I live to serve!! By Dr. Agoso Bamaiyi

I live to serve!!

Someone once asked me: “what motivates you to live the way you do and do the things you do? Is it money, fame or power?”

“None of the above”, I answered without hesitation. This is a matter I have since settled between me and God, long before I stepped into public view. So, I knew what to say already.

“Service to God and humanity”, I added. “I live to serve. That is my guiding philosophy and my sole motivation. I am not motivated or driven by money, fame or power. They are not even on my list of priorities. I am not saying they are bad in themselves. No. I am simply saying they do not drive my actions or determine my relationships. I am driven by a desire to see all human beings lead free, healthy, happy and dignified lives and so, all the money, fame and power that I have and/or that I will ever have, goes into service to humanity. Thus, I see money, fame and power as a means to an end, they are servants to be used to attain a higher end, which is the betterment of the human condition, and not an end in themselves.”

You see, I have come to understand that life is not a party, but a participatory performance to contribute to the good of the World. I am alive to live, not just for myself but, for others. So, even when I work to make myself better, I do it for the purpose of serving humanity better. It is not about me. It is about us; the community of humanity.

I find joy in service to God and humanity. When I perform a good deed, doing my little part to help improve the human condition, regardless the personal benefits acruable to me, I receive true joy and walk away satisfied. The music of service sets my heart to joyful dancing. Service is the best rhythm and melody.

My day is never done without putting a genuine smile on someone’s face. Who that someone is doesn’t really matter. All I want is to see everyone well, happy and fulfilled. That is what drives my whole being.

Hence, beyond the corners, around the shadows, buried under the dust, in the intermingling of humanity, in the tracks of the beast, in the sound of the wind, in the rise and fall of the tide and in the swell of the waters, I see and hear fresh perspectives, beneficial ideas, new trends: something beneficial to time and eternity. I am a gift to the World, because I live to serve.

I remain Agoso Bamaiyi, your friend for a greater Nigeria and the best things of life.