A Poem By Shiju H. Pallithazheth


I woke up today with a wish ,
To prepare a sumptuous dish;
Why not try some kind of fish ?

Got some soft shallots,
And well cut carrots,

Added some chilly of colour red,
Grown in some plant well bred

Added some cut ginger
Started peeling the fish with my finger

There you go, ingredients all ready
It was looking great and goody

How about putting it to boil
So checked the oven’s coil

Seeing it all perfect, i started cooking
But where is salt? I kept looking,

Got it finally and sprinkled
It did merge with dish and mingled

Wow, I got the smell of fried fish
It sure was a blissful dish

Devoured it with some bread
That’s when, got a strange sensation in my head

I started feeling, I was in heaven
After having eaten those fried
pieces in eleven,

I closed my pleasant eyes,
As I tasted all those fries

Wow, I see butterflies flitting
Colourful Macau around are sitting;

Dolphins in the seas dancing,
Parrots all around singing;

Elephants all trumpeting,
Lions , tigers and cheetah smiling;

It was all around garden of flowers
Giving out its aroma far and wide in showers;

Blissful was the oceans in blues,
Fishes all around in colourful hues;

Wait! What’s this?, Heaven showed me all kinds of breed!
Except, that one yummy feed!

Where are all the prawns?
Can’t see these yummy circled crowns;

Oops the heaven has it all
Can’t believe, prawns missing in the roll;

Glug! Glug! Glug!

Oh yeah! They are no longer in the ocean on a prowl,
Because I heard now my stomach growl;

The prawns were all inside me in a stroll
To get digested in my stomach full

How silly of me to forget
That heaven will surely miss it

Because my dish today, was the fried prawns,
Shining in my oiled pan as golden crowns.

©Shiju H. Pallithazheth 2019



“Oboy your ticket enter?”, “guy e for enter but na that yeye Man City cut am. How dem go allow common Norwich beat them”, “guy pass me one sure code na”, “If you no wan make your ticket cut, no just put sure win for Man U oh”, “over 1.5 sure pass for Tottenham Vs Liverpool game oh”, “omo one of my guy win 400k last week oh”, “Rashford na fool aswear – if he had scored that goal, my ticket for just enter”, etc.

Since football betting became popular in Nigeria some five years ago, it is commonplace to hear some of the above statements everywhere you go: schools, offices, markets, football viewing centers and even places of worship where people go to pray for their tickets to “enter”. Everyday, men and boys (and these days, women and girls are now joining the betting caravan) are beginning to stake football bets in Nigeria. Even couples, who should be doing “mummy-and-daddy” at night, now stay ‘woke’ to research the history of teams head-to-head and then bet games.

Although both Christianity and Islam condemns betting of any kind, football betting has come to stay in Nigeria – as it has in England and many other countries. Nigeria; a country with excess of 200 million people, is always a fertile ground for business and football betting companies and investors are flooding the industry such that today, the number of betting companies in the country don plenty: Bet9ja, Nairabet, Wazobia Bet, Waka Bet, Sporting Bet, Kings Bet, Amebo Bet, etc. Needless to say these companies make huge profits from the N100 and N200 millions of Nigerians use everyday to bet. The existence of these companies have also created jobs for many youths who were hitherto idle, unemployed, broke, frustrated and depressed.

Although many Nigerians “tickets dey always cut” (the street slang when one loses a bet), there are a few who have won huge sums of money such that yours truly is tempted to try his luck, as Nigerians wont to say, this weekend. I’ve heard that there are guys who win between N15000 and N20,000 every other weekend – and that keeps them going. Hell, some Nigerians, both young and old, have turned football betting into their full-time jobs and readily sell betting “codes” to others for a fee. The ‘uninitiated’ Nigerian reading this should know that that dirty N100 or N200 in your pocket/purse might change your life and make you a millionaire overnight – like magic.

With the humungous and plethora of problems confronting Nigerians, particularly the poor state of the economy where inflation bites and civil servants and retirees salaries and pensions are not paid as at when due in 24 of Nigeria’s 36 states, football betting is helping Nigerians deal with the harsh realities of the time. I hear stories of Nigerians who are using monies made from football betting to feed their families and build houses. The story is told of a boy in Otukpo, Benue State, who won N49million with Bet9ja and this has turned around the fortunes of his family.

Nigerians are infamously regarded as the happiest people on earth owing to our large deposits of hope. 70% of Nigerians are always hopeful for a better tomorrow (“e go better”, “it is well”, “type amen” is ever present on the lips of ordinary Nigerians) and football betting has added fuel to this hope – a hope that one-day, person go ‘hammer’. This is not surprising because ordinary and longsuffering Nigerians, let down by religion and government, always seek for ways to survive and for now, football betting is the newest opium of the masses.

© Chad Otsapa

A Poem By Sonia Batra


I will meet you there…
Between stars n stardust
In no mans land, where our souls dwell
I will meet you…
In lavender orchards
Wid scintillating hues of red
Guised in blue …
I will meet you there, where Sun doesn’t scald n moon showers cold beautiful truths
In The Night
In back corridors
I am the
Pure consciousness
N awareness
In your heart ❣ space
N wen I knock you will know
Just hold me tight then
Cause in every birth n death

©Sonia Batra 2019

A Poem By Prince Elijah Nnanna

“I Give You My Heart ”

When I was a boy
I saw thousand shooting stars
But days now, where did they go?
I thought if I rode to the end of the desert I’d find them, but I didn’t
Even now when I’m lonely
Used to look for stars alone
Without hope of company

But now I’ve found the brightest star of all
“And you’re the star”
Thou I repress my feelings but it’s only making them stronger
That’s why I give you my heart
Your love of fear dedication is written pages of my heart

I came to realize :
There’s no growth without assistance
No action without reaction
No desire without restraint
And I give myself up to find you again
Because the connection between us cannot be preview of my imagination

I want you to be mine forever
We’re bond for eternity
I will make my mark to the world
It’s relentless bond

Prince Elijah Nnanna

Photo Of The Month

He said:”I may not have legs like you,but my products would fit yours perfectly!”

A crippled from Benue,Nigeria who has refused to beg rather people are asking him for loans now……..Believe in your dream,never give up.