“Unimaginable Horrors” in Libya’s Migrant Detention Centers — HUMAN WRONGS WATCH

Human Wrongs Watch By Daniel Yang* UNITED NATIONS, Jun 28 2019 (IPS)* – For over 10,000 migrants fleeing to Libya from war and violence, their fate often comes down to the mercy of human traffickers or the dark unknown awaiting in detention centers. . The northern shores of Libya – the largest departure point for […]

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Xenophobia: Two Nigerians hacked to death in South Africa — INFORMATION NIGERIA

Two Nigerians have been stabbed to death in South Africa, according to latest reports. Goziem Akpenyi and Bonny Iwuoha, were killed in the wake of a newly awakened xenophobic attack in Johannesburg and Cape Town on Friday and Saturday. The murders were confirmed by Odefa Ikele, assistant public relations officer, Nigeria Union in South Africa…

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My heart weeps in sorrow
For all that you’ve been through
Like my own country
Foreign invaders robbed us too
Of gold, goods and dignity.
History is done and can’t be undone
Let’s look forward for renewed enthusiasm
With the power of our choice and will
We shall with our effort be best to win
The fight for life and dignity.
Let poetry be an instrument
To safeguard our kind hearts and wise mind
Where are the men the fortress of the land
who will defend
Wish they won’t undress the women
Rather with loving care
Clothe them in respect
never leave them to be abused,
misused and overused
We women are subjects
to be cherished and loved
Not objects to be sipped of nectar,
abused and thrown
and burned as refuse.
Poetry! Oh Poetry!
May your voice be overheard!
In the four corners of the earth
Save us our women, mothvers and children
For future generation!
© felizruiz.11.12.2017