Last week, the United States Department of Justice released a statement announcing that 80 defendants, most of whom are Nigerians, have been charged with conspiracy to commit fraud, conspiracy to launder money, and aggravated identity theft. In a 145 page document, these Nigerians are alleged to be involved in schemes resulting in the fraudulent transfer of fraudulently-obtained funds of about $46 million. The suspected fraudsters targeted victims in the United States and across the globe, including individuals, small and large businesses, and law firms. Some of the victims, mostly elderly individuals seeking love relationships, have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in one fell swoop. While a few have been arrested in the United States, the report told of how most of them live in Nigeria – and from the names i saw, all 80 but one are of the Igbo ethnic group and males.

For those who do not know, Nigeria is one of the most heterogeneous country in the world with over 400 ethnic groups. It was therefore intriguing to see that all but one of these alleged fraudsters are of the Igbo stock; a people known to be the most industrious and driven ethnic group in the country. The Igbos are (particularly in the world of business) one of the most hardworking and success driven people on earth seeing that an Igbo man/woman has the ability to sell snow to an Eskimo. Such is the drive of the Igbo people that we often joke that: if you find yourself in any Nigerian village and you do not see Coca-cola and an Igbo man there, you must run away because that village is cursed. Due to their drive for financial success, the Igbos are everywhere in Nigeria and around the world (even in ice cold Siberia) running both legitimate and illegitimate businesses.

In business, the Igbo system of apprenticeship is one of the most successful business models as it has empowered many Igbo men, young men who ‘served’ their ogas (masters) for at least seven years and at the end were given the capital to start-up their own businesses. Growing up in the northwestern city of Kaduna, some of my childhood friends were Igbo boys who served their ogas who are engaged in different businesses. Today, and years after they were ‘settled’, most of them are millionaires while I and other non-Igbos are still struggling to find our financial feet. This Igbo apprenticeship business system ensured that the Igbos are easily the most successful (in terms of wealth) ethnic group in Nigeria such that on Sundays, young Igbo boys who are still serving their ogas have enough money to spend on drinks and on isi-ewu (goat pepper soup). For these boys, spending money “nor be ploblem” because they are in business.

Sadly, this laudable business model that launched many Igbo youths into wealth have largely been abandoned and this is why 79 names on this list of internet fraudsters are Igbos. You see, it is almost second-nature for an Igbo man to show off his wealth among his peers/age group and so the average Igbo man would work so hard from January to November just so he can travel to his village to show off the ‘fruits’ of his labor in December (Onwa December) during the Yuletide. This happens because the typical Igbo family, society/community is wealth driven and most Igbo men are pressed to “make it big” – and it is this insatiable hunger and impatience to “make it big” that has pushed many Igbo boys to abandon the legitimate but slow apprenticeship business program to engage in the illegitimate and quick money spinning world of internet fraud and drug trafficking.

An all but one Igbo name on this list does not make every Igbo person a fraudster – but it says a lot about how young men in Igboland are been pressurized, directly and indirectly, by their families and the society to make money since for many Igbo families, wealth is the first way to measure success. Of course other ethnic groups in Nigeria are guilty of this but with this list and many other reported crime cases, the Igbos are in a class of their own. This is the truth but beyond the reactions from this list, the Igbos themselves must look at the root cause of this and work towards changing the narrative. Changing the narrative means parents, family members and the society must desist from pilling pressure on young Igbo men to get rich quick. Changing the narrative also means educating and re-educating Igbos that money is not the only way to measure success, no matter how important having money is.

© Chad Otsapa




On this platform and elsewhere, I have concentrated on writing about politics and the economy but in recent times, i am beginning to be concerned about social phenomena. Well, this isn’t altogether strange because by education, training and experience, I am well-equipped to write about social issues even as I remember that as undergraduates, one of my friends would always boast that he has the structural and sociological tools of analysis. I believe I have this tool, too.

I like to brood about Nigeria and recently, I have been thinking about the relationship between meeting responsibilities and sexual libido/performance, for men – men above 30 years. But before I go further, it is important to note that the scope of this piece is of men who know and are alive to their responsibilities. That is, men who know they have responsibilities to meet and who work hard to meet them (atleast most of them). The opposite of these men are those who do not care, men who would sit down and watch others perform their responsibilities or watch it consume them and their loved ones. This kind of men are not the concern of this piece.

To be scientific and empirical in my findings, i sampled the opinion of some of my male friends and acquaintances (men who are 35 years and above) to find out their experiences on this matter. And my findings show that there is a Siamese-twin-like relationship between a RESPONSIBLE man’s bank balance and his sexual libido/performance. How so? When a responsible man cannot meet his and his dependants needs (not wants), he is often not geared towards sexual encounters with his woman. Why so? Because his mind is worried (he feels less of a man) and science tells us that there is a connection between the mind and sex. Conversely, when a responsible man is able to meet most of his responsibilities per time, he is always agile and ready to go. A responsible man’s responsibilities cuts across his parents, siblings, wife, children and relatives. Isn’t this why it is said that to be a (responsible) man is not easy?

Now, as long as we live in this world, no man would ever be able to always meet all of his responsibilities all of the time but if he can meet most of them, particularly his responsibilities towards providing the basic needs of food, shelter and clothing for himself and his dependants (parents, wife, children, siblings, etc) he is likely to effectively ‘represent’ and satisfy his woman in za oza room. This of course becomes true when you consider all things as being equal – that is, when his low sexual libido/performance is unconnected to issues relating to untreated sexual infections and other reasons that may be spiritual.

The lesson in this finding is that women; particularly girlfriends and wives, must pray for the success of their boyfriends and husbands because it is in their prosperity and in their ability to meeting their open responsibilities of house rents, school fees, feeding, etc that often than not, they can consistently be able to excellently perform their secret responsibility to their women in the bedroom. Search me but no RESPONSIBLE man would always be sexually active and ‘in-form’ when he is worried about unpaid house rent, food for his wife and children, school fees for the children, inability to fend for his old parents or not achieving his professional ambitions. This is the truth and women must be understanding and helpful by praying for their men and also learning to financially support their men in his responsibilities to them, the children and others.

© Chad Otsapa



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Last week, Deji Adeyanju; one of the many self-annointed ‘activists’ in Nigeria (some of us know Mr. Deji to be a PDP member and one of that political party’s poster and attack boys) came out of two months detention in police custody to inform us that his friend, fellow ‘activist’ and Convener of the Our Mumu Don Do pressure group; Charly Boy, collected money, prior to the 2019 presidential election, from Festus Keyamo (SAN); the Spokesman for the Buhari Campaign Organization, to make a diss song titled “Another Guy Man Wan Enter” against Alhaji Atiku Abubakar; PDP’s ‘defeated’ presidential candidate in the February 2019 Nigerian General Elections.

Charly Boy agreed that this happened – but that he was being paid for his ‘intellectual property’ as a musician and that in the song, he also dissed Festus Keyamo’s boss; President Buhari – so it was not a personal attack on only Atiku and the PDP. In an interview with RootsTV Nigeria (the video is available on YouTube), Charly Boy confidently and while licking his lips, told Nigeria that Festus Keyamo paid heavy money for the song, in NINE FIGURES. Wow!!! Yes, NINE!!! So, what Festus Keyamo; who Charly Boy referred to as his boy in the interview, paid him for A SONG is a figure between N100,000,000 and N999,000,000. Now, this song is less than 10 minutes and to be paid such a huge amount by a political party’s campaign organization in a third world country like Nigeria is a very, very good business for Charly Boy. And boy, there are many Charly Boys in Nigeria and in the states.

In the same interview, Charly Boy; the self-proclaimed Area Father of Nigeria, went further to, amidst smiles and whilst fondling with his 10 ‘diamond’ rings placed in each finger, told us that Deji Adeyanju who is now shouting and the one who exposed the ‘business’ transaction between him and Festus Keyamo (there is a leaked audio tape about this) did so because he (Charly Boy) refused to (immediately) share the money with him (Deji). These two men are individuals ‘fighting’ for the rights of Nigerians and for the betterment of the country through enlightening ordinary citizens on our MUMU (for readers who are not Nigerians, “mumu” is a word used to describe a foolish and stupid person) and how it is costing us dearly.

True, Nigerians have been mumus for so long seeing how several leaders have primitively stolen from local, state and federal treasuries in broad daylight while we watch them like zombies. In Nigeria, the most thriving industry where you’d invest N10 today and harvest N1000000 the next day is politics. All you need do is contest an election, rig and manipulate the result so you’d win and boom, you have unrestricted and unlimited access to wealth. And my dear, if you believe that Nigerian businessman Aliko Dangote is the richest man in Nigeria and Africa, your own mumu now has a Ph.D. See eh, there are many politicians in Nigeria who are richer than Mr. Dangote – and this is so because the mumu, the foolishness of millions of Nigerians is legendary. Why so? We are easily deceived and cowed into silence by leaders so we rarely demand for accountability, fairness, justice and responsibility from them. In Nigeria, citizens (the employers and the custodians of power, authority and legitimacy) are afraid of their leaders (the employees) instead of the other way a round. Here, citizens are obediently, fabulously and extraordinarily mumu.

Before you get angry with me for referring to us (myself included) as mumus, think about it. It is our acknowledged and known mumuness that would make a Festus Keyamo (obviously representing his principal; President Muhammadu Buhari) to pay such a huge sum of money (Charly Boy called it HEAVY MONEY) for a song, in a country where poverty, starvation, homelessness and rising job losses and unemployment are lived realities of millions of its citizens, a country globally recognized as the world headquarters of abject poverty. It is our collective mumuness that ensures that (Festus Keyamo and leaders know how mumu we are) after this kind of damning revelation, we carry on as if nothing has happened. In other countries, this kind of discovery would push citizens out to the streets to demonstrate – but because the average Nigerian is a mumu, we go say “it is well”. Ah, Nigerians – we are a religious mumu bunch.

Charly Boy (and many others like him) are becoming richer from dealing with government (states and federal) – because they know that the monies they are paid for doing these ‘jobs’ for the government is far more than the service rendered. Why? It is “Shut-Up Money”. See eh, it is only in a mumu country that a political diss song (a song many Nigerians have not even listened to) would be so handsomely (and beautifully) rewarded by an ‘ordinary’ campaign organization. Where did Festus Keyamo get that money from? If you do not know that it is from the federal treasury (our money oh) that he FETCHED it from, your own mumu has just Usain Bolted into madness. With this revelation, can we still say that President Muhammadu Buhari has integrity or argue that Mr. President was unaware of this deal between Festus Keyamo and Charly Boy?

Kai!!! Nigeria is officially a mumu country. Google and Wikipedia, take note.

© Chad Otsapa

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Jussie Smollett says he’s going to “fight for equality.” Isn’t it now clear that some people are more equal than others? So here he is continuing to portray himself as a victim. You see, folks, this stuff doesn’t end. You think that you win something real big like the Mueller report coming out, and then in only a few […]

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Who else remembers that primary school book that narrated the story of Owie the Flute Player? As I still remember, the story was told of how a certain Owie was the best flute player in his village and in surrounding villages – such that he was respected and revered just as the king of his village and others. No important ceremony in his village or surrounding villages is complete without Owie’s presence and performance. And whenever kings and queens were angry or sick, they only needed to listen to Owie play his flute and boom, happiness and wellness is restored. Yes, Owie was that ‘importanter’.

One day, superstar Owie decided to test his importance and how much his people love him, even though these was never in doubt. He planned with his wife (she tried unsuccessfully to stop him) to pretend that he had died. On D-Day, na so Owie’s wife begin weep uncontrollably and everyone, including the king, rushed to their residence where she told them, amidst torrents of tears, that Owie is dead. This SAD news threw the king and the villagers into mourning such that everyone refused to eat, drink or go to the farm and market. The king tore his royal rope in anguish and wept uncontrollably. Meanwhile, Owie was hiding pretty in the bush and his wife would go feed and update him of how much the king and the villagers miss him, of how they wont eat or drink or farm. He was happy and felt very important.

After some days, Owie strolled into the village and as expected, the king and the villagers were so happy to know he is alive such that the king threw a feast in his honour and of course, Owie played his flute like never before. Everyone was very happy and they danced until their clothes tore. Life returned to normal with Owie’s return and everywhere was stew. The king also increased Owie’s wages to ensure that he is very comfortable. But after some months, Owie (still against his wife’s warning) decided to fake his death again and as expected, the king and the villagers were thrown into another rounds of tears and sadness. Life without Owie the Flute Player is unimaginable. And as before, after some days Owie resurfaced and boom, happiness and laughter was restored. Yes, Owie was like a god.

But yet again, and for the third time, Owie (still against his wife’s pleas and advice) faked his death. Ah, the king and every villager were once again thrown into uncontrolled weeping, sadness and unhappiness. No one ate, drank or went to the farm and market. Husbands refused to touch their wives at night and wives wouldn’t have opened up even if they attempted. This was how much Owie the Flute Player was revered in his village and environs. As before, the king tore his purple royal ropes. But while Owie’s disappearing acts were happening, one young boy was learning how to play the flute. Owie was his mentor and all along, he’s been SECRETLY learning from Owie (because Owie wouldnt teach anyone his unique skills). This boy told himself that he wants to be like the influential Owie when he grows up.

And while Owie was still hidden in the bush this third time and basking in the news that the king and villagers are sad and unhappy over his THIRD ‘demise’, a big occasion was to take place in the village and the services of a very good flute player was needed. Oh, how they miss Owie!!! Several flute players from the village and surrounding villages were sampled but none came kilometers close to Owie. Owie’s wife went to the bush to beg Owie to return seeing how important the event is to the king and the villagers, but he refused reveling in the TRUTH that they could not find anyone as good as he is. One day, he was still in the bush when a very sweet-sounding, euphonious, slivery, melliflucious melodic sound hit his ears. Hell, that is not Owie playing na? Who else can be so good like Owie or better sef? Hell, who can rival Owie? Ah, Owie decided to go see for himself oh.

He hurriedly, but still hiding, walked back to the village where he saw the king and the villagers very happy and dancing to the flute of this new flute player – and as they danced, they chorused saying “Owie is dead and we miss him but God has given us a young boy who is many times better than Owie”. Owie couldn’t bear listening to the praises of someone else, no least a boy, and so he jumped out from where he was hiding and seized the flute from the boy; the same boy who had secretly learnt how to play the flute like him. Owie apologized to the king and the villagers and told them that he is not dead and that he can play the flute better than this SMALL boy. But this time, the king and the people told him to go back to wherever he came from because for them, he is dead and God has replaced him with someone who is many times better than he ever was. Owie was thus banished from his village – and of course his wife refused to go with him. Hehe.

Truth is, today you may be the most important person where you are – but don’t kid yourself, you are replaceable and the person who replaces you can be many times better than you. Some husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, CEOs, Presidents, Governors, colleagues, friends, etc behave like Owie because they believe they are irreplaceable, they believe nothing works until they are around. Hey big head, Andrew Carnegie was once the world’s richest man just as our amiable Mr. Bill Gates is no longer the world’s richest man. Friends, do not allow pride and an EXAGGERATED feeling of importance make you lose your position in people’s lives, government or institution. Sir/ma, humility is a virtue and if you no get am, it is not too late to begin learn am. Refuse to be like Owie the Flute Player. Refuse to take people for granted.

© Chad Otsapa

RELIGIOUS CRISIS:Balancing The Reports

The social media and most news outlets are to be blamed for fanning embers of religious intolerance all over the world, thereby shirking the responsibility of neutrality and balanced report on the part of the press.

The recent Christchurch killing in New Zealand was portrayed as a Christian versus Islam war.One mentally deranged person cannot represent millions of Christians all over the globe.Just like the deadly Boko Haram sect cannot be seen to represent the whole gamut of what Islam represents.

In the aftermath of the bombings of the Twin Towers of the Trade Center, numerous shootings in American schools, suicide bombings etc, people irrespective of religious beliefs resoundingly condemned these mindless killings and destruction in one voice.

The press owes the duty to report objectively.But these days sentiments becloud reportage where religious killings are concerned.The BBC and VOA (especially the Hausa services) devoted more time reporting  the Christchurch killings of 50+ Muslims and hardly mentioned the massacre of hundred of Christians in Southern Kaduna and Michika in Adamawa State both in Nigeria.

Every life is precious.Christianity and Islam preach Peaceful coexistence and tolerance It is our duty to come together and stoutly condemn these killings.Some, if not most, of them are politically motivated.

When we do not balance the narratives, we end up pitching ourselves one against the other. The Muslim feels the pain his Christian brother feels whenever there is this kind of upheaval.I can not bring myself to hate my Muslim brother because a Muslim man bombed a church.

It is saddening that the SOCIAL media which ought to get us closer to one another are now being used to foster and bolster acrimony and disharmony. I shudder whenever I come across hate speeches posted by Christians whose religion preaches love; or the threat being issued by Muslims to avenge the death of murdered Muslims instead of finding solution to douse tensions and frayed nerves.

Essentially, it must noted that we do not all posses the same intellectual capacity. Therefore, absolute care must be applied in disseminating news items that relate to religious skirmishes.Christians and Muslims must learn to live harmoniously.The world is big enough for all if us.If God hates a particular religion, He has the power to obliterate it by wiping it off the face of the earth.

©William Warigon