Force Not To Feel By Chichi Alintah

Force Not To Feel

You can’t make me feel it,I’m not yours
With you dead are my feelings
I’m sorry it had to be this way,
Never deliberate to be of my doing
Only him that’s mine can make me feel it
Feel the light in the dark moment of feelings
To turn me to love and call me love
Stiff will my skin be when you sip in
Nothing can penetrate to turn hard to soft
If our friendship you cherish
Force me not to feel me
Quit trying to try
Stop hugging to have
Stop making to marry
You can’t have what’s not yours
I’m for another that have not realized
While I wait let me be, force me not
Force is not good for love,
It kills love to leave it dry without sensation
My feelings are dead with you
I feel just friendship with you
Stop hurting yourself, please
I care to see you happy and not hurt
For when gone I am far away from you
What will you do?
How will you handle it?
I care to see you happy when gone I am
Force me not to feel…

2021 © Chichi Alintah

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