A Cupful By Sunny Okonudom

A Cupful

wishes are the needles with which
tomorrow’s dreams are weaved
so this morning i serve you something
more than a cupful of absent wishes

i serve a cupful
of love to the loveless
steaming with goodwill and grace
pearled with beauty and charm

a cupful of joy that knows no sorrow
brimming with heartwarming smiles
to smoothen that wrinkled brow
and bring back the joy of dawn

to the sick i serve one
laced with a sincere prayer
for strength and quick healing
to do the master’s bidding

a cupful to the weak
sugared with energy
and balmy draught to heal
the limbs broken by lethargy

to the lover and the loved
i send stores of wishes
like bowers of roses
bedecked with soothing kisses
and a heart that holds no grudges

©®Sunny Okonudom

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