No pleasing some folk…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Outside, the heat-haze writhes and seethes

In hellish desert air,

The sun paints blackened shadows

On an earth that’s parched and bare…

The aircon in the car is bust

Or else I’d live in there.


It’s summer, and the weather’s turned,

The sun came out to play…

For month’s we’ve moaned of cold and rain

And wished they’d go away;

And now I wish that it would rain

To cool the torrid day.


It’s only twenty-five degrees,

(That’s Celsius, mind you)

Though last week, there was snow and hail,

Now summer skies are blue,

And like a wilted lettuce

I just wish a storm would brew.


But never mind, tomorrow

It will all change once again,

According to the weather man

We’ll probably get rain…

‘Cause this is British weather

And we do love to complain.

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