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On Tuesday last week, the result of the midterm elections in the United States was announced and the Democratic (blue) party with 51 million votes across the country as against 47 million of the Republican (red) party, took control of the House of Representatives (for the first time in eight (8) years) and won most of the seats across states congresses. The immediate implication of this ‘bloodless coup’ in America is that beginning in January 2019, the US government would no longer be under the control of one political party as the Republican party still controls the Presidency and the Senate.

You see, many of us are yet to recover from the elections of 2016 where the now outdated and antidemocratic American electoral college system threw in billionaire businessman Donald Trump as the winner of the November 8 presidential elections. In that election, Senator Hillary Clinton; the candidate of the blue party, won the popular vote (the vote of all Americans) with more than 2.8 million votes but the electoral college vote went to Donald Trump (the 5th time this has happened: where the winner of the popular vote did not win the electoral college vote) and the man, instead of the woman, became the President of the most powerful nation in our world.

And since January 2017 when Donald Trump became America’s president, America and the world has changed, albeit negatively. In today’s America, the rivalry, hatred and bad-blood between Democrats and Republicans have never been this sour seeing that President Donald Trump glorifies in constantly rubbishing Barack Obama (Dem), his predecessor. Now, for some of us, the overbearing attitude and uncontrolled utterances of America’s president, particularly on Twitter, is not entirely surprising because Donald Trump is the first American to become president without any prior experience in public service or the military. Thus, he does not understand and appreciate the importance of diplomacy, cooperation and consultations in the day to day administration of America. Even many members of the GOP are increasingly frustrated and embarrassed by his utterances and actions. Recall that Senator John McCain (God bless his soul); war veteran and former presidential candidate of the GOP, did not invite the President to his funeral service – because he never approved of the Trump Presidency, his decisions and utterances.

And did you watch President Trump’s press conference the morning after the midterm elections? If you did and you are an American – whether Republican, Democratic or neutral – I’d bet you were roundly embarrassed. In that press conference, for those who didn’t see it, President Donald Trump was everything but presidential in his words and conduct – as he was angry that the American people are beginning to reclaim their country from his stranglehold. In that Wednesday morning press conference in the White House, President Trump publicly mocked members of his own party who lost their elections (he actually mentioned their names) and suggested that they lost because they did not embrace him or showed him love. Clearly, in the mind of this American President, a candidate must bow to him and “show him love” or else he/she would lose election. Emperor mindset? Yes, yes!!!

Now, I understand that addressing Americans the morning after the Republican party just had its worst electoral beating since the Watergate scandal can be a daunting encounter for a man without political experience but President Trump made a complete mess of it as he talked like an aggressor. Gosh, did you see how he attacked that CNN reporter (poor Jim) and the other fellow who tried to correct the president? I watched with mouth agape the President of almighty America tell a journalist “you are a rude and terrible person and shouldn’t be working for the CNN” and barked “That’s enough, that’s enough” while gesturing to a female White House staff to go cease the microphone from Jim. And you see, President Trump always love to say that he has the highest rating among black America but a bold reporter pointed out that his figure is “just a single digit” (8%). Savage!!!

I am happy that Americans, through the instrumentality of the midterm elections, spoke against anti-democracy in that country – and the world, by extension. Taking back the Congress is the first step towards redeeming America because the House of Representatives is where the people are most represented, it is where democracy is almost in its purest form (direct democracy). With this victory of the people, I suspect that in the coming elections, the Democratic party would take over the Senate and the Presidency – only because President Donald Trump, and not Republicans, is failing Americans, and the world. And it is time America discards the now outdated and undemocratic electoral college system and allow the winner of the popular vote become the president – if this was the case, Americans wouldn’t be dealing with a president who Trumps over anyone and everyone with reckless abandon.

© Chad Otsapa