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Sap Rising Promising A leap of faith The world takes a breath Standing on summer’s brink Small voices poised untested Rehearse a vernal orison A chorus of anticipation Tweeting in exuberant harmony A riotous celebration of hope Emerging from the frozen shadows Child of cold winter’s marriage bed Cherry blossom candy floss Carnival of colour […]

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The woman of my life – By Sachi Panda

The day starts and ends as usual
Certain things refuge to change
Since years have remained the same
Evening comes night deepens
Moon too hids its face behind the clouds
Nocturnal birds too stop to chirp
But A pair of eyes that never blink
Till I finish my dinner before I sleep
The days wrangled nerves get respite
With the lips that is always eager to wish
My safe and guarded return
Thank God..! You are home before the storm
The soothing Balm.. a trembling palm
A sweet whisper an assurance calm
Always carry a heavenly smear
Don’t worry…! I am here..
Lingering pain do get the healing grace
Restlessness eludes the sombre face
Deluge n dizzle with Divine wraps
Throbes of heart beat loud and thrash
hope and anxiety some nervous clash
If it finds that, am in any peril
Nothing interests her no worldly thing
I do bow before that sublime soul
A spark that completes my life as a whole
Blessed I am to have the ceaseless Inspir
In many form and defined role
To be there and always around with
I swear .. without you
Am horribly incomplete

©Sachi Panda

Let Me Lead You Home -By Kezang Dawa


Let me lead you to the
home of my heart,
Even though we have got
thousand miles to cover.
I’ll carry you on my back.
Till you reach at my home.
Let me hold your hands
Then I will beg you for sorry.
I know i have hurt you
Beyond your heart can resist
But, I am extremely sorry
For making you cry alone.
I saw you were crying
Under shed of a lonely tree,
With holding my Image in tear
Why you’re crying beside broken
Why is that you can’t find
Another man far better than me,
Now I’m no more your boy
I belong to some other girl,
I can’t stop loving her,
She is extremely beautiful
Only my new queen
dwell in my castle heart,
You can go somewhere
Find someone else,
Get into learn to yourself
How to forget me
from your heart,.
Love is difficult to handle
Then love is often breaking apart,.
Like sudden evelench
Let me lead you till my home
Just to show prove to you
For my heart belong to other
Never weep for me again
I’m not interested anymore
You can enjoy your night
With whom you’ve slept with,
I can’t accept your pardoned
Since you are meant to bitch
Who you don’t have faithful
Let’s depart from today,
I haven’t forgotten yet
What you did with other man
Our last relationship ends hare
Bidding farewell,
With lots of sad tears fall,.
Time to close our last chapter
With sad departure with full of tears.

This poem is purely a work of creative poet’s imagination. Nothing personal. Just post for fun reading. No hard feelings.. La

Kezang Dawa
All copyrights reserved ©
A wonder poet from Bhutan.


A Poem By The Incomparable Nancy Ndeke

Draw me a picture,
Do me a favor,
Blur the shades,
Mix the brush,
Separate the paint,
Against the sunset,
Splash darkness,
Against sunrise,
Scatter blackness,
It’s my kind of picture,
It supplements my stature,
For I have come to know hunger,
The only companion of my tummy,
For I have wedded death,
It’s my morning news,
For I have engaged pain,
It’s my elusive lover,
Draw me a picture,
Put it up the my missing wall,
Let the wind dangle it,
It’s an emblem,
A totemic muse for dark poetry,
A landmark memento,
That luck can be lack,
Draw me a picture,
Some tourist may see it,
And pay you for the shocking details,
Shock is good for business,
Of rights campaigners,
To shove a little dust over the shallow grave,
Where my weightless remains,
Shall soon add the needed manure,
To the deserted desert,
Where upon a gray evening,
Paid mourner’s will hurriedly dispense with my nuisance existence,
Draw me a picture,
Draw me a picture,
At least through the camera lenses,
My swollen bruises,
Shall not contaminate your excellent civility,
Draw me a picture dear,
Some day,
A saint may tell the story,
Of a static story,
Long killed by negligence,
Of a brother to a brother.
Nancy Ndeke.


COURAGE -By Mohammed Erfun Amin

Courage is the freedom of
our mind, body, and soul!

Courage is the best power
to step forward and lead.

Courage is the strength to
stand up for rights of all

Courage is the best impro-
vement in the human’s life.

Courage improves humanity,
unity in the brain of human.

Mohammad ErfunAmin
(c) Aung Myint Tun
All copyrights reserved.
(2/3/2019) Saturday


PANDORA’S BOX – By James Cunningham


Pandora’s Box (Fantasy)

The box itself was alluring,
While tempting her every moment.
Curiosity was stirring,
A humanistic bestowment.

Seemingly she was drawn to it,
She had to see what was inside.
The warning she could not forget,
Although, her resistance soon died.

Innocent life still existed,
If the box opened it would end,
But the temptation persisted,
Like in a dream she would descend.

She looked at the box for a while,
The temptation growing stronger.
Either way, it would be worthwhile,
But she could not wait much longer.

From the box omen’s would arise,
Bringing despair and death to man.
Famine and pain would traumatize,
They weren’t meant to be in the plan.

In the end, a little hope rose,
Quickly spreading across the land.
Mankind’s hearts began to transpose,
Hope helped Pandora understand.

James F. Cunningham © 02.21.2019

Sonnets: Sucking her breast — An e-Paper Poetry of Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

When a mother carries her child She carries him like a treasure found. Picture me, giggling, all that time When I was little; yes, she is mine. Restless I was, guess she knew it Hence, she striped herself so I have it Private and public demands; ah Was I a child who abash her? No […]

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Poems by Tyran Prizren Spahiu — Galaktika Poetike “ATUNIS”

©Tyran Prizren Spahiu —All Rightd Reserved

Poems by Tyran Prizren Spahiu

PASSION I am awaken eyes wander into the blue of the sky, dressed in white I see the silhouette in a fiery dance. Angels descending her through the air stairs the path, only for the young lady, named wizard girl escorted is by the reddish stars. Light as a […]

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Life of a madman — Poems by VinX

Those people you see along the street In drivel, roaming from west to west Dressed to kill, in the worst of rags Naked or clothed, holding torn bags. Those people the Sane prescribe brains Don’t fail to reason beyond the chains. The poison that kills the mentally stable Nourishes and reticulate their cables Looking at […]

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[Meandering Forever] — Ricardo Sexton

(Ours). The one powerful river It’s a tower, our only caretaker And it’s the solo greatest giver But, it’s also the ultimate taker We sail across it (all our lives) But, never quite reach its end Within its boundless archives It holds all the time we spend ‘Twins’ to unavoidable twists Both inseparable, yet parallel […]

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