LOVE IS ALL WE NEED By Rrafika Rangwala & Elizabeth Maranan Cahimbing

A wonderful collaboration with renowned poetess/reviewer Rrafika Rangwala and poetess Elizabeth Maranan Cahimbing

Theme : Love is a battlefield

Love Is All We Need

~ Rafika ~
Can I trust you with my heart and soul?
I am hopeful as you are mine, until my last breath
Don’t leave me fragile but to have and to hold
Because my adoration is as wide as the ocean depth.

~ Elizabeth ~
I will always be with you and will stay forever
My heart and soul are yours alone
Because I love you so deep and to forget you, never!
That’s my abiding love as you’ve always known.

~ Rafika ~
The terrifying feeling of wanting your heart
Upset me for a moment short
Because love is like a war shed darts
Whereas love share hearts and needs support.

~ Elizabeth ~
Dispel the unknown fears and do not doubt my love
Yes, love is a warlike thing
A battlefield of patience and sacrifice blessed from above
Always remember that you are my everything.

~ Rafika ~
I desire victory in my love
For my love is loyal and true
It will never ask to move
At the time of your blues.

~ Elizabeth ~
Our love will prevail in all the struggles of life
For we are bounded by true affection
We can overcome hurdles and strife
As long as we love each other and accept all imperfection.

©® Rafika Rangwala
India and
©® Elizabeth Maranan Cahimbing
All Rights Reserved
4th Feb 2022