I Stand By Sani Musa

I Stand

I stand on the hill of gloom
Spotting the red eyes of fate
”Take me down the valley”
I whisper deeply in my mind

What do I see in me drifting
Like a smoke out of firewood
Through my nostrils and ears
It’s my spirit deserting body!

Oh God let me catch it again
Before dark strikes my ways!
I stand with soul without spirit
Wake me up if I’ve been sleeping.

Forgive me dear let me repent
I’m as weak as a bud in May
Loaded with sins sunk my Lord
Till I come to You where you reign

©Sani Musa

GUARD OF HONOR By Christopher Effiong

(A Tribute to the Outgoing Generals)

Others have gone through this road and now you are towing the same path. Cheers rises from the crowd as the heroes march along. As a sign of honor, I doff my hat.

You came as kings in your respective domains and now you will be leaving as legends. I believe you have set the stage right for others to emulate and follow.

It began just like yesterday and now it’s all history. As the future unfolds right before your eyes, never lose sight of the crown that is ahead of you despite the thorns that cut through your flesh.

Others can stop you temporarily but you are the only one that can do it permanently. You never know the height you can reach until you spread your wings and fly. Don’t let others create your world for if they do, they usually make it too small.

Be mindful that you are the impression of our prestige preserved in the sand of time. So don’t let pride inflate your sense of self-worth and distort your perspective of reality. The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

Remember you are the emblem of the value we hold dearly and the portrait of what we stand for. I know it wasn’t easy but it was worth it. Hold on ! Keep head held up high. Keep faith strong. Keep hope alive. Thanks for your service. God bless you real good .


STANDING AWAY FROM YOU! By Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai


You are standing away from my sight
I feel like feeling cursed this morning
A beautiful face hidden in your hair
I wonder if it is a dream or reality
Heartbeats do throb vigorously
A soft foot approaching towards me
You ‘ll meet me in every turn of my life
Keeping our love story behind you
You are always away from me though
Feel your precious presence in me.

©®Dr.Prasana Kumar Dalai@India.

Grace Goes To You…By Dost Muhammad Rajper

Grace Goes To You…

You wedded with book,
With an intriguing look,
Grace goes to you….

You gestured towards me,
With heartfelt dreams,,
Grace goes to you….

You captured gazing star,
With soothing voice…
Grace goes to you…

You made my day happy,
With wonderful capacity…
Grace goes to you…

You got splendid beauty,
With tinge of nature,,
Grace goes to you…

Dost Muhammad Rajper
Copyright @6-7-2022

UNLOVED By Alexander Favour


Sarah stared at the phone for the umpteenth time.

Still no call. No text message. And worse still, she had only two like reactions to the post she had made eight hours ago.

She was tired. Her heart was torn.
No one cares about her.

Why is her case so different from that of others?
That night, she resolved to end it all.

One bottle of snipper is all she needs.

Dear reader:

Perhaps you feel no one loves you.
People do.
Sometimes you’re just blind to their love because you are seeking love in the wrong place.

Never use online love as a measurement of how loved you are.
Most love seen online are fake.

A lot of people don’t even give two fvcks about people they call “My love” in comment sections and their DMs


Learn to love yourself.
You are a You-nique creation.

You are worthy of love.
It all starts with you loving yourself.

NEVER EVER base your happiness on the love or lack of love you get from others.

Remember, no one can limit your happiness and peace.

Only you can.

©Alexander Favour

THE VILLAGE FAIR By Jyotirmaya Thakur

On new year’s day a fair would be held
People from neighbouring village meet
In the thick grove under bunyan tree
Tents and canopies took respective seat.

Farmers , gardeners , entertainers all,
Potters , cobblers, bakers in open hall
They braved the cold to a collective call
Everyone was delighted to pay a toll.

People were merry even in the fog
Smoky air emitted from the wet log
Toys for children were main attraction
Metal or wooden instruments for action.

Deities of clay or alabaster on sale
Everyone was busy choosing their cake
A beacon of hope pervades in the fair
The world is full of charm when you care.

It’s amusing for people from all walks of life
Breaking the monotony and mundane strife
Enthusiasm in buying for future treats
Bargaining for earthen jars one could see.

Moving in the crowd has a funny feel
Getting goods cheap is another deal
Grand ladies with grey hair also join
Couples with children also look fine.

Food stalls of new harvest in display
Farmers relax and enjoy this day
Festive in their colourful turbans smile
Celestial charms celebrated for a while
Jyotirmaya Thakur @copyright. A poem from my book -:Silhouettes of Love “.

A Calm Dream By AR Foyajul IsIam

A Calm Dream

By AR Foyajul IsIam

A wonderful dream in the heaven,
A hopeful vision, being on the cloud
Sleeping, on comfy bed, with my heart
For both, it’s destined and granted.

Getting so closer and closer,
My lips and heart, truly uttered;
Rejoicing in the harmonious field
Holding a moment, I’d have sunk.

Touching and reaching at your face,
Made you open your killing eyes,
Given my soft heart, wholly stolen
Shockingly, a thought with a hope.


Great poet: NGUYEN DU
Ho Chi Minh City, 06th July 2022.
1669 Lễ thường đã đủ một hai,
Lục trình chàng cũng đến nơi bấy giờ.
The funeral ceremony just finished at home
After the long trip, Sinh just reached home
1671 Bước vào chốn cũ lầu thơ,
Tro than một đống, nắng mưa bốn tường.
He stepped into the old place of their chamber
Not as in former days, saw the heaps of cinder
1673 Sang nhà cha tới trung đường,
Linh sàng bài vị thờ nàng ở trên.
He ran to his dad’s dweller in the middle house
On the altar, on a votive tablet, her name shown
1675 Hỡi ơi nói hết sự duyên,
Tơ tình đứt ruột, lửa phiền cháy gan!
Alas! How a tragic story! he was told,
Heart-tearing grief, a burning sorrow!
1677 Gieo mình vật vã khóc than:
“Con người thế ấy thác oan thế này!
Sinh fell to the ground to sob and lament
“What an unjust death for such a woman
1679 Chắc rằng mai trúc lại vầy,
Ai hay vĩnh quyết là ngày đưa nhau!”
I thought I would reunite with her anyway
No thinking a see-off day was the last day!”
1681 Thương càng nghĩ, nghĩ càng đau,
Dễ ai rấp thảm quạt sầu cho khuây.
The more he loved the more he was in grief
No one could help his confiding to relieve.
1683 Gần miền nghe có một thầy,
Phi phù trí quỉ cao tay thông huyền.
He heard that a shaman was living nearby
The shaman could call ghosts to exorcise
1685 Trên Tam đảo, dưới Cửu tuyền,
Tìm đâu thì cũng biết tin rõ ràng
Souls were in fairyland or in hell
He could find the lost souls well
1687 Sắm sanh lễ vật rước sang,
Xin tìm cho thấy mặt nàng hỏi han.
Sinh gave the shaman gifts to invite
To call Kieu’s soul for asking her why
1689 Đạo nhân phục trước tĩnh đàn,
Xuất thần giây phút chưa tàn nén hương.
The shaman knelt before the altar
He was in comatose status as ever
1691 Trở về minh bạch nói tường:
“Mặt nàng chẳng thấy, việc nàng đã tra
As back to himself, he gave a statement:
“No seeing Kieu’s face, here are reasons
1693 Người nặng nghiệp oan gia,
Còn nhiều nợ lắm sao đà thác cho.
She debted by her karma heavily in her life
A lot of debts she’s to pay she hasn’t died
1695 Mệnh cung đang mắc nạn to,
Một năm nữa mới thăm dò được tin.
Her astrology tells her she’s in a trouble
One more year her news will be possible
1697 Hai bên giáp mặt chiền chiền,
Muốn nhìn mà chẳng dám nhìn lạ thay.”
The couple will meet face to face as ever,
But they dare not recognize each other.”

1699 Nghe lời nói lạ dường này,
Sự nàng đã thế lời thầy dám tin.
The shaman’s word was weird like that
No one trusted in what will be like that
1701 Chẳng qua đồng cốt quàng xiên,
Người đâu mà lại thấy trên cõi trần?
It may be the shaman gave nonsense sorcery
She died, in worldly life how can people see?
1703 Tiếc hoa những ngậm ngùi xuân,
Thân này dễ lại mấy lần gặp tiên
He kept pitying her, regretted the good time
How could he meet such a fairy again in life?
Abahn Leth@All Rights Reserved

LOVE AFFAIR By Cristina Juanite & Pro Sawyedul Amin


There is a romantic song of my best choice
That is found in your the most appealing voice
Your enchanting face has an endearing smile
My attention deson’t change if I see from a mile
( Pro Sawyedul Amin)

I always remind you every time I I heard, The most lovely and sweetest lovesong,
Your innocence and lovely face ,
Catch my attention wherever I look around.
( Cristina Juanite)

Your vivid eyes have a whimsical light
Which you romantically peek me at night
Your sparkling face illuminates as the full moon
If it falls in my vision, my heart can not wait soon
( Pro Sawyedul Amin)

Your attractive and tantalising eyes ,
Touch and feel romance in disguise,
Your lovely and sweet face ,
Is what I always look and can’t wait to see.
( Cristina Juanite)

You have two silky lips like roses are sweet and red
I would like to kiss with it however it is feared
Your physical fitness is looking very soft
I wish to speak with you but I afraid oft
( Pro Sawyedul Amin)

Your sweet and kissable lips ,
Melt my heart and feel I am lost ,
To feel your embrace and your arms,
Let me feel you my feelings for you.

Your hairdo is very charming that flies cutely in wind
It makes me to feel cheer and peace in my mind
Your body skin colour is as pretty as deity
You come in my dream when I sleep with self-pity
( Pro Sawyedul Amin)

Your looks makes me go crazy,
The more we close the more I love ,
Your the dream that I can’t deny ,
Our love affair is not in denial.
( Cristina Juanite)

©®Pro Sawyedul Amin

YOU RAISE ME UP By Ro Hamedullah (RH)


When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary
When troubles come, my heart burdened be
Then, I am still and wait here in the silence
Until you come and sit a moment with me

You raise me up,so I can stand on mountains
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders
You raise me up, to more than I can be

@All Copyright Reserved
Ro Hamedullah (RH)

ABYSS OF HOPE By Al-hassan Isma’il


We all have hopes and dreams
These are the simple pleasure we hope to achieve
How long can you stand for it?
During the thick and tough

All hope suddenly disappears
Indecision became the greatest companion
And destruction seem the best option
It is an unfriendly experience

Let my hope see me through
Victory is as sure as the day
Surely day will come to light
Then the once unending journey will be over

A living dog is better than a dead lion
This is not the time to throw the towel
There is light at the end of the tunnel
All hope is not lost.


®️ #Bard_lord ✍️💯
#Pen_Pushing 🖊️📖🖊️

The Song Of A Football By Dayanidhi Patra

The song of a football
Just give me a hard kick
And watch I am running to your’s delight
With high speed
Defeating the wind
Up and down
Sometimes bouncing
And sometimes flying
Airing me with freshness and energy
Reaching the point
Touching the goal
And slowly stopping at the place
Beyond your imagination.

I can spell you
I can run you with my flight
To your’s soulful delight
I am just a football
When the motion gets momentum in me
I become visibly invisible
That is the awe
The wonder
The spectators’ pleasure.

You just kick me mild
I will move musically
Like a child singing merrily
Entertaining you
So you love me because I am the symbol of joy and happiness
Cheer and pleasure
Friendship and amicability.

©Dayanidhi patra



Peter Obi’s supporters are becoming irritants, aberrants and an holier than thou people.

If you do not support the man – or like me, a political analyst, who believe, based on my sound understanding of Nigerian politics, that although Peter Obi is a good presidential material, the tailor that would make him a fitting shirt in 2023 is still an apprentice, they see us as unpatriotic, “typical Nigerians” who likes to smile while suffering and as enemies to Peter Obi, the Obi-dients flock and Nigeria.

Someone should hurriedly tell the Obi-dients to stop this nonsense – because it sends the wrong message/signal as opposed to what they are supposed to be preaching and that it would eventually become a shroud. Two days ago, their godfather, Peter Obi himself, had to tell his supporters to be tolerant of the views and choices of others but they won’t listen. The average Obi-dient follower can be likened to someone high on marijuana or Sapele water – or an overzealous Pentecostal Naija Christian.

Obi-dients (those who support Peter Obi’s candidature) must be reminded that in a democracy (or more appropriately, “civilian rule”, which best describes the Nigerian reality), every Nigerian who is 18 years and above has the fundamental human right to support and/or vote for whosoever he or she wants, not minding if his/her reasons appeals/makes sense to you or not. So no, it is not in your place, or anyone else’s, to coerce and/or blackmail other Nigerians to join you in supporting Peter Obi or any other candidate.

And for a robust and unbiased political analyst like me, I am surprised that overnight Obi-dients alias “super tocano” emotionally charged patriots believe that i hate the man and by extension, Nigeria. But pray, how else can a group of people be both politically naive and intellectually puerile? As an analyst, my job na to scientifically and empirically interrogate the issues, analyse them and predict the outcomes based on PRESENT AND PREVALENT REALITIES. That i say Peter Obi cannot win the presidency in 2023 does not mean he isn’t the most qualified, but certainly not the best, from the three/four main contestants in the competition. It also doesn’t mean I hate Nigeria and want the sufferings to continue. It means that I am talking about today’s reality, 2023 certainty and the hope for 2027 and beyond. Would emotions allow the Obi-dients to understand that I am like them but the difference is I do not believe in political miracles and “suddenly-suddenly”, especially when it has to do with the presidential election.

The truth Obi-dients must now embrace is simple: Rome was not built in a day/overnight – so expecting Peter Ob/Labour Party to win the presidential election in 2023, when he only left the Establishment ten months to Election Day is akin to expecting your nine months old baby to eat boiled yams. I have severally argued that although Peter Obi cannot win in 2023, he should stay the cause and continue to dig and wet the ground after that elections. Politics, electoral politics, is a system. It is the gradual arrangement of different bricks. It is a structure (Obi-dients hate this word). It is a step by step laying of blocks, particularly for a presidential election in Nigeria where the winner must have at least 25% of the votes in 24 of Nigeria’s 36 states plus the FCT. This is a Herculean task that requires both time, strategy and patience.

If Atiku Abubakar wins in 2023 as I have predicted he would (except he shoots himself as he is now doing with the Wike issue), he would be achieving an ambition he had since 1990. Bola Ahmed Tinubu also had the ambition to be president at least since 2014 when he tried to be the running mate to General Muhammadu Buhari and then succeed him in 2023. Peter Obi may have had the ambition to be president of Nigeria from when he was a child and I am not saying he has to contest several times before winning it but until two months ago, the man was still part of the Establishment the Obi-dients are rallying to overthrow. Those who hate the PDP today because of Peter Obi would not hate the party if it had given “Saint Obi” it’s presidential ticket. Peter Obi saw that he isn’t going to win in the primary so he left and joined the Labour Party, thereby displacing people like Prof Pat Utomi and others who had presidential ambitions.

My advice to the Obi-dients flocks is: like you, other Nigerians also have patriotic reasons for supporting an Atiku/PDP, Tinubu/APC, Kachikwu/ADC, etc. And this doesn’t mean they are wicked, unthinking, brainless and thoughtless. Just as supporting “Saint Obi”; Nigeria’s newest messiah (in 2014, President Muhammadu Buhari was seen as the messiah but now he dey show us pepper upon pepper) doesn’t make you smarter, more patriotic and a better Nigerian/human being. So stop your aberrant, insultive, holier than thou self-righteous and puerile campaigns – or your efforts would be counterproductive and become an albatross on the road to 2027.

#ChadX #UncleDarling-Eriwa

THROUGH THE EYES By UyimehShang Ti Willie


The crow eats up its leg
And it’s cry flew into the devil
That he may be taken in again

The cricket eats up its wings
And it chrips wilts in winter
That the sower may know harvest

The grey man finds his mother’s waist
And an earth swells in fullness
That a cry may rise from a woman

The cloud thickens in mystery
As men wallow in rainbow of ideas
While time cooks their puzzles…



HIJACKERS that we have become,
Of propaganda and rumour mongering,
Ditching sense and logic,
To pay allegiance to crowned clowns,
Pretended suprise,shock and horror,
When pigeons come home bearing fruits of selective preaching,
Outbursts of tired volcanos awaiting eruption,
Spewing what was whispered in secret enclaves,
Into the field of green life and fair weather innocence,
A child is a miracle. A child is a missile.
The care taker is rogue. The Lord never Lords over personal lordships,
So as we worship and praise-
Let’s be sure it’s to a deity bearer of light-
Some bear the semblance of a goat and the smell of a serpent.
But no one is qualified to judge faith….but all are welcome to observe its fruit in display.
©️Nancy Ndeke
July 2022.

Unforgettable Memories By Elizabeth Maranan Cahimbing

“Unforgettable Memories”

It was Spring when we first met,
A sweet moment that seemed endless,
Full of unimaginable happiness,
The star in the sky celebrates relentlessly,
Night firmament is full of sparkling bliss.

Because of the sweetness of our love,
Every moment is colorful and cozy,
Stumbling into the fire of lust,
A stunning glory of two bodies became one soul,
Be in love all night long.

Every corner of this shelter is our little paradise,
cheerful laughter is incessantly heard,
Even simple disputes cannot be forgotten,
Because our heart and soul are one,
An immortal romance with each other.

But the time of grief came,
You have found a new love,
I was left alone and grieving deeply,
The joy faded and was replaced by tears,
This empty room is the silent witness to my grief.

Many years passed and I kept waiting,
Hoping again that one day, you will come back to me,
And the lamp that witnessed our intense love will be lit again,
The radiance that was once bright,
Our shared memories that cannot be forgotten.

©® Elizabeth Maranan Cahimbing
All Rights Reserved
24th June 2022

Pc: google

A LOVER’S SONG By Echem John


Culled From My Anthology: Goddess Of Idoto
Leaf III ( A Dance With The Goddess )

Semen of libidinous sky
Squeezed from testicles
of thunder
The earth is ovulating—my
Her breasts, all gypsum
Piercing with lances wet
Asbestos of desire—

Listen, spirits wailing in the farm
For copulation, or lovers dance
The plowman—a randy lover
barbing the pubic hairs of the farm
Tremulous, music of the soul
When matchsticks strike
on tinder bamboos
Earth, open your womb
For the planting of cassava—

My lover, a hungry antelope
Sprints deep into the sacred land
Stretching far far, her hand
Wound me, oh sacred milk
Ejaculate on the asbestos earth
And stain this bed with words

Echem John
@Copyrights reserved

MY ONLY DREAM By Dr Jahangir Alam Rustom (Poet In Love)

Dear friends, read and enjoy another romantic poem taken from one of my English poetry books, “The Glory of Love”.


Only a dream in my mind
To get you forever,
Passing entire life with you
We will enjoy love together.

In the glowing wind
When your eyes dance,
Like a blooming flower
In the garden, an alluring fragrance!

Your light skin shines in my eyes
Through my darkness,
I lost myself in your beauty
Like a beautiful bird in a decorated case.

A dream comes and a dream goes
But you will live in my heart forever,
I find you after a fresh rain
When everything is covered with a rainbow color.

My world is empty
Without your presence,
When you dance in my psyche mind
Can I get you back into my real sense?

You are my only dream
You are my fairy tale,
You are the queen of the queens
You live with me in the dazzling dale.

Written by: Dr Jahangir Alam Rustom (Poet In Love)
©All rights reserved by the Author
Country: Bangladesh

Dreamt A Lot By Dr. Okram Shakuntala

Poem – Dreamt A Lot
Writer – Dr. Okram Shakuntala
Country – India
Date – 05/07/22

Dreamt A Lot
Dreamt a lot
One after another
To search my Sweetheart
Here, there & everywhere

Once I dreamt
To get you alone
In a fairy land
Walking so often

Proposed first I
And you accepted
With a sweet smile
On your lips to be added

Tied in me love knot
For ever conjugal
And I promised
To offer that I have all

Many a days
We did dwell in there
And in mind and heart
United we two were

How joyful the days
That none on earth enjoyed
We both enjoy there
The sweetest days that never fade

How can I forget you
As my Sweetheart
Perhaps you promised
Never to fall short

Copyright @ Dr.Okram Shakuntala