabi-ing’
I went on bended knee,declared undying love
Vowing to give her a piece of heaven above

Hoping to raise millions during our ceremony,
I borrowed money, went on a shopping spree
She boasted to her friends about my opulence
Not knowing that I was just banking on sense

On the d-day, my bride was resplendent
Angelic, dressed immaculately in white
I was smiling like the Cheshire cat
Proudly doffing off my feathered hat

At the venue for the reception party
An open ground, decorated, waited
Suddenly the rain fell with ferocity
The guests and presents scattered

I was left with forlorn Lubabatu sobbing
And buffet fit to feed seven kings
The rain fell with vengeance unabating
Wetting our vows and wedding rings

The next morning our honeymoon
Turned to bleak sunburnt-moon
The police came with my creditors
They arrested me and the mediators

After I got bailed, I anticipated Lubabatu’s warm arm
But she had packed her bits and scampered away
And except there’s a miracle, I will be on a lam
Well,maybe if I could arrange another wedding someday….
®©William Warigon 2018









POETIC JUSTICE 82-By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey


With a will of steel
Many deals I seal
I stand atop the Mount of Possibilities
Armed to my teeth with potentialities

My confidence is deeply rooted in faith
Devoid of trepidation of things we rate
I cloak my intent with conceivability
To achieve distinct possibility

From the grass, mud house I was raised
I rise to live in glass mansion these days
Despite my future marred by my disability,
I took my chances to reach attainability

The world’s filled with prospects of achievement
With or without the employment by government
Talents prudently harnessed could propel
One to beat the daunting odds and excel

With practiced savvy and determination
I have unlocked many possibilities
Not only for mine selfish accumulation
But steering the less fortunate to bliss

I strive to reach every height
Despite discouraging weight
Once I start with a step on my way
I return with acclamation every day.
®©William Warigon 2018



POETIC JUSTICE 81-By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey


Hear the morning rain
Pelting on my corrugated roof
Like a drunken stranger
Knocking on the door
Loud enough to wake the dead

I swallowed a moan
And groan in exasperation
For it is the market day
And I need must make hay
Where the sun does shine

The morning rain
Has given the lazy sun an excuse
To hide his face
Behind the palms of the dark clouds
The thunder claps
Taunting me to do my worst

But who dares to fight nature
She holds you by the cajones
And you but have to succumb
To her biddings,sometines
Merciful or dreadful
So, I lie low

The morning rain
Falling with effortless ease
With no wish to cease
So I get on my knees
And tell HIM how my mind feels
About this morning rain

Suddenly the drumming on the roof
Stops with such abruptness
That makes the sudden silence so loud
Through the window pane
I saw the smiling sun smirking
Finally, the end of the morning rain…
®©William Warigon 2018

Hear the morning rain
Pelting on my corrugated roof
Like a drunken stranger
Knocking on the door
Loud enough to wake the dead

I swallowed a moan
And groan in exasperation
For it is the market day
And I need must make hay
Where the sun does shine

The morning rain
Has given the lazy sun an excuse
To hide his face
Behind the palms of the dark clouds
The thunder claps
Taunting me to do my worst

But who dare fights nature
She holds you by the cajones
And you but have to succumb
To her biddings,sometines
Merciful or dreadful
So, I lie low

The morning rain
Falling with effortless ease
With no wish to cease
So I get on my knees
And tell HIM how my mind feels
About this morning rain

Suddenly the drumming on the roof
Stops with such abruptness
That makes the sudden silence so loud
Through the window pane
I saw the smiling sun smirking
Finally, the end of the morning rain…
®©William Warigon 2018 Pic.Credit:Pinterest 

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#photo10 Weekly Poetry Challenge Featured Artist

William Warigon

Read his poem;

My Heart Is In Your Hand

I travelled the seven seas
Searching only for you
I was stung by cruel bees
Who had hatred for you
I thought I had conquered you
From that first, endless kiss
That kiss that today I do so rue
I’d thought in you I found bliss
Unreservedly, I gave you my heart
Fell for you hook, line and sinker
With cold ease, you tore my heart
On my love lines you dared tinker
No matter how many times I walk away
I return, hoping to reignite that flame
That once burnt with love and held sway
But you turn me away to wallow in shame
What can I do, where do I go
You are my incurable disease
I still love you, it makes me sore
Call me back, my sweet Louize
Mend my broken heart with your love
Sail with me to the heavenly cove
Once more, be my treasure trove
And I will never treat you with kid glove
You hold my heart in your hand
O, my sweetest Arabian bamboo shoot
Turn, be spelled under my wand
Once more let my heart in you take root.

William Warigon (c)




May  I take this opportunity to thank you so much, my ardent followers, too numerous to mention. Every LIKE and comment is well appreciated and documented.My fervent prayer is for God Almighty to bless you abundantly in all your endeavours.Lyes continue to walk in the light with a beautiful heart and be bound by an unbroken cord. I love you.

*W. Warigon

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POETIC JUSTICE 80- by Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey


There she was, standing at our gate
Willowy, breathtaking,with a regal gait
My heart stopped
My eyes popped

Her voice was honey
Sunny and so lovely

I lost my voice, I stuttered like a fool
For fool I was, madly in love like a bull
There, I so wished I was in lovers’ school
Educated in love things and not such a tool

But she looked deep into my soul
Thereby,perfectly rocked my world
A first kiss that set my heart on red fire
Filled with an alien,unadulterated desire

I was arrested by that dimpled smile
Convinced that forever you’d be mine
There, my innocence was shreded
In my heart’s core, love’s branded
®©MWAhrey 2018

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President Muhammad Buhari (PMB) majestically rode into power with an overwhelming public support comparable to none. Nigerians were tired of the profiglate PDP’s sixteen years of democratic (Mis)rule. So, they voted PDP out. Yours truly was one of the ardent supporters who endured derisive and hate speeches by internet trolls, friends and family alike. The disdain of his opponents were as bitter as bitterleaf water. It could almost be tasted in there vicious vituperations.

However, expectations were high right from the moment the then beloved PMB drove to the Eagle Square with his beautiful wife in tow. His Veepee,a Law Professor and Pastor was seen as a perfect match. Indeed it was widely held that God’s Hand was in this union. PMB’s inaugural speech was iconic especially when he eloquently stated that he would not be anybody’s lackey.

Equally, the very next day, senior civil servants, known for their habitual  tardiness were seen in their respective offices before the usual official resumption time.The omnious sign was that: ‘The Boss had arrived and PMB don’t play! ‘

The danger sign that PMB’s government might be bringing it’s change mantra into fruition was the length of time it took to appoint it’s cabinet. Also, the composition of the cabinet was lacklustre in the eyes of most Nigerians who expected young, renown technocrats to inject fresh ideas and bring succour to the beleaguered nation battling with corruption and the brouhaha that trailed the controversial election of the legislative officers left much to be desired.

The fight against corruption started in earnest and the Whistle blowing policy was hailed as revolutionary. Ho

Many players in the APC were hiyhertocore members of PDP. So, it was like old wine in new wineskin.PMB’s efforts at fighting the Boko Haram scourge was applauded but the mergence of kidnappers, terrorist herdsmen and reemergence of the Niger Delta militants and renewed call for the Biafran nation became a set of headaches for the fledgling government.Furthetmore, some of the key players in the government were embroiled in one corruption allegation or the other.

Fuel price  increased, the naira had a free fall, the economy went into recession and the people experienced a kind of change they had not bargained for. The poor man was done in and the rich man was scared to spend lest the dreaded EFCC found him wanting. To crown the harsh vicissitudes, PMB fell ill and spent months in London recuperating. However, when his deputy took the helm of affairs, things started stabilizing albeit at a snails pace, nevertheless relieving.

Nigerians expected PMB upon arrival from his hiatus to rejig his cabinet and reinject new people in his cabinet, but the expectations like many others were dashed.All the sweet electoral promises came to naught.

A trait that is ever annoying is the blame game of the APC government.Whenever there is a faux pas, the buck shifts to PDP’s misrule. This blame game has become so old and it is still the order of the day. Sadly to note PMB’s staunch supporters like exPresident Olusegun Obasanjo are his virulent critics now. They believed he has squandered the good will bestowed on him and he seemed not to be in total control of his government.

The recent damning Transparency International scorecard on Nigeria’s efforts at fighting corruption was really a wake-up call for this government to return to the drawing board and fight corruption without fair of favour.

Barely a year to the end of this regime and with PMB’s interest in running again for a second term, it is not late for him to change the change that changed Nigeria’s political and economic terrains. Let his works match his words. Selective fight against corruption and the continuous killings of hapless citizens across the nation by brazen insurgents should stop forthwith.

This government needs a total overhaul. From the president’s media handlers to the alleged cabal that are taunted to be it’s kitchen cabinet. The people yearned for positive change and they are waiting to count their blessings one by one.A stuck in time could salvage a bad situation.

®©W. D Warigon



POETIC JUSTICE 79 – By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey


When I came out of an emotional prison
I savoured a new freedom in solitude
In my own space, I could clearly reason
Without seen as having haughty attitude

Loneliness is my faithful friend
He is available without any demand
Noise is but an irritating fiend
Sweet seclusion holds me by the hand

My mind is crystal clear without distraction
When I withdraw into a quiet isolation
That’s adorned with tranquil amelioration
With a knack to preserve beloved desolation

In solitude my meditation is perspicuous
As the limpid waters of the River Niger
Only to myself I remain conspicuous
Yeah, I glory in being such a lone ranger
®©William Warigon 2018

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Proud To Be African.  Mamoudou Gassama: Mali ‘Spiderman’ to be made French citizen


Malian 'spiderman' rescues Paris child - then meets French President.
Image captionMalian ‘spiderman’ rescues Paris child – then meets French President.

A Malian migrant, hailed as a hero after mounting a daring rescue to save a small boy dangling from a balcony in Paris, is to be made a French citizen.

Mamoudou Gassama won widespread praise after climbing the outside of the building to save the four-year-old.

Video showed him being cheered on by spectators as he pulled himself from balcony to balcony to the fourth floor.

After meeting him at the Elysee Palace, President Emmanuel Macron said he would be made a naturalised citizen.

He personally thanked Mr Gassama, gave him a medal for courage and said he would also be offered a role in the fire service.

Mr Gassama is said to have arrived in France last year, taking the long and dangerous journey to Europe via a boat over the Mediterranean to Italy.

The drama that thrust him to fame unfolded on Saturday evening on a street in the north of the city.

Mr Gassama said he had been walking past when he saw a crowd gathered in front of the building.

He told Mr Macron: “I just didn’t have time to think, I ran across the road to go and save him.

Grey line

“I just climbed up and thank God, God helped me. The more I climbed the more I had the courage to climb up higher, that’s it,” he added.

He said that the boy was crying when he hauled him to safety and had also suffered an injured foot.

Firefighters arrived to find the child had already been rescued.

“Luckily, there was someone who was physically fit and who had the courage to go and get the child,” a spokesperson said.

Image copyrightREUTERSMamoudou Gassama meets Emmanuel Macron
Image captionMr Gassama met French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday
Image copyrightAFPMamoudou Gassama holds a certificate he was given for climbing up a building to rescue a boy
Image captionOutside the presidential palace he showed off a certificate he was given

Local authorities quoted by French media said the boy’s parents were not at home at the time.

The father has been questioned by police on suspicion of leaving his child unattended, judicial sources say. The mother was not in Paris at the time, it is believed.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo was among those to praise the 22-year-old’s heroism and said she had called him to thank him.

She referred to him as the “Spiderman of the 18th”, referring to the Paris district where the rescue took place, calling him an “example for all citizens

Mr Gassama’s four-storey dash is a reminder of another Malian hero who gained national prominence in January 2015 during an extremist attack on a Jewish supermarket in Paris.

A young Malian employee, Lassana Bathily, was credited with saving the lives of six hostages including a baby when he led them to a safe hiding place, escaped, then directed gendarmes to their rescue.

Two weeks later – after six years of struggling to secure legal residency in France – Mr Bathily was given a medal and a French passport by then President François Hollande.

In 2016, he wrote a book ”Je ne suis pas un heros” (I am no hero) and created a charity whose first project was to provide irrigation for his home village in western Mali.

Like Mr Bathily’s selfless leadership to save the hostages, Mr Gassama’s heroic climb to save the boy cements the image of Mali as a country with a culture of old-fashioned public spiritedness.

Source:Alex Duval Smith, West Africa correspondent, BBC News

POETIC JUSTICE 78 By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey


This special day
Always brings back memories
Remiscing at the Bay
Of those priceless memories
Girthed in pristine white socks
And Dad-ironed uniforms
Combed hair without dreadlocks
Singing the sweetest songs

Looking forward to the tomorrow
They keep harping that we’re it’s leaders
Will it ever come, that tomorrow?
For each day keeps recycling our leaders
Now our children celebrate the day
As yet another set of tomorrow’s leaders

As the circle remains vicious
We must but paint the Children’s Day
With puce, true blue.Ambitious
They must remain,this we jointly pray
Let no pernicious initia steal their thunder
And vices becloud their focus hereunder

Revive hope,yes we can, I pray
For if we have nothing, hope is something
That nobody can dare take away
Arise, with a banner of joy, let us do sing
The songs that once brightened our future
It is Children’s Day, let their songs be heard.

®©Warigon 2018

men and women wit kids
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POETIC JUSTICE 77 -By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey


Sing songs sonorously in the sunshine
Let laugher’s light shine on your face
Carve your lyrics of love, hope combine
And preserve them in the holy place

Your songs have transfigured hearts
Inspiring the dawdy, gloomy and grumpy
Songs, in tandem with celestial arts
Sound like summer rain of albuquerque

When you sing in the sunshine
The flowers bloom with unabashed beauty
The birds too aren’t left behind
They join in the chorus of cherubic melody

Your songs are heavenly anthem
Even the shy moon regale in them
They are the thrills of our realm
No wonder they enjoy great fame

I am here to join your sunshine orchestra
With a concerted effort for great concert
Together our voices will be the new agenda
To be heard in the very strength we assert
®©William Warigon 2018

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The whole world waited with bated breath
For an unprecedented history in the making
Light of peace was a stone’s throw away
Dancers were choreographing in readiness
Then the ball dropped
Every expectation trumped
Diplomacy danced naked
We stand mouth agape
Reeling in shock
A defining moment lost
Don’t throw the bathwater,baby together
Someone’s got to take the high road
What now?
Any hope of revival
Or is the intent blown to smithereens?
Only the sweetness of time will tell
®©William Warigon 2018


Woman lets herself into her son’s house unannounced, washes his wife’s underwear and even rearranges the ornaments

  • A woman has hit out at her ‘suffocating’ mother-in-law for her overbearing ways
  • The Mumsnet user said the woman lets herself into her house and does washing
  • Others users urged her to move away from her in-law or change the key 

An exasperated woman has appealed for help to deal with her overbearing mother-in-law, who lets herself into the house and even washes her underwear without asking.

The British Mumsnet user opened up about her unwelcome visitor on the parenting forum, and said her husband’s mother would clean the house and even rearrange her ornaments to make the house look nicer.

 She  lives next door and has her own key, which allows her to come and go as she pleases – a freedom she takes full advantage of.

The woman, who went under the username of MaisieAva, called her mother-in-law ‘suffocating’ and asked how to fix the problem without offending her.

Other Mumsnet users urged her to confront the woman, and advised her to change her locks.

She wrote: ‘I’ve spoken to my other half about it so it has got a lot better as I think something must’ve been said.

‘But I feel like I’ve made it into an issue now and I’m fearful of her to be honest and feel like I want to avoid her but at the same time scared to avoid her as I don’t want to cause any upset of offend anyone. I just can’t win.

‘It’s all just literally too close to home for me and it’s consuming my thoughts way too much to the point where I’m feeling pretty unhappy.’

Her fellow Mumsnet users advised drastic action, including moving house to get away from her.

She said her husband’s mum will rearrange her ornaments and wash her underwear without asking

One said: ‘Move If you can. I’m serious this is like living in each other’s pockets. IMO it’s not healthy for any of you. Everyone will be miserable if this goes on.’

‘You need to move ASAP. Living next to family who have no boundaries is just going to get worse and worse. Put some distance between you,’ another posted.

A third agreed: ‘You are not being unreasonable. You are entitled to boundaries and space and basically a life of your own as an adult. Some people just don’t understand boundaries. I had the same with my mil and in the end it ended the marriage.

‘Start by getting the key back. I would even change the locks if it came to it.’

Other users advised her to change the locks so the mother-in-law can’t come and go as she pleases
Others even suggested moving away from her so they can all have space from each other

*Culled from Mailonline

Who She Is. — Ricardo Sexton

She imagines flower’s contrast Colours not found in gardens yet She has imaginary towers that, To every question, answers yes She has eyes that hide gnosis Fears, which she won’t reveal In the imperfect ‘bed of roses’ Divided in half for her conceal She looks at this overcast sky And, is amused at the unseen […]

via Who She Is. — Ricardo Sexton

Google hit with eye-watering £3.9 billion fine for abusing Android’s power — Metro

Google has been hit with a record fine of 4.34 billion Euros (£3.9 billion) by the European Commission for abusing the dominance of its Android operating system. The Commission says that Google abused its position by forcing manufacturers to bundle Google Search and Chrome apps into Android. Google has been ordered to end illegal restrictions…

via Google hit with eye-watering £3.9 billion fine for abusing Android’s power — Metro

6 People Butchered By Fulani Herdsmen Brought To FMC Jalingo (Graphic Photos) – Nairaland — Nigerian Bulletin – Trending News

According to Veronica,6 people butchered by Fulani herdsmen were brought to FMC Jalingo.She wrote.. ‘What is exactly Fulani herdsmen looking for in this country. …6 People Butchered By Fulani Herdsmen Brought To FMC Jalingo (Graphic Photos) – Nairaland

via 6 People Butchered By Fulani Herdsmen Brought To FMC Jalingo (Graphic Photos) – Nairaland — Nigerian Bulletin – Trending News

Silence Is Consent. — Ricardo Sexton

No applause! – “Silence is consent” So, why not voice your statement? There is no power without position This is that waited hour of precision “The Truth …will always offend a lie” Don’t deviate! Be ‘salt & light’ in life Stand! for, ‘nobody does the stated’ ‘Silence or consent’ is not tolerated Close the book! […]

via Silence Is Consent. — Ricardo Sexton

DON’T CAST THE STONE — Christ a poet

All scattered in the street, Visible to every corners, Dedicated to the rain and sun, Just like obeying the clarion call, They wish not for this course, Longing for strength to rise, But nature held them bend, Cast not the stone on them, Give a smile to them, Stretch forth an arm to them, Love […]

via DON’T CAST THE STONE — Christ a poet

Obama says ‘we’re living in strange and uncertain times’ and takes dig at Trump during speech marking Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday — ukgovernmentwatch

Rather than a Soapbox, Trump prefers to use Twitter. Trump keeps pointing out that a lot of what the left criticises his administration for was going on under the Obama administration and yet they did nothing about it e.g. Children were being trafficked and were in cages at that time yet Obama did not speak […]

via Obama says ‘we’re living in strange and uncertain times’ and takes dig at Trump during speech marking Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday — ukgovernmentwatch


TOPIC: POSITIVE MINDS Here there is not Greek and Jew, circumcised and uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave, free; but Christ is all, and in all. — Colossians 3:11 Sometimes when I stand behind the pulpit, and before I speak, I pause and my gaze sweeps across the audience. I look at the faces of the people. […]


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