When The Ship Comes In – By Ron Anderson



When the Ship Comes In

When the ship comes in, he said
The future will be of metaphors without ballast
In a ship weighted with promises of no return
The sea tells lies in the minds of the jellyfish
And exposes their tentacles to the sun
But the lies melt to slush and are washed away
High tide at noon brings their skeletons to the shore
Where their remains are eaten
By the sharks of promises

King Neptune laughs at the treasures of pirates
Swashbucklers who avoided the gallows
Only to walk the plank
Where they were persuaded overboard
By the tips of cutthroat’s swords
At their backs
Cutting into their drunken flesh

Marauders’ ankled in chains
Retire to the king’s dungeons
A costly reminder of the king
Who is a thief in the night
Stealing the bed-warmer’s virginity
With promises of wealth and glory

He’s impotent before he’s spent
She’s no wench
And she’s not done
She locks the chastity belt around her waist
Until her prince of princes arrives
To claim her from the pirate’s ship
And charms his way into her

She remains barren
Her promised child cries to be conceived
His ship has not come in
His sterile seed lies wasted on the fertile field
She looks outward to the ship on the horizon
Its erected mast grows larger in the moonlight
At the image of her lying in the dock of the bay
Her prince clears his eyes
And walks the plank to her galleon window

He awakens her to the sound of a click
And delivers horizontal refreshments at 2:00 am
She is chaste no more
And seeded for growth

The prince of ships sails into the yonder seas
With mother and child singing into the wind
In her diary, she writes a promise
Come true
Of her ship coming in

Copyright to Ron W. Anderson – March 2019

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