How it thoroughly tears your heart
To hear a man crying from the heart,
Pleading with his hoarse last breath
For him to be able to at last breathe.
It tugs at your heartstrings, man,
Seeing such brutality by a man
Meted to another man whose
Guilt’s unestablished but whose
Crime is coloured by his skin.
The world watched, such thing
That inhumanity glories in
Replaying, what a horrible being.
Angers spew from pew like dew
Descending upon Innocent few,
In a quest to make a great statement…
That justice be served without sentiment
On a platter of transparent gold,
For good of posterity and the old.

©️ William Warigon™️



Both are positive divas
That create poetic rivers
The voices emanating from their golden words
Sing tales diverse or alike like Siamese swords

That sweet Kenyan Queen is a philosopher King
To literature’s table so dearth of ideas she brings
Such freshness that adds just panache to sunniness
A true proponent of trumpeting sounds of gladness

The nifty Nigerian quintessential word smith
That wields words better than that Will Smith
Gifts you with tears from her pain
But add smiles in heaps as your gain

When they deign to cook their ideas
In the boiling pot of poetry, my dears
They use such ingredients unknown to prying Angels
When they are done, demons scamper for holy candles

My eyes hunger for their inks
My heart in their thoughts thinks
They are two towers of light in the ocean
Their light illuminates and birth for us,vision
🔵Copyright ©William Warigon 2019(Inspired by Nancy Ndeke and Chichi Alintah)



Ah, Your Royal Inkness
I bow to your greatness
You spew out worthy words
That slay like sharp swords

Hear, here, your wealthy words
Pay for me to enter your worlds
And glimpse with awe your ever revolving mind
A kaleidoscope of wit, wisdom in the heart of time

I sit to sip from your rich fountain
That flows with pleasure and pain
Your mirth is like the might of the old gods
Bringing tears of joy fit to fill endless pods

Many are avowed as ardent followers of your magic
Your story followers follow even when they’re tragic
When you run, my wobbly feet find your footsteps
I watch in fascination you weaving words in webs

I am sure saddened you are an island
A hero unsung, by people of your land
But I see your Jimmy Choos on the red carpet
That foreigners lay for you and your pet parapet

Go ahead and continue to be the head
Fortune found you and made you a bed
Lie down without a grain of lie on your lips
A wise man stays even wise when he sleeps

Validation of men makes or mar,never
Your divine crown can never dissever
Sing to the heavens and let thousand thunders roll
Your words stand the test of time, they’ll never fall
🔴Copyright©William Warigon*** 2019(Inspired by Umar Yogiza Jr.)


The show has just begun

The killers are doing well
Killing at their best,
The gangsters are behind
Them, prodding,
The smugglers have brought
Misery to the stage,
Bringing in drugs that kill,
The bureaucrats are hiding
Their easy earned money,
Politicians are all smiles,
Have done their best to
Bring their nations to knees,
And before dawn, God,
Waiting for His role to
Bring these people to
Their knees, will have His
Last laugh.

Copyright: Apu Mondal@2022.

THE MOON(Dedicated To Nasiba Babale)By Ubali Ibrahim Hashimu

Dedicated To Nasiba Babale

I see the stars bowing before you,
For your pen has never betrayed you,
Not even slipped out of your palms.

I see the sun asking for your abettance,
For you shine brighter than every ray in its eyes.

I see your mighty pen dancing on blank papers
For your muse is melodious and sweeter than
the chirps of nightingale.

Metaphors, simile, personification and hyperbole,
are all crying for help
For they will be scolded to death in your hands.

Emily Dickinson beseech your favour
For you give birth to literary world.

Stars become not so shiny
Because your eyes dim their light.

Ubali Ibrahim Hashimu
An Infant Poet ✍️✍️
Sat| 28| May| 2022

MY LOVE Doctor King Maiyaki


My love, is one of a kind
In love, she makes me blind
My days, are always on rewind
And for her, I really don’t mind

Our love is, one of the best
My life with her, has been reset
With her, I’m never upset
Our days, have lovely sunsets

My love, is my reason to life
My partner, is my daily inspiration for life

Her smile, makes me blush
Her voice, makes my heart weak
Her beauty, makes me warm and cosy
Her joy is what matter most

I’m head over heels with her
She is my only love
The key to my happiness
The reason I’m always smiling

She is my everything
My painkillers
My stress relievers

Without her
My life would be dull
My smile would fade
My life would end
My heart would stop

© Young poet,

LOVE IS THE WORD!By Thomas Nku & Mildred DJ Par

(A Collab)

Thomas Nku
The earth needs love
To heal the rotting world
A fragrance of unscathed air
And a refreshing breathe
To scintillate the earth…

Mildred Par
Ahh, so young, so noble
But yes, i too love humanity
We are bound by common destiny
Why not magnify the fragrance
Advocate change for better world.

Thomas Nku
Let the earth be healed
By your kindest words and deeds
Indeed we need to keep
In touch with orphans and the needy
For love is the language humanity seeks
‘I love you’ is not all part of a speech
Yes, It is all part of a deed indeed!

Mildred Par
Let the earth feel the love
As we extend our hands for help
We must keep in mind to manifest love
Not only the orphans and the needy
But more for those forsaken by society
Love should be spread for all
It should be our hearts’ goal.

©️ Thomas Nku (Nigeria )🇳🇬
©️ Mildred DJ Par (Philippines) 🇵🇭



after ” I lost my heart”
pains was the only thing I felt
I was in a tragedy of sorrows
life turn not worth living cause I was
stave in the left side of my heart
The wounds of yesterday has affected the
smile of today
history should have been made today but
it’s misery that have turn to history
Nights has been a horror for me as I grief
tears have been the way I let out this pain I’m feeling

© Brandalyn K Y Wollarh

A Love untold

If Raindrops were tears
and it rains everyday
The rain couldn’t wash
my unending love for you

you are my ideal;
my love has never die,
But it cuts to the bone

I want you and I riding on the wings
of love two us flying high
for I have crafted every letter of your name
on my heart

To convey my feelings
I pen down my words
The goddess of love is my witness
cause the moon stare at me every time
I think of you

I love you enough to write on your Sacrlet lips
with a kiss
you are the one that holds my breath to my soul and make my heart scape a beat
As flowers and thorns stay together as one without hurting each other, that’s how we will be

just as roses shows resistance by staying connected to the stem and thorns act like knight in the armor
I want you be my thorns while I be your rose

your eyes will know no tears
even in the darkest night my love will lighten your path
To be mine is all I craving for, and willing to give everything love required, kisses, hugs
undying love I will offer you

Making memories, reaching the altar pledging vow is my greatest wish

© Brandalyn K Y Wollarh


POWER OF LOVE By Vince Alexus

When there is true love in the heart
Fear in any shape or form will depart
This is called the power of love
Love that comes from above
One that is bestowed
As a divine gift
Cannot be lost and restored

If you possess such love
It is your lifetime treasure
For it is a love that is beyond measure
Nothing in this world can compare
With a love that is so very rare.
What is precious is also priceless
So don’t ever lose it
Forever cherish it

When two bodies fuse as one,
It is a truly heavenly feeling
and passions deed is done
This love for your soul mate
Has been destined by fate
© All Rights Reserved
~ Vince Alexus
India 🇮🇳
Pic credits Net

MORNING HUE By Christopher Effiong


You are sweet melodies falling like the dews of heaven, an object of beauty embraced by the eyes and cherished by the soul. Love is nourished and nurtured in your heart.

You are beautifully balanced wine with classic floral aroma and honeyed fruit flavor, rich in quality and sweet to the taste. You have the delicious fragrances of roses.

You are crowned with wealth, adorned with royalty and blessed with joyfulness. You are a bundle of joy and a gift to your world. Your core values are honesty and excellence which shape your personality and guide your life.

You do the best job you are capable of doing. You don’t discriminate rather you make others feel welcomed. You are indeed a strong support system. I pray that all your dreams become reality and unlock every potentials of yours to endless possibilities !


Who Is A Thug?By Philip Mainge

Who is a thug?
A thug is a violent man
An unhappy man
Who steals from his country
Takes money to his churches
All churches!
Thinking God needs money!
God didn’t make money
It is man who made money
Way back in 600 BC!
Now you can read and see
Know that God doesn’t need money
It is only thugs
Political thugs
Who steal public money
Give it as their money
So that you put ’em into power
Political power
Where they steal more money!
Public money
These are thugs
Known thugs
But Baba and Mama aren’t thugs
Once in power
The nation’s political power
They will jail all thieves!
Who needs thieves?
Except Satan!
Lucifer the Satan
A god
Not the real God!
Who put up a Commandment
One of the 10 commandments
Don’t steal
Yet only thugs steal
Using their free will
The Satanic will!
©® Philip Mainge, 28/5/2022



You assemble
Best ensemble
Each time my eyes cast a glance at you.
I am cast among angels to be your beau.

The Safari
Is like Paris
Glittering whenever a sun kisses your face.
Your aura is tied around my neck like grace.

Whenever you grace the red carpet
You get fans crazy as they animate.
You are the best ingredient in a dream
That makes me swirl in ecstatic scream.

My eyes always hunger to feed
In your stylish ways that knead
Me in the old knee.
‘Am besotted, see?

Let me eat from your chin
Like an insatiable urchin.
I am after all the prisoner of love
Vying to be blissful star set above.

©️ William Warigon™️



Forgiveness is the heart of a mother
Accommodating all mistakes of child
No matter how prodigal, can’t hide
Yet, patient she is, continuous to guide.

Forgiveness is the tolerant ocean
Accommodating all garbages thrown by man
Merging them, purifying again its waters
Calming rages, recycling what is best.

Forgiveness is light of understanding
Allowing the other person to go on living
Knowing it loosen’s one’s feelings, be at ease
Extending the rein, affected not by tease.

Forgiveness is the image of the earth
Seeing all that the people have done
Yet still continue to give with mirth
It reverberates, forgive, there’s no dearth.

Forgiveness is the air of confidence
Proof of human being’s real essence
Giving space to breathe and live with sense
Seeing each other’s genuine magnificence.
(C) Feliz Ruiz.25.05.2018

SCINTILLATING SUCCESS By Manthena Damodara Chary & Mildred DJ Par

(a Collab)

O My Spirit, soar high in the sky of sense
Swinging thy wings of virtue for essence
Firmament of fancy offers you rare views
Enrich life’s grandeur with candid reviews.

In each time we soar to heights in the sky
Lofty ideas gain ground in my fictive mind.
God’s grandeur, so magnaninous, I adore
All the world’s creation, divinely endowed.

Each bird identifies its need without greed
Venturing flights for heights for basic feed
It never breeds nagging notions of avarice
Building a nest for rest without any caprice

Bird naturally feed on berries in such delight
Everyday in flight, they never get really tired
They never hold anything for greed, no never
Just simply live each day at a time, sublime.

Pour thy divine melody of heart without fear
Exploring horizons of genial joy for life dear
Vision promotional provisions for multitude
Dedicating thy life to all goals with aptitude

Poetry is my passion, it gives me happiness
So immense, creating a new world of my own
I love to share my poem with others to read
It lifts me up and gives me high, like a need.

Beam thy gleam streaming realm of dream
Realising promises for gaining life’s cream
Sustain all charm through flawless process
Savouring sans stress scintillating success.

©️ Manthena Damodara Chary
India 🇪🇬
©️ Mildred DJ Par

All rights reserved
15 May 2022


Ho Chi Minh City, 28 May 2022
Trời như trở gió, nghe lành lạnh
Cảm xúc lạnh làm tôi giật mình
Lạnh khiến tôi buồn vui lẫn lộn
Nhớ sao nhớ quá đứa con xinh!
Lúc con năm tuổi tôi không nghĩ
Mãi tới hôm nay mới hiểu rằng:
Giây phút ấm yêu không trở lại
Cơm chiều dọn sẵn bé không ăn
Bé muốn chờ tôi về với mẹ
Cả nhà đoàn tụ bé mới ăn
Tôi vừa về tới, bé nhào đến
Ôm lấy tôi và tiếp thở than
“Nhớ bố con chờ bố cả buổi
Đi làm bố chẳng nghĩ mau về
Con và mẹ vẫn luôn chờ đợi
Trên xưởng có gì mà bố mê?
“Con gái rượu ơi chỉ công việc
Bố không quản lý thì ai trông
Con mau lớn nhé thay cho bố
Con gái đầu lòng bố mẹ mong”
Con gái nhanh chân đi rót nước
“Bố ơi uống nước rồi dùng cơm
Hôm nay mẹ nấu món ngon lắm
Mẹ nói món này có mấm rơm”
Cô con đem về từ Long Khánh
Nấm nở đầy sân vưòn của Cô
Cô nói mấm này bố rất thích
Nó bùi như thể nấm Đông Cô
“Ồi! nấm rơm có chi đặc biệt!
Mẹ con đầu bếp của nhà hàng
Chưa ăn bố thấy ngon rồi đấy
Thôi bố cùng con mau đến bàn
Hoài niệm các điều thuôc dĩ vãng
Sáng nay thức dậy còn trong chăn
Cố cho phép cuộn tròn và nướng
Để nhớ bao kỷ niệm thiết thân
Nhớ các thân nhân đã mất, lạc
Nhất là con gái rượu ngày nao
Trầm tư tôi muốn đi đâu đó
Nghĩ mãi đâu đều có nỗi đau
Thành phố giờ đây sao ảm đạm
Tôi đang cảm thấy sớm mùa thu
Như đem buồn bã vào hơi thở
Nhân ảnh thân yêu tỏa khói mù
Ký ức còn đây như lắng động
Trách sao con gái thật vô tư
Sao con gái chẳng đi tìm bố?
Quên hẳn hiếu nhi có phụ từ
Abahn Leth@All Rights Reserved
It is like the wind is turning, I feel cold
Cold feelings make me startle, you know
The cold makes mix up sadness and happiness
What nostalgia! I miss my nice daughter indeed
When she was five years old, I didn’t think
Only today is the time I’m understanding
Warm lovable moments don’t come back
Dinner is ready but she doesn’t eat, still lack
She wanted to wait for me to come home
All family reunited, a dinner would come
I came home, she was at once hugging
She hugged me and keep on lamenting
“I miss you so much, waiting for you all evening
You go to work, you don’t think about returning
My mother and I are always waiting for you
What’s there in a factory to passionate you?
“My dearest daughter, work only indeed
If I don’t manage, who’ll take care of it?
You will grow up soon to hold this job
You’re the first girl your parent’s hope”
My daughter quickly went to get water
“Dad, drink water and then have dinner
Mom cooked delicious food today for you
Mom said this dish has mushrooms, true
My aunt brought it from Long Khanh
Mushrooms bloomed in her garden
She said this dish, you liked so much before
It smells good like shiitake mushrooms, Lord
“Mushrooms have nothing special, look!
But your mom is a restaurant chief cook
I haven’t eaten it yet, it’s sure delectable
Come on, I and you come to the table”
I am nostalgic for things of the past
Awake, I’m still in the blanket at last
I allow myself to oversleep, do you see
Remember loving things in my memory
I’m remembering the lost beloved
Especially my daughter in my hope
So I want to go anywhere for self-comforting
But I think at any place I’m still so sorrowing
The big city is very gloomy now
I feel early autumn, you know
It brought sadness into my breath
Lovable images are smoke indeed
My memories are still here as if settling
Blame my girl for carefree for my being
Why didn’t my girl go find her father?
She forgets to have a gentle father…
Abahn Leth@All Rights Reserved

LOVE IN THE RAIN By Sarala Balachandran


Thundering and lightening
And heavy downpour
She stood in the rain
Without any fear
Just to see him wet
In the rain
His uncombed hair
She loves to ruffle up
And hold him close to her
But where is this
Dream lover of hers
She goes searching
Unable to find him
She is gloomy all the time
She dances in the rain
Fully drenched in love
For this man whom
She has never met nor
Talked but he resides
In her heart throughout
Unable to sleep or eat
She has become an ugly
Duckling wandering
Here and there
Not a tear she sheds .
As she is sure
He will be back to her
Today or tomorrow
She can’t say
She sits in the rain
And writes few poems
Of her love for this man
And the poems got wet
And her superstitious
Mind says he may
Never be back
Just then a tap on her
Awee! he has come back
And both of them
Embraces for the time lost !
A new love affair
Started when it rained
Cats and dogs !

Sarala Balachandran
Photo google



I’m not your sweetheart
Nor are you my lover
Time stretches between us as we stand realms apart..
Like solute and solvent however
We keep dissolving in repentance into each other..
Coalescing peculiar fluid droplets
Forming zillion entangled brush strokes
Of multicoloured Madhubani art..

Reused units of air and gases
Recycled and reincarnated million times over
Into ambiguous feelings and vulnerable emotions..
Sporadic bursts of fire desire and their sensuous silhouettes
Tangoing together like inflamed fantasies..

Uneven bits of cosmic gemstones
Sinking, biting and splitting
The red warmth of earth womb dreams
Coagulating into nothingness..
I call this creation and dissolution…

Copyright ©
Piya Ghosh~27-5-20220

The Opening Of The Rose By Terence O’Brien

The opening of the rose.

The meeting of the elements, proceeds to birth the flower of its scent,
a meeting so important as it strives for relevance, of life and senses.
A named rose with all to bloom for, admired by its beauty; never spent,
one that I feel is growing; eking away at my fortress of masculine defences.

Twas as the language to each other became more intimate; she did opine,
were I poor, without money; sharing half of my bowl of soup, will suffice.
This rose of mine, fragranced with words, eyes clear as the finest of wine,
the thorns of life mattered not; as me to she holds time and me in a trice.

So the first glimpse of Autumns long pregnancy, the wait is always worthwhile,
to smell, visually aesthetic, her shape doth conjure up my life for many a year.
Not for this rose a price to pay, each of my travails she did nothing mercantile!
Knowing that I will go into the forest of old age, with God; my rose, NO fear.

As her strength wanes too, I can be me, observe her family of flora, so tight,
loving her like I; differently as they were the gardeners of her allure; beauty!
Loving by nature this flora, would keep her within their bosom, tis all alright,
for once my race is run; with God on my side; I will be judged. What’s done is my duty!


Have you ever felt your heartbeat?
Desires fulfill your soul mate meet,
With joy gladness dancing on your feet

A song in your soul
Spring in your step
Laughter in the rain
Pain anguish never again
At each and every sunrise
Awaiting the day’s surprise

Never felt such love before
Purity holiness divinity
Lover of your soul adore,
Each passing day more and more
The rhythm of your soul
Rejuvenates makes you whole,
Feeling like a goddess
Beautiful dancing princess
Flushed with divine bliss
Never thee be in love with darkness
For thy sun will shine once again
No more sadness no more pain
© All Rights Reserved
~ Vince Alexus
India 🇮🇳
Pic credits Net



We are not falling. We fell long,
long, long ago: the night our
home was bulldozed to rubbles
while we were indoors snoring

So, how do you count on those
in rigor mortis to shake heads
to the dragging and mincing
and the dishonourable
dumping of their bones?

Low-lying and unresponsive
we lie waiting, like refuse,
for more spits and all manner of
mud and dung to settle on our face

Like a battle ground,
we’ve become accustomed to
the mad dance of hooves, heels
and wheels over our remains

But for how long still will these rains
of arrows, descending headfirst,
take before they at the end
pierce open our smelly belly?

We’re already lifeless. Nobody
worries anymore about clean air!

©® Umar YB
Copyright Reserved. 27/05/22
Photo Credit: Shutterstock