African Oyinbo- W.Warigon



She came, saw and stayed
Learnt our way and slayed
She cooks our own food
And our food tastes good
We now have our African Oyinbo
Who has passed many a door
To whom our hearts are set to adore
She is a goddess willing to give more
Yes, always willing,
Forever loving
Our own African Oyinbo
Thee we greatly adore

*Oyinbo or Oyibo means Caucasian in Nigerian Pidgin English

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POETIC JUSTICE 26 -By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey



Don, don’t thump the Hispanics and the Blacks
Fists of finesse, heart of gold he lacks
He turns logic’s reason on it head
A beautiful country he hopes to lead
A cannon, unleashed, loose
In tirades smelling of booze
Spewing slews of hatred’s vile venom
Vituperation strange to known norm
We see a wild snaking weaselly worm
Worming to majority, worrying some
His jolly peers strive to knot tight world peace
He stirs the hornet’s nest in his constant diss
A scion once an example so sparkling
His rants, tantrums, infernal cacklings
Spring like a witch scolding all and sundry
We fathom not where he sets a boundary
Riding on the controversy’s coattails for attention
In a wild quest to garner pop and soap validation
His music is full of lethal jabs
Cover him in humble hijabs
Let him ride on decency’s polished wings
For intents and purposes of good things
“Fade out all the cringeworthiness,”I say
Make the Don to bow in an easy way
Should Trumpet triumphs before schooling his tongue
In every level, it’s sure to be for reasons quite wrong
For the Pope to descend and pop from his high horse
To pontificate a Pontiff’s advice from Vatican’s moss
Means the Don must get his loose tongue in line
Then, oh, and only then, would we will be a-fine

(c)First published on 27th March 17. Warigon Archives2017

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Senator who hoped for Trump assassination in post apologizes

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — A Missouri lawmaker who drew bipartisan outrage over her brief Facebook comment expressing hope that President Donald Trump would be assassinated apologized publicly Sunday to Trump and his family, calling the online posting “a mistake.”

But Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, a black Democrat, said she has no plans to resign as numerous top Republicans and Democrats in Missouri have insisted since Thursday’s post in which she wrote “I hope Trump is assassinated!” Gov. Eric Greitens and Lt. Gov. Mike Parson, both Republicans, said Friday that state senators should oust her.

“I made a mistake, and I’m owning up to it. And I’m not ever going to make a mistake like that again. I have learned my lesson. My judge and my jury is my Lord, Jesus Christ,” Chappelle-Nadal, who later deleted from post from her personal Facebook page, told reporters at a church in Ferguson.

She had asked media outlets to not publish the news conference’s location beforehand because she’d received death threats since the post.

“President Trump, I apologize to you and your family,” she added. She walked out and didn’t take any questions after delivering her three-minute statement.

Chappelle-Nadal’s post was in response to one that suggested Vice President Mike Pence would try to have Trump removed from office. She has said she made the comment out of frustration with the Republican president’s response to the recent white nationalist rally and violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, for which Trump said “both sides” shared some blame.

Chappelle-Nadal was later questioned by the U.S. Secret Service as part of its investigation into her remarks. She has told The Associated Press that she let the federal law enforcement agency know she “had no intentions of hurting anyone or trying to get other people to hurt anyone at all.”

Parson has said he will ask senators to remove Chappelle-Nadal, who lives in the St. Louis suburb of University City, from office if she does not resign by the time lawmakers convene Sept. 13 to consider veto overrides. The Missouri Constitution says a lawmaker can be expelled upon a two-thirds vote of the elected members of a chamber. But that hasn’t occurred in recent decades, and it’s unclear exactly how it would happen.

Before Sunday’s apology, Chappelle-Nadal had only called the Facebook post “improper” and claimed she was being targeted by the governor and other officeholders because of political expediency or grudges.

“You know, what I’m reminded of is that we’re all human,” she said Sunday, seconds before voicing defiance about calls for her ouster.

She also apologized to Missouri residents and her Statehouse colleagues.

“I will continue to fight for issues that are really, really important,” said Chappelle-Nadal, who was a prominent voice during the protests in Ferguson after the 2014 police shooting death of Michael Brown. “God chooses people for different things, to send different messages.”

SOURCE: Yahoo News/ JIM SUHR Associated PressAugust 20, 2017

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The African Proverb 1:27

prov 8

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Diary Of The Law-Loving Lawyer- Climbing Pillows (Cont)



The weekend was not good for me. I was involved with many personal issues. My sister is getting ready for her wedding in November and she came over to ‘formally’ inform me and my brother.That is to say, she presented a request for me to buy her a brand new Television set and a refrigerator and my brother, being the elder, to buy her bedroom fortuniture as it customary.Story of my life! Today, no court appearance but I am immersed in a maxim ‘Lex prospicit non respicit’. It is embedded in the case of Afolabi v Gov of Oyo. I was given a brief that centered around that case…So, I continue with Barr.Daniel’s story. She cooked a sumptuous meal of indomie noodle. They washed it down with fresh palm wine and the atmosphere was romantic. He was giving her the eye and she was smiling invitingly. The setting was as if it was a reunion of two lovers. She later took her bath, wore her nightie and went to bed. All the while, Dan was in the kitchen washing the dishes. When he re-emerged, he saw her lying on the bed with a pillow set beside her as a barrier. He was surprised and dismayed because he was dead sure he would score that night. He applied chivalry and respected her virtue to the detriment of his amorous assuaging his desires. He slept fitfully of course -turning and tossing while she slept like a lamb.The next morning,  breakfast of tea and bread was had with less enthusiasm than the previous meal. She seemed moody but he couldn’t fathom why, until when they we set to go to the Motor Park. There was sudden gust of wind which yanked away her scarf and the material got caught on a nearby tree in the next fenced compund.. Dan asked her to hold the bike so that he could climb the fence and rescue her scarf. She glared and him and hissed: ‘So, now you can climb things,eh? Last night Common pillow you couldn’t climb over, is it this tall fence you think you can climb? I beg, forget the thing and let’s go before I miss my bus again!’ So, in his attempt to be a gentleman, he missed a rare oppurtunity. Well, since then, according to him, he had been scaling pillows and fences alike. Once bitten twice shy, I guess.
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Afghanistan massacre may have been a war crime

Peace and Freedom


© AFP/File | Afghan officials claim that Taliban and IS fighters killed dozens in a rare joint operation between the two insurgent groups
KABUL (AFP) – A United Nations investigation published Sunday confirmed that Taliban and self-proclaimed Islamic State insurgents jointly massacred dozens of people in Afghanistan earlier this month in an attack that “may amount to a war crime”.

The body’s mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) said it had “verified allegations” of at least 36 deaths in the predominantly Shiite village of Mirzawalang in Sayad district of northern Sar-e Pul province.

“These killings, corroborated by multiple credible sources, constitute violations of international humanitarian law and may amount to war crimes,” UNAMA said in its report.

It added that more than half of the killings took place on Saturday 5 August when civilians tried to flee the village after militants had captured it following a battle with a government-backed militia.


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Saudi regime killing Yemeni children, United Nations say

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This video says about itself:

18 October 2016

Heartbreaking: Dying child screaming don’t bury me, in Taiz, Yemen.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Yemen: UN urged to put Saudis on blacklist over child killings

Saturday 19th August 2017

THE Saudi-led invasion coalition is responsible for more than half of all child deaths in Yemen, according to a leaked draft of a report by United Nations secretary-generalAntonio Guterres.

The document, which was passed to US news agency Associated Press on Thursday, says the UN has verified that there were 1,340 child casualties last year and attributed 683 — or 51 per cent — to attacks carried out by the coalition.

It also reveals that nearly three-quarters of attacks on schools and hospitals — 38 of 52 — were perpetrated by the coalition.

Saudi Arabia and eight regional allies launched a bombing campaign against…

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