SHER’S SHARE: Garland of Stars

Garland of Stars

Then she whispered
Belief and doubt
Must swim together
Like breathing
In and Out …

On this spur
Of wondrous dreams
Where our blest souls
Lament and sing
I gaze down
On the garden of us
Blossoms and scents
lights and shadow

I am her man
She is my woman
Delineated like you and I
Each body housing
It’s very own soul
Her song surrounds us
In peace not passion
Eventually we become
A single unit of two

She dances around me
In a super abundance
Of spiritual strength
Gifting the warmth necessary
To be capable of everything
Directed towards the perfect
In the truth of our being
We burn and glow with ardour

With our eyes look upon
The garden of us again
A spinning quadrilateral
Slowly the corners vanish
Transforming into an ellipse
Then into a gyrating circle
Finally into a garland of flowers
That bursts forth into stars !

@ Sher Chandley
Artwork : @ Copyright Marie Rouge & rightful owner