POETIC JUSTICE 148 – By Msinaram Warigon Ahrey



The Majestic King of kings
Rode on a borrowed ass
Triumphal hope He brings
Humble without pizazz
They cheered
Some feared
Others jeered
He was surrounded by betrayers
Cocooned by bigoted destroyers
They’re outnumbered by admirers
He foresaw future conspiration
Yet,in His humble determination
He rode to the City of David
The fire of salvation He lit
Palm fronds laid,kingly indeed
Multitudes more,He had to lead
He never flew in with a private jet
A holy path to righteousness He set
His royal robes, modest and plain
Opulence was not His holy plan
I love His pure simplicity
I align with His Majesty
On His footsteps I tread
Eating His sorrow’s bread
In His death, I am alive
Yes,in triumph I arrive

®©William Warigon 2018All Rights ReservedPic:Pinterest


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On Tuesday last week, the result of the midterm elections in the United States was announced and the Democratic (blue) party with 51 million votes across the country as against 47 million of the Republican (red) party, took control of the House of Representatives (for the first time in eight (8) years) and won most of the seats across states congresses. The immediate implication of this ‘bloodless coup’ in America is that beginning in January 2019, the US government would no longer be under the control of one political party as the Republican party still controls the Presidency and the Senate.

You see, many of us are yet to recover from the elections of 2016 where the now outdated and antidemocratic American electoral college system threw in billionaire businessman Donald Trump as the winner of the November 8 presidential elections. In that election, Senator Hillary Clinton; the candidate of the blue party, won the popular vote (the vote of all Americans) with more than 2.8 million votes but the electoral college vote went to Donald Trump (the 5th time this has happened: where the winner of the popular vote did not win the electoral college vote) and the man, instead of the woman, became the President of the most powerful nation in our world.

And since January 2017 when Donald Trump became America’s president, America and the world has changed, albeit negatively. In today’s America, the rivalry, hatred and bad-blood between Democrats and Republicans have never been this sour seeing that President Donald Trump glorifies in constantly rubbishing Barack Obama (Dem), his predecessor. Now, for some of us, the overbearing attitude and uncontrolled utterances of America’s president, particularly on Twitter, is not entirely surprising because Donald Trump is the first American to become president without any prior experience in public service or the military. Thus, he does not understand and appreciate the importance of diplomacy, cooperation and consultations in the day to day administration of America. Even many members of the GOP are increasingly frustrated and embarrassed by his utterances and actions. Recall that Senator John McCain (God bless his soul); war veteran and former presidential candidate of the GOP, did not invite the President to his funeral service – because he never approved of the Trump Presidency, his decisions and utterances.

And did you watch President Trump’s press conference the morning after the midterm elections? If you did and you are an American – whether Republican, Democratic or neutral – I’d bet you were roundly embarrassed. In that press conference, for those who didn’t see it, President Donald Trump was everything but presidential in his words and conduct – as he was angry that the American people are beginning to reclaim their country from his stranglehold. In that Wednesday morning press conference in the White House, President Trump publicly mocked members of his own party who lost their elections (he actually mentioned their names) and suggested that they lost because they did not embrace him or showed him love. Clearly, in the mind of this American President, a candidate must bow to him and “show him love” or else he/she would lose election. Emperor mindset? Yes, yes!!!

Now, I understand that addressing Americans the morning after the Republican party just had its worst electoral beating since the Watergate scandal can be a daunting encounter for a man without political experience but President Trump made a complete mess of it as he talked like an aggressor. Gosh, did you see how he attacked that CNN reporter (poor Jim) and the other fellow who tried to correct the president? I watched with mouth agape the President of almighty America tell a journalist “you are a rude and terrible person and shouldn’t be working for the CNN” and barked “That’s enough, that’s enough” while gesturing to a female White House staff to go cease the microphone from Jim. And you see, President Trump always love to say that he has the highest rating among black America but a bold reporter pointed out that his figure is “just a single digit” (8%). Savage!!!

I am happy that Americans, through the instrumentality of the midterm elections, spoke against anti-democracy in that country – and the world, by extension. Taking back the Congress is the first step towards redeeming America because the House of Representatives is where the people are most represented, it is where democracy is almost in its purest form (direct democracy). With this victory of the people, I suspect that in the coming elections, the Democratic party would take over the Senate and the Presidency – only because President Donald Trump, and not Republicans, is failing Americans, and the world. And it is time America discards the now outdated and undemocratic electoral college system and allow the winner of the popular vote become the president – if this was the case, Americans wouldn’t be dealing with a president who Trumps over anyone and everyone with reckless abandon.

© Chad Otsapa



Yesterday morning on Channel Television’s Sunrise Daily, one Mr. Barkindo who works in the media department of the Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF) told the world that he knows that Nigerian governors cannot and would not accept N30,000 as the new National Minimum Wage. Mr. Barkindo, who claims to have worked in many countries around the world, suggested that because the IGR of states are different, governors cannot be expected to pay the same amount as minimum wage and seeing that many states are perpetually defaulting in the payment of the current N18,000.

We know, without an iota of doubt, that Mr. Barkindo spoke the minds of all or majority of states governors in Nigeria. Mr. Barkindo also alluded that governors can, considering the circumstances, thrive to pay between N22,500 and N25,000 as the minimum wages in many of the states. Again, I’d bet that this is the thinking of all or most of the governors in Nigeria – particularly those governors who are bereaved of economic ideas and policies that would increase their states internally generated revenues (IGRs), especially states who survive mainly on the monthly allocation from Abuja. Mr. Barkindo’s statements yesterday once again proved to me that governors are the biggest problems of this country.

Now, it is civic, important and instructive that we educate Nigerians who may have been misled by the arguments of Mr. Barkindo on a national television station (and others like him who speak for Nigerian governors) with counterarguments. One, the National Minimum Wage is a provision of law set to be reviewed upwards every five (5) years so labour did not consider next year’s election before pressing for this increment. Two, when and if the new N30,000 receives legislative backing, it becomes the new wage in which no employer, especially in the public sector, can pay below – as N30,000 would become the new wage threshold, the new wage benchmark and the new wage base. Thus, Mr. Barkindo and his co-travelers must be told that when a wage is deemed as National Minimum, it means it is the least wage any formal employer can pay across the nation. State governments can go higher but not below. This is the global best practice.

Three, it does not make any sense for Mr. Barkindo, obviously speaking for Nigerian governors, to argue that governors cannot pay the same amount as minimum wage because the IGR of states are different – but with this agreed difference in the IGR of states, all governors in Nigeria receive the same amount (about N180,000) as monthly salary. The counterargument against this mischievous stance is that both civil servants and governors are employees of the government and what is good for the goose should be good for the gander: minimum wages must be the same in all the states. When Adams Oshiomhole was governor of Edo State, he paid N20,000 as the minimum wage in that state – N2,000 above the national minimum. This is the way to go and never below it.

Seeing the stances of state governors, it should be clear by now that it is not yet Uhuru for Nigerian wage workers and their hope of having N30,000 as the National Minimum Wage. One, it has not received the backing of law because President Muhammadu Buhari would have to still send it as an Executive Bill to the National Assembly for them to ratify and this is where I suspect that the amount would be reduced by the peoples ‘representatives’ – who by now would have been told and lobbied by state governors to not accept N30,000 as the new NMW. Two, if the National Assembly folks allow themselves to be manipulated or bought over by these selfish governors, the National Minimum Wage would be reduced – and this is a possibility. Another reason why 2019 must be about voting out wicked and unpatriotic governors and legislators and replacing them with individuals who are selfless and patriotic.

© Chad Otsapa

7 Characters In The Bible You Didn’t Know Were Black

Black people are very much part of the Bible too.

7 Characters In The Bible You Didn’t Know Were Black

Some of them are even incredibly influential, if you know your bible well, you won’t have a hard time knowing who these characters are;

Here are 7 characters in the bible you didn’t know were black: 

1. Queen of Sheba.  

The bible refers to her as the Queen of Sheba or the Queen of the South. Her fame was such that 2,000 years after her death, Jesus Christ mentioned her long trip and referred to her challenge of Solomon’s wisdom, which led to a love affair with the wise Jewish king.

image: Amazon

2. Zipporah. 

One of Moses’s wives, of which he was persecuted for. God himself was not happy about the union as she was of Ethiopian descent.

image: Pinterest

3. Pharaoh. 

Considering it was Egypt. They are known as Pharaohs, which means Sun Kings. Pharaoh was the king of North Africa who said, “Who is the Lord that I should obey Him?”

image: VideoBlocks

4. Ham. 

He was a son to Noah. He walked in on his naked father and was as a result ultimately cursed. According to theology, he cursed black people after him to be slaves and servants to his brother’s descendant’s (who were white) for generations. Ham’s second son inherited his land in Africa upon Ham’s death.

image: Jehovah’s Witness Discussion Forum

5. Nimrod. 

Nimrod was Ham’s grandson. The Bible indicates Nimrod was the first king in human history and he ruled mankind from the tower of Babel, after the flood of Noah (Genesis 10:10). The world leaned on his hunting prowess for food after the deluge when animals began migrating back to their natural habitats. Nimrod the Great became a mighty hunter before the Lord.

image: Black History In The Bible

6. Simon the Canaanite. 

He was the only Black apostle of Jesus Christ. He converted to the Nation of Israel to become a Jew through the article of circumcision.

image: Pinterest

7. Hagar. 

This Black woman from Africa is reported in Scripture as the first enslaved sex victim, namely to Abraham, father of the Arab and Jewish people. Abraham impregnated his wife’s African enslaved worker, who she obtained from Pharaoh, the greatest king in Africa.

image: Black History In The Bible


Britain’s most senior female bishop says Church should stop calling God ‘He’ because it can put young people off religion

Britain’s most senior female bishop said the church should avoid referring to God only as ‘he’ after a survey found young Christians assume God is male.

Research by YouGov found that almost half of 18 to 24-year-old Christians believed God to be male, with one in three over-65s believing the same.

The Bishop of Gloucester, the Rt Rev Rachel Treweek, the Church’s first female diocesan bishop, told The Telegraph: ‘I don’t want young girls or young boys to hear us constantly refer to God as he,’ adding that it was important to be ‘mindful of our language’.

It is not the first time Rt Rev Rachel Treweek has made these claims having said: ‘God is not to be seen as male. God is god,’ in the past.


POETIC JUSTICE 108- By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey

Rays of sunshine breaks through the clouds

Awesome God


I fail to aptly see
How You’d love me
When I disparaged Your name
I brought shame to Your fame
Many times I denied Your existence
Your unfeign love I offer resistance

I abused the sweet free will you gave
In all things inconsequential I do rave
I ate with dirty hands
To vile tunes I danced
Your beauty and grace
Everyday I see and face

The rugged cross evidenced Your love
For mankind, You leveled from above
When we could not measure up to You
But rebellion gnaws through and through
Making us to be cloaked in pride
Ignoring You in our lustful stride

But You watch us with the keenness
Of the kindness of divine faithfulness
Overlooking our excesses and disobedience
Favouring us with grace, love and mercifulness
Our self-righteousness smell like filthy rags
But the fragrance of Your love comes in bags

Now that I have seen the light
I must do that which is right
To proclaim Your Name loudly
Till Earth trembles resoundingly
I will testify of Your loving-kindness
And savour Your blessings in fullness
®©William Warigon 2018

Pastor Donates N1 million For Completion Of Mosque

By Hussein

A Nigerian pastor has shocked his immediate community members by donating N1 million to a mosque.
A Senior Pastor with the Peniel Church of God in Calabar, Essien Ayi, has donated one million Naira to help the Muslim community in the Cross River State capital complete its central mosque.
According to a report by The Nation newspaper, Tuesday, Mr Ayi who is also a lawmaker, said Nigerians should be their brothers’ keepers, irrespective of religion.
Mr Ayi, who represents Akpabuyo/Bakassi/Calabar-South Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, made the cash donation at Gbogobiri, an Hausa settlement in Calabar.
He said the gesture was also to appreciate the support he has enjoyed from them.
“Every human being whether Christian or Muslim believes in God, the creator. The religion may be different. The mode of practicing may be different, but it is tilted towards one being, which is God,” he said at the event.
“Also the Muslim society has been very supportive of me right from when I was chairman and they informed me that their former mosque had been demolished and they are trying to erect a new and befitting mosque. I feel as a representative, they too are my constituents.
”I am bound to make a token donation towards the completion of that mosque. We should be be our brothers’ keepers. We are all Nigerians irrespective of our religion,” he added.
The head of the Hausa community, Sarki Lawan, who spoke through the Secretary of the Mosque Committee, Hashimu Abubakar, expressed gratitude for the donation, which he said would go a long way in the completion of the project.
“We are very happy. We appreciate his concern about coming here to give us his donation. This is the first time it has ever happened. He donated N1 million and we assure him the money would be put to use. The name of the mosque is Central Mosque and Islamic Centre in Calabar.
“Work started about four months ago and the money would help us a great deal. Our message to other politicians is to emulate what he has done so that the people they are representing would feel their impact,” he said.
Mr Ayi also made donations to two orphanages at Uwanse and Bateba Streets, as well as the Pope John Paul Home for the aged and needy along Target Street.
He said it has been his tradition over the years to the less-privileged in the society and encourage harmonious coexistence.
“Whenever God bless you, use part of that blessing to bless others. I came from a disadvantaged home and by the grace of God he has lifted me to this height. I always have a feeling for the less privileged in the society,” he said.
He called for harmonious inter-religious relations.
“That is all we preach about. We call for a harmonious living environment because if you don’t have a peaceful atmosphere, you cannot even practice your religion. Let us come together. We should not start fighting ourselves and make the environment unconducive for us to stay.
” If we are in peace everyone can practice their own religion. That is what we believe. Peaceful coexistence is what we need,” he said.

Meet The Five WEALTHIEST PASTORS In The World . . . Their COMBINED Net Worth . .. Is $2 BILLION!!!

MediaTakeOut.com.com has compiled a list of the five WEALTHIEST PASTORS in the world. You won’t BELIEVE the fortunes that they have acquired.

5. David Oyedepo. David Oyedepo is a Nigerian pastor who is the leader of the most powerful congregation in Africa. His church has three services and can hold up to 50,000 followers. With a fortune of $150 million, he is the richest pastor in Nigeria and Africa. He has four private jets and houses in London and the United States. He also has his own publishing company that publishes his books. Lastly, he is the founder of Covenant University and Faith Academy, an elitist secondary school.


4. George Foreman. Evidence that boxing can lead to many things… the former heavyweight boxing champion became a pastor at the age of 28 after retiring from boxing and investing part of his fortune in the construction of a church and a troubled youth center in Houston. His fortune is estimated at 250 million dollars.

3. Pat Robertson. Pat Robertson, a well-known televangelist in the United States, is a man of the media above all. He owes his fortune to his numerous participations in companies and organizations, as well as to a private university (Regent University) that he created in 1977, which has nearly 9,000 students. He is worth $500 million dollars

2. Kenneth Copeland. Kenneth Copeland is the founder and owner of Kenneth Copeland Ministries. His church is located on an estate of more than 600 hectares. He is worth $760 million

1. Eric Macedo. Eric Macedo is the founder of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God in Brazil. He is worth $ 1.1 billion and is the richest pastor in the world. He is also the founder of Grupo Record, the largest media group in Brazil. He is worth 1.1 billion dollars.


Source: MTO

Late pastor Billy Graham to lie in honor in US Capitol

The body of evangelist Billy Graham -- shown here at a press conference in New York on June 21, 2005 -- will lie in honor in the US Capitol Rotunda on February 28, a rare distinction
The body of evangelist Billy Graham — shown here at a press conference in New York on June 21, 2005 — will lie in honor in the US Capitol Rotunda on February 28, a rare distinction (AFP Photo/Timothy A. CLARY)

Washington (AFP) – The body of Reverend Billy Graham, a spiritual advisor to several presidents, will lie in the US Capitol Rotunda next week so Americans can pay respect to the globally influential preacher, lawmakers said Thursday.

The rare honor of placing an American’s remains in the Capitol is usually reserved for US presidents, military officials and politicians.

Graham, who died Wednesday at age 99, would be only the fourth private citizen so honored, and the first person since US senator Daniel Inouye in 2012.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Graham’s remains will lay in the Capitol from February 28 to March 1. A ceremony featuring congressional leaders was being prepared, Ryan said.

“With your approval, we will move forward with these arrangements, so that Americans have this opportunity to pay their respects to Rev Graham before he is laid to rest,” Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said in a letter to Graham’s son Franklin.

Graham helped pioneer the role of television evangelist.

The one-time backwoods minister — who eventually became the world’s foremost Christian evangelist — spread a message of spiritual redemption at tent and stadium revival meetings, in a career that spanned decades.

The last US president to lay in state in the Capitol Rotunda was Gerald Ford in 2007, less than three years after Ronald Reagan received the same honor.


POETIC JUSTICE 70-By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey



My divine Rock,

Hear me, as I talk

I know I wear shoes laced in pride

My arrogance clear, never can hide

My tongue sings songs of self acclamation

High above pinnacles, I declare my salvation

As if I were the one on the rugged Cross

Everything humble to me is gross

‘Am a rolling stone that gathers no moss

I sit on all  decision-making as a boss

Looking at everybody  as  minions

Because I control cash, my  millions

At my command, men become feeble

For I am the proud eagle

Master of all that I survey

But all that prosper  is in vain

If I don’t know how to pray

So, here I am today

Teach me to pray

Bend my knees in humility

Teach me divine sobriety

Let me hold the hand of love

Like diamonds so rough

Let me be steadfast in my supplications

Let me find the hidden treasures in meditations

Press me to the ground

Let my knees be glued down

Suffer me not to be a loud, empty vessel

But be your honourable, precious pencil

To use as You wish

No more swish

In modesty my tongue will learn to bless

And so You may prolong my heavenly days

©®Warigon2018 Pic:freepik.com

Tanzania:Prophet Arrested For Kissing Wife and A Home Help

Prophet Titi kissing wife and home-help Source: Tuko.co.ke

A  Tanzanian prophet, Nabii Tito, has been arrested by the police days after sharing photos of himself kissing his wife and home-help.

Photos of Nabii Tito kissing the two went viral on the social media and irked quite a number of Tanzanians who called him out for his behaviour.

According to the police, Tito’s arrest was not based only on kissing his wife and home-help, but he has also been drinking alcohol while preaching, online medium, Tuko, states.

Confirming the arrest, IGP Simon Sirro said Tito was arrested following public complaints and will be “dealt with accordingly.”

“We have arrested Tito’s prophet today in Dodoma over the unruly behaviours he has been involved in, which was reported to us,” he said.

Tito’s arrest was lauded by a cross-section of Tanzanians who congratulated the police for arresting the self-acclaimed man of God.

Fake prophet


Source:The Punch

POETIC JUSTICE 60-By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey


(This is pure fiction and meant to be satirical. Just exploring my poetic licence.So, my Pastor friend, Fear Not.Lol.)



The day I saw her

I vowed to take her

She’s Pastor’s cool, black beautiful wife

His mere decoration in dour empty life

His paramours abound within the town

His lovers rebound even when he’s down

His wife deserves more

She’s an eagle fit to soar

She was made to make music

Her staidness made me sick

I plotted, I schemed, then I pray

Nothing, no one stood in my way

I caught her eyes, she became mine

I still plotted and prayed. This time

I threw hot dynamite in their marriage

It came crumbling down to my advantage

My hand and heart seized her body and soul

Headlong, hard, for me she fell fully whole

A preacher came, spitting brimstones and fires

He condemned us as agents of  fleshy desires

But when he saw her,her beauty arrested him

I saw the pool of lust filling him to the brim

He cajoled, he pleaded to have her

I knew I had won, in clear laughter

I pulled his tail, the pretentious rogue

He scampered off,  howling like a dog

She is no longer  a decoration

But my sweet, sweet salvation