IF I BE – By Desmond Ajayi Samuel


If I Be

If I be a Deejay
I shall for thy sake begot beautiful collections of music
Booming tirelessly on replay
And with thy clapping feet,confusion shall be set to the jury!

If I be a Teacher
Thou shall be my favourite student
Whose script I shall not make down, thus, prefer
And thy mistakes, I shall help correct!

If I be a chef
Thou shall eat from the raw source of love
While you sit on that armless Paris cushion listening to the piano’s treble clef
Thine German wine shall be pure as dove!

If I be a Tailor
Thine garment shall be the town’s talk!
As it’s tips paddle the air like a sailor
With thine lovely show of majestic walk!

And if I be a river
I shall flow endlessly into thy heart
Bringing to thee the beauty of nature
Which shall irrigate thine desert!

©Desmond Ajayi Samuel

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