2020: Mess On Hangers!By Dr. Agoso Bamaiyi

2020: Mess On Hangers!You harboured the deadly pandemic,
COVID-19, the crooked avian mechanic,
The slow virus with outcomes dramatic,
With vitriolic spread almost bubonic,
Sabotaging everything economic,
With deliberateness so horrific,
And results so fixedly drastic.We witnessed protests to ENDSARS,
In the midst of a deadly SARS,
And our streets went without cars,
With drunken locks on all bars,
We also witnessed broken prison bars,
Increasing insipid societal dangers,
And hope hung like mess on hangers.You will not be forgotten in a hurry,
For you started with a flurry,
But quickly turned darkly blurry,
Like a creaky crankety lorry,
You enlisted many to bury,
The worst year in living memory;
2020, what a tough story!I am glad you are finally over,
Taken away by the Almighty Mover,
The one with endless power,
His merciful grace gave me cover,
Like an overarching protective tower,
I stand tall never to go lower,
2021 is my beautiful blessed foyer.(C) 2020, By Agoso H. Bamaiyi.https://aagosobamaiyispeaks.wordpress.com/2020/12/31/2020-mess-on-hangers/