POETIC JUSTICE 155 -By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey



How was I to know
That beneath the pristine agbada
Lie different shades of charms and amulets?
Adorned in sparkling white
Dancing upon sacred floors
Of the largest church in Africa
The feet that sucked on the blood
Of the one crying in the shrine
Is now mocking the altar of the Most High
In the name of Thanksgiving

How highly we sequined his praises
In awe we admired him
In obeisance multiple bows we bowed
The weird world I observe is but obverse
All is not what it seems
The dancer is an epitome of all things perverse
He is the dark shadow of the voodoo night
That sends shivers in the spines of warriors

His nocturnal ventures reek with stench
Of the innocent blood
Of missing children without a trace
Could he retrace his steps
And find forgiveness?
The allure and praise songs
Have turned his ears red to the voice of reason
Like one cursed to rot in perdition

He will stamp on the sacred ground
His flowery slangs cast spells
Magic,money motivation,macabre memony
Wool over our eyes
Soon his stamping days will be over
When I find a voice
From the muffled grumblings of the spectators
And call him to order….
©William Warigon 2019

POETIC JUSTICE 154 By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey



Otoghille, full of mischief and mystery
You used me to rub off your misery
Not that I mind
Yours is mine
French laced tongue in display
As bright as the Sun’s red ray
Peers spear with puckered noses
Hiding in the bushes of the roses
Envious of your new fame
Calling you a plain Jane
Causing you much pain
To me that is so lame
You are not to blame
If drugs have a claim
On you.You were drugged and abused
Discarded to rot, but I am not amused
Once, you were a brainy coat
Jazzed with no brandy sort
It is never too late to return home
Where you will not be lonesome
And be baptized with love
For in you, I perceive love
Use me again
Let not in vain
This is my wayward, real admiration
With its straight forward destination
Show them that you have been reformed
A new you,that is ready now to conform

Copyright ©William Warigon 2019.All Rights Reserved

POETIC JUSTICE 153 By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey


How many times have I watched you
Wasting away in the winds of debauchery?
In your sombre moments,you look sober
Wearing the amulet of resolution
Ready to be redeemed once again
But as the sun hides his sneering face
You fall off the wagon again
The vicious circle is tiresome
It is cruelly cumbersome
In a dejected stage, I am left to pick up the pieces
In that short hiatus of your sobriety
I brim with heaps of hope
Relieved that the worst is over
Then you spiral out of control again
And the nightmares return
Leaving in their wake: pain and despair
My cajoling words
Fall in deaf ears
I know your soul cries for help
But you can’t help yourself
Your willpower has long flown away
If you love yourself
Take heed this one time
Know that second chances are rare
One day, they might just be the last chance

©William Warigon 201ic:bakasuyo.com


HUNTER – By Emeghara Collins



Silently, the
hunter hid…

Then go on and
positioned his gun…

Like a sniper
he held his breath…

And aimed so hard
with drop of blood…

Sadly, the bird
became a vulture…

And vultures, are
not might for bread…

But now, an
eagle is perching…

Go on and spill
your bullet o hunter…

Come, let
me show you…

That bird, is
perching good…

Go on and
reach the trigger?

Let your rifle
speak o hunter…

To shoot a bird is
to build for the poor…

To shoot at
that bird…

Is to support
a dying child…

That bird you so
search, is positioned…

Hit your target
o hunter…

To hit a target is to
become compassionate…

To pull your bullet is
to become affectionate…

That bird is
perch right…

Stop aiming, for
you’ve aimed enough…

Let your bullet
speak o hunter…

To drum your gun
is to leave a footprint…

In the school we must
build for the poor child…

Your gun has
slept enough…

Let it sound so loud
for that child unborn…

To know that
you lived your time…

it’s true…


All copyrights reserved
Emeghara Collins
For Every child
May 2nd

POETIC JUSTICE 151- By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey-



My addiction
Is my affliction
I was once raking in millions
Worshipped by my minions
I spent my money with total abandon
I cherished giving debtors cash pardon
I was King Solomon in the City of Gold
I bought needless things some sold

I was averse to any kleptomaniac
But to shopping, I was the maniac
I bought junks with no thought to save
I laughed off when accountant would rave
Now, reason has a good comeuppance
I am broke and homeless,with no pence
Under the bridge is where I lay down
Hearing sounds of cars I once owned

If only I heard the voice of reason
Too late this is bankruptcy season
I wish I was not such a weasel
But too late for tears to drizzle
I will be the poster for others to learn
That they should not race as I ran
Who knows,fair fortune may yet find me
And I hope I would not be like the old me
Copyright©William Warigon 2019(Inspired by a friend’s true life experience)Pic:Alamy

POETIC JUSTICE 150 – By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey



I was nurtured with milk of truthfulness
That gave me nutritional respectfulness.
Wrapped in the blanket of honesty,
Growing with sweet slew of dignity;

My tongue is ever laced with truth,
Whenever I copy the virtues of Ruth.
I know truthfulness and it is the pure light I see.
It opened the eyes of my mind, totally set me free.

Truthfulness is the pill that heals heartaches.
Standing on truthfulness averts headaches.
It’s an attitude that breeds beatitudes,
Resulting in calabashes of gratitudes.

Truthfulness is the bedrock of progress;
A virtue that brings truckoads of grace.
Without truthfulness one becomes a mere chalatan,
To be derided and avoided like a satanic Samaritan!
®©William Warigon2018

The Glory Of Madness – By J.C Bertrand

The glory of madness


The glory of madness
The building frame, all
About gathering every
Pixel, skillfully spreading fire
Programmable images
Vulnerable, heavy thunder
Disordered dance, o, birds
The flames escalating
Gazed at the mountains
The valleys, only tears
In clouds night sky, the stars
Wondering about tomorrow
Will the sun, the rain, the river
The flowers, the essence of life
Blowing kisses like butterflies
Will I sing and dance with glee
Homo-sapiens steps, treacherous
The gestures, senseless wind
Unholy faces, o, humankind
Will the wind be at the festival
Luminous stars craving to dance

Jean C Bertrand




Knowledge is a seed…
Place upon the table of life…
How it is perceived is totally based upon the individual, as it is a root, that will be implanted into the deepest parts of the celebral cortex & will manifest itself into a life that may or may not be feed or grow into a great notion…

Yet… The beautiful thing about the seed of knowledge is, seeds are everywhere & already within ourselves!!!
Some are born prevalent with this skill, some are predominant & powerful with thoughts that were concocted by themselves, therefore living within a self pathological paradox…

This seed is a very powerful key to life & prosperity, how wars are started as the same time peace is waged…
Great & grand designs of & in life are constructed…

All from the ground up…
From a spark of thoughts & ideas…
Into a flare of self impulse & temptations…
Lies the truth light of it own reality & how it will be manifested into what it may…
Within a flash of a nanosecond & quick flash of light…Births this seed called knowledge.

written by Timothy Payton

ACCEPTANCE – By Ian Wilcox



I said that had found love
You inquired if with you
I said I’d run two Marathons
You replied a step will do

I am so different from what you’d seen
You laughed and did agree
Then replied with smile wide
That’s why you chose me

The person stood in front of other
Some views did disagree
Rather than making it an issue
An acceptance they did see

The people were so sick of fighting
Too many dear ones lost
Pushing the elected government
To weigh up the real cost

The number cruncher chewed their pencil
Fingers tapping keys
‘Loss leaders’ the solution
For some Book to please

I said to you that I’d move there
Rather than you coming here
For you had too much to lose
With Family you hold dear

We are now in a challenge
One which we will beat
I am coming back to you
Even if by my own feet

Ian Wilcox

POETIC JUSTICE 149 -By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey




You call it a writer’s block
When words in your stock
Walk away with no warning
Leaving you a-ponderingr

Bereft of a logical reason to trudge on
You are stuck like a pig in mud
Go and find your mojo,my dearest son
Or else frustration gets you mad

If you get the block
Get yourself an ice block
Write about it as a rock
You’d see your brain rock

It is the secret that accompanies me
We have walked together for many miles
It has opened wide my eyes to see
That mere block can’t steal away my smiles
©William Warigon2019
All Rights Reserved

POETIC JUSTICE 148 – By Msinaram Warigon Ahrey



The Majestic King of kings
Rode on a borrowed ass
Triumphal hope He brings
Humble without pizazz
They cheered
Some feared
Others jeered
He was surrounded by betrayers
Cocooned by bigoted destroyers
They’re outnumbered by admirers
He foresaw future conspiration
Yet,in His humble determination
He rode to the City of David
The fire of salvation He lit
Palm fronds laid,kingly indeed
Multitudes more,He had to lead
He never flew in with a private jet
A holy path to righteousness He set
His royal robes, modest and plain
Opulence was not His holy plan
I love His pure simplicity
I align with His Majesty
On His footsteps I tread
Eating His sorrow’s bread
In His death, I am alive
Yes,in triumph I arrive

®©William Warigon 2018All Rights ReservedPic:Pinterest

POETIC JUSTICE 147 – By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey


friends FB_IMG_1538112842973

For Fifty years you’ve been my soulmate
The raging fire of our love burns till date
God, our beneficent Caretaker saw it fit
Through Providence to achieve this feat

Providence, divine, our source of trust
In whom lies our comfort and boast
Through thick and through thin
We passed storms and still win

Providence predestined our relationship
In its sagacity it steers our love’s ship
Steering it to the blissful Utopia
Now we bask in loving euphoria

We are the envy of the neighborhood
Our lives are fed with this love’s food
Albeit, when our journey here ends
Love in eternity; we’ll remain friends
®©William Warigon 2018.Pic:Gettyimages

POETIC JUSTICE 146 – By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey



My name is ‘Emm’ and my Dad’s name is ‘Tee’
Yes, he loved golf’s Tee and drank lots of tea
I have never had a goatee
He never sported a goatee
But my Mom had a beard
Real, red, bushy beard
Not on her face, but in her mind
She’s not the type to sit behind

If I look forlorn , I am not stupid
If I look stupid, I am just upbeat
If I am upbeat, then I am not empty
Just that on my knees am ever ready

Ready to pounce on the neck of an opportunity
Facing a raging bull in an arena is my activity
Though I may dally and daily daydream by the living spring
I don’t bring or spring any string of madness of early Spring

Yes, sometimes even I amaze me
For if there ain’t none to amuse me
I tickle my own fancy and laughter at my own jokery
Who else could but self, to drag self with self mockery

But my name brings hilarity, and see mockery:
‘I’m Emm Tee’ and they offer food from bakery
‘I’m Emm Tee’, and they think I am dull,slow and sloppy
‘I’m Emm Tee’,and they give me alms to curb my poverty

Such is the burden of my unique name
It shoves me to the ample laps of fame
In a good and a bad way
Yet,I like it any which way
©William Warigon 2019.All Rights Reserved

BATHSHEBA = By Kichime Elisha Philibus



From a bathe of uncleanness
to purity,
Like a mermaid made
To a libidinous lure;

she caught a court
From a roof top prying
of drunken sin,
And dazed was David
a melted gel.

He cunned her court
And hit the Hittite
In a feigned trap
of an engrossed despotism.

A Psalmist’s putrid ploy
And a Sheba’s culpable loyalty
lulled a lullaby!
For,a foreordained obeisance
is obeyed
To pave a pathway
For a designated destiny
To carve its course
as it was written!

She gave birth to Absalom;
An epitome of beauty.
She gave birth to Solomon;
An epitome of wisdom
And a genealogy of prophesy
For a redemption
to salvation.


I’M WINNING – By Timothy Payton



You thought you had me didn’t you!!??
All too yourselves…
Thought you were going to take me…
Like my oldest brother & so many???

Yet it’s funny how the tables turned…
Through all the hell & pain I’ve earned…
Is because of you, but allow me to say…
I allowed YOU all to hop behind the wheel & play;

You see demons… your nothing to me!!!
I see all along, that YOU needed me!!!
I’ve learnt & learning about your ways,
How you take & give misery for days;

I would say F*** you demons!!!
But that’s the kinda of energy you love!!!
You’ve been doing it for years to me!!!
Now it’s Time to take back so deservingly!!!

This isn’t a poem, more like a letter of riddance,
Of getting rid of & taking back for a difference,
You can do it too!!! but what do you want to do???
it’s a matter of willpower, not what you can prove!!!

Study your demons, learn your triggers,
look into the pros & cons & how they figure…
Become the person you want to be…
Demons make you lose…
Now it’s Time for winning!!!

written by Timothy Payton

POETIC JUSTICE 145 -By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey



He is a prince
But loves living like a pauper
He is the prince
That with the poor eats supper

Royal decorum he taunts with disdain
He follows only his laid down tenets
He views splendour as something vain
He doesn’t want subjects to pay rents

The tainted taboos amuse him
He juggles with his Crown Jewels
In gospels according to his whim
His will, will wheel, what he wills

The throne that padded the bottoms of his forebears
He’s viewed with a cordial hatred
This to his parents brings royal pains and unshed tears
He is the prince with the hair red
©William Warigon 2019 Picture Credit:Disney