FFK: A vulgar striker on transfer By Prof. Bolaji Akinyemi

FFK: A vulgar striker on transfer.

By Bolaji O. Akinyemi.

Politics like football or soccer as Americans will call it, has seasons when stars are open to transfer from club to club. This is usually a season their handlers must seek to strengthen their team in their areas of weaknesses with the view to have a competitions’ winning team.

Political atmosphere in Nigeria is at such a time now, and parties are doing their best to get not the best of skillful legs but of razor tongues who can inflict deep injuries on political opponents. This, the APC has taken advantage of, to sign on the most deadly tongue in political propaganda in Nigeria. Unlike football which is played with legs, politics is a trade of tongues!

There are highly rated tongues in Nigeria political turf, exhibiting top rated verbal skills. Stars, like Festus Keyamo who is in a class by himself in strategic communication, Lai Mohammed, a midfield maestro having the ability to assist the attacking lines with passes for deadly strikes, his recovery in counter attacks to fall back in defense to dispossess opponents of ball is commendable, but the “Otooge” exponent is of the ACN stuck in APC. His position at present is a threat to the CPC component. Though PDP may never recover from the damages done to her by Lai led verbal team, FFK is needed to take his place. Do I need to talk about the Big Joe Igbokwe, Femi Adesina, Garba Shehu, etc? The list goes on.

The challenge before Muhammadu Buhari is how to make good the promise not to end his presidency a failure, and his agenda on this is clear, the grazing routes must be recovered for the Fulani race. Rail line must be built from Kano to Niger Republic to complement the Refinery already built there. Though this may look like a waste of Nigeria’s resources generated mainly from Southern Nigeria, but these projects for me, are not enough to say thank you to the people and Governors from Niger Republic who turned out emmass to show their solidarity to one of their own during his last presidential campaign in Kano.

Femi Adesina’s attempts at selling the grazing route science, and ruga technology couldn’t fly in the south west. His verbal jab, “your ancestral land or your life”, was too “fodiolically” offensive for the sophisticated people of the South West!

Good, as the stars studded APC side may look, none on their list comes near prolific Femi Fani Kayode in verbal vulgarity. He is in the class of blasphemous Pharisses, whom Jesus best describes as brood of vipers! The strength of a viper is its poisonous tongue!

Nobody in the talking trade in Nigeria comes near him in rating, FFK is the only liar I know who neither stammers nor blinks in action. His smooth talk and fluency will blow up any lie detector’s fuse. The only antidote to FFK is don’t listen. Listening to him on this latest movement on Channels TV with Seun Okinbaloye, I can’t but pity Nigeria and Nigerians for Balak the king has hired Balaam the prophet! A verbal spell is unleashed against the masses. This concluded deception, only God can deliver our gullible population from.

FFK is better on your bench than to have him playing against you. The trauma of this, made PDP to beg the spy of our oligarchy in power to stay, so he can play all qualifying games ahead of 2023 on their side but the offer from APC said it all, it is time to come out of hiding, back to the home he joined them to build in 2013! “Orí ade kíi sún si ajo”, a prince must not be buried in a strange land.

Don’t be surprised if FFK is given a portfolio in the cabinet reshuffle that may happen soon. This administration is indeed in need of one who can betray secessionists’ agenda, I doubt if any betrayal of tribe, east, west, south south, or middle belt can beat uncle FFK to this rating!

FFK loves life on the juicy side. This of course has sealed this deal. According to him, he was one of those who formed APC in 2013!

In my first article on him, “FFK: the spy who fooled us”, I was determined to unveil the masquerade called FFK, but fathers in the Lord whose influence in the kingdom were too huge to ignore, called me and requested that Femi should be treated like a brother who is fighting in defense of faith, though I stated my reservations about their conclusion, but gave in to the plea. Today, I stand vindicated!

Though, I was compelled to come out of my shell earlier in the year, when FFK first touted his desire to return home when he visited Yahaya Bello the Governor of Kogi State, I did, under an article titled; Femi Fani-Kayode: Our Fooling Spy And His Crossover Night”.

That FFK is a spy, his old friend Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who was captured outside Nigeria, Igboho his new friend who broke down in tears for fear of Government move against him, was parted on the lap by FFK whom he promised never to leave, should be able to tell!

The same house where FFK visited him was raided by DSS. Sunday Igboho is yet to be visited by FFK since he was arrested in Republic of Benin! Please, if FFK comes knocking on your front door, bolt it firmly and run away through the back door, he was a forerunner of Igboho’s calamities!

Who else but a spy, can be in a party and yet be instrumental to negotiating the exits of Governors who are leader of his party to the party in power? He boastfully recounted his exploits, “There are many people in PDP who want to come to APC, I was there, like a champion pointing to his trophy, he beckoned on the reporters to confirm his efforts that translated Matawale from PDP to APC. It was him who seduced Ben Ayade to come to APC dinning table and of course he converted the Chairman of the South East Governor from PDP to APC, and this happened while FFK was the PDP one man warrior against APC! Who could have fooled his party in this manner except a spy?

Ironically, PDP have little or nothing to worry about, Femi can’t do more damage to them than already done while he was a mole in their camp.

This star was “signed” to bench some stars who may be speaking for ACN in a CPC controlled APC. It is to this divide that Joe Igbokwe who is crying, “despite my push for APC, Abuja has neither called me to appreciate me, nor invite me for coffee with the C-In-C, this party only rewards traitors”! Uncle Joe, please hold on to your ACN given gutter job, for Femi is back home to send all fellows who are strangers in APC bed relationship packing.

A Yoruba adage says, “ile tó bá tọrọ, ọmọ àlè ibè ni ó tii dàgbà.” Meaning, if a family is at peace, it is because the bastard in the family has not grown.

This transfer scenario is nothing but the maturity of a family bastard back home to claim his rights, the future will certainly be rough for every member of the family!

There are others who in the estimations of their handlers are possibly over pricing themselves by aiming to be the valuable captain of APC team as presidential candidates. Such persons better prepared for this storm in the tea cup of their presidential ambition. May it not break their cup and spill their tea. Rotimi Amechi should begin to articulate in his hand over note. The only person in PDP who probably should be worrying is the Governor of Benue State. Samuel Ortom should be ready for FFK, while watching his back for Akume who may have a new portfolio for the sake of Benue mission!

Femi left no one in doubt of his assignments and of the terms and conditions of engagement. FFK was not brought into APC to do damage against political opponents but to fight from inside; “I will not renege from my core values but will fight from inside the party to have them established”, though he mentioned some of his “values”. But, please, ask yourself, what are the values you can relate Uncle Femi Fani Kayode with?

Coming out of his sign on ceremony at the Presidency, he mentioned the need to “fight foreign elements who want us to go to war killing one another, this is what informed my coming to see the President”. International alliances of the Yoruba nations’ agitators leading to successful protests around the world is expected to come under FFK verbal attack. He confirmed our suspicion of his physiological state of mind, when he communicated clearly, he is least worried about people of conscience who may be bordered about his past vulgarity against the President and APC. Our brother said we can’t hold him down to anything he has said in the past. Could this be what his hand shake with Pantami, a man that has risen above the deeds and sayings of his past, was meant to communicate? If Pantami can’t be held accountable for crimes inciting speech of terror against individuals and by extension, the State, why should FFK become a slave to his sayings in the past against a political party?

It is important for me to state that FFK must have been brought in to do vulgar damage to the ambition of Pastor Tunde Bakare who is being led by the Holy Spirit to become the President of the Federal Republic. Now that FFK has been led also by a “holy” spirit, the day ahead may be rough for PTB. He will be told by this new spirit man to stay out of politics and face the more profitable things of the Kingdom.

The Jephtah named at the Citadel should be ready for insults hauling. What is coming will make late Yinka Odumakin’s revelation of the Jagaban a child’s play. As for the Vice President, FFK will be a brutal attacking machine against a politically naive pastor and gentleman in politics!

Gumi must have been visited by the spirit that led FFK to APC when he accurately prophecied about what is to come, that FFK is the Judas of the Yoruba nation. This engagement is about the need to stop the agitations for Yoruba Nation, and possibly Yoruba Presidency which is majorly the aim of politicians behind the scene. One thing is clear he will justify his sign on with verbal assaults on whoever is unlucky to be on his list. Unfortunately for FFK, “bibire ni iyì ọmọlúwàbí”, meaning to come from a decent family is the honor of integrity. To the Yoruba nation, decency is not in his DNA nor integrity part of his core values. Our elders went further to say, “Ibí a bí ní kó tó ká tún rà ẹni bi” meaning to be born is not as important as to reborn one’s self. On both, Femi Fani Kayode is a drop out.

This transfer of course is a good sell for PDP and a bad buy for APC! “Spokesmanship” is not just about eloquence and wit of words, but about content of what is being said and the character of who is saying it!

Nigeria once had a football star, who had in him the skills of Okocha combined with the speed and strength of Amokachi. It was that star who redeemed us from the yoke of Cameron’s defeat at Adamasingba Stadium. But, for his lack of character, he couldn’t make it close to those he graciously combined their graces, in career. Charisma is good, but character is everything! What APC can make out of a man with charisma without character only the future can tell.

Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi, an Apostle, with focus on revival and revolution, the BID as he is fondly called is also a strategic communicator.

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Email: bolajiakinyemi66@gmail.com



I saw sweet rose smile
Humble heart jumped in agile
Oh ! Materialistic world and unending fears
Divine eyes get pleasure in pure tears
I’m the son of nature ; she holds my hand with care
Cowards escape from hardships ;
Fighting braves with dare
Soft nature teaches us to balance in all circumstances
He’s with us believe in his fragrance
Let me freely feel her eternal peace and prosperity
Rose is her eeerie creation
Inner peace gets strength from motivation
Sweet soft roses smile
Heart dance with universe in agile

COURTESY : @Lilliana Christiansen

SARAFINA By Moses Chibueze


The winds refused to blow,
They had gone thick with mist, fog, guilt and abominations
One could no longer see tomorrow
Some could no longer see at all

The sun had refused to rise
It lay in the far west, covered with depression
The stench of thick blood pervaded the air
Parents had offered their children in appeasement

Vengeance lay thick in the air
Refusing to be pacified
The eerie cries of the innocent ones haunted the living
The land of the living had become a ghost town

The noisy silence was preposterous
Every skin crawled as they waited for the unknown
Gloom darkened the grey skies
They needed to pay and pray for their sins, tomorrow lay far away

All kneels bent from the impact of the heavy burdens buried in their hearts
Enemies became friends, this moment was crucial
Hands jointed, they wailed for mercy
With blooded eyes, they rolled on the ground
They were deeply pained and sorry

From a little corner in the horizon
Burst out a ray of silver light
The intensity gradually increased as it became a fiery ball of fire
Balls of non-consuming silvery fire lightened the sky with a glory that brought tears to the eyes

The fiery ones have arrived
Burning with glory that intimidates the sun
Their goodness healed the sun as it rose gallantly
The wind roared in excitement

The nights of nightmares are finally past
The sun and people that were overcast
… help at last
Freedom at last




Every night I meet your spectrum,
And I say: “O days of my loved one, come back!
I’d tell the inks of my genius pen,
What had happened after your departure.

I’d tell the moonlighted night,
’bout the true evidence that appears in my tears.
I am the victim of your beauty,
Who walks stoically on Earth with griefs.

In every corner I see your memory present,
Like a tattoo in the arms that doesn’t absent.
Your love will still be protected in my ribs,
Like engraving in rock that doesn’t hide its features.

If I live, may eternity bring us together,
And if I die, may your love stay with in my grave.


S H E By Rajashree Mohapatra

She …

She will return, Yes she has to.
No wonder if she is so expelled out from amongst the debrises
Of her graveyard
And if at all she errupts out unlike a volcanic lava
By tearing the breast of her mother earth
No matter also if she would radiate from the faded colors
Of the desert flowers,
Yet she must come hoisting her
Dazelling eventual glory as before.

Definitely she will ably pick up and reconstruct her dreams
In this tangled society,
Where in all etiquette are affixed to a waxed chamber
And set ablazed under everyone’s nose.
She will of course snatch the colors of the rainbow from a rainy sky
And create a heptagonal hued periphery
To safely breathe within.

All along she has sprinkled you,
With the nectar of her womb,
In a quite reverence, undauntingly
She has embraced you many a times with firm hugs
But with a tremulous smile on her parched lips.

How could you just forget those palms
Which have cared you
And built you as you are now
Inhailing the earthly pains?

How you dare to doubt her morality in adjudging
Your immolated hunger, monostrous thirst
And your archaic pain
Those stay appended to you as your portentous shadow
In every moment of your molten existence?

Beyound all, it is strange but true
That there can exist no more a safe home
Other than the womb
For you man your descendants
And thus

O ! dear a woman’s child,
Remember that you are born unto the ambrosia of heaven,
Urge yourself to sprinkle it all around you
O ! eternal Man !

SUNRISE By Thomas Peretu

in a graveyard

who said the rainbow is not a galaxy of distractions? the rolling stars of my brotherhood are embroiled in a conflict of confidence. the war is littered in a book by Pablo da vinci.

my heart is a troubled world fitted into a grazing field. when tomorrow comes to the abattoir of thoughts, will you find a river in the stately mansion built in the middle of a lonely sea?

i will
lift my oranges
in tears of laughter

my mind is a construction site full of doctors in her labour room here death is sold for a glass of water.

oh, you probaly know the paradox of my song and my love for the sun. hey, don’t look at my slanted mirror standing at a cross road. i am as confused and as perplexed as a poem

written in the ancient flood

if I lose I lose. if i win the battle and lose the war, it’s your fault; tomorrow is a blameless
fool. afterall this poem is virgin
locked in a pandemic. i am the truth and the lie in a cusrody of a barrel of gun

give me another barrel of oil
and I will change the world
this falsehood is not a dialogue but a diatribe.

so help me recover my mandate



He jumps into the arena of every fray
He would be quick to paint black grey.
He sings like a paid parrot
Just for one measly carrot.

What do we do with this belly democrat
That is all over the place like a busy rat?
Throw him a morsel and your his best friend.
Next time he meets your enemy, he’d put end
To the weather friendship he was effusive about.
His stead is wavy and his ilk know his next turnabout.

Bring him to us like a cadaver.
Let us inject some common senses in his brain.
If only we could his shame cover,
We would make him repent, this wrecked train.

©️William Warigon

DEFECTION By Armstrong Zugu


Vultures amidst plentitude
Of sunken souls and carcasses
Haul and maul clockwise
In the guise to help the people
Change! Their slogan and motto.

Then, discord among Cyclops
Fierce, famished and aggrieved
Rotation turned anticlockwise
The same vultures now proclaim;
Power to the people.

Gullible masses now throng
With shrill voices and solos
They sing encomiums and anecdotes
To hitherto despised vultures
A routine of the vanquished.

Horror stricken, agape I query
Is it the defection or insanity?

RELATIONSHIP with Dr Bhawna Gautam

Are you giving enough time and attention to your relationship?

When we decide to be together, we commit to be with each other and be there for each other. This usually doesn’t happen in every relationship. At times, people get so involved in themselves and their own desires that they ignore their loved ones.

There are times when some people forget that they have a responsibility towards their relationship, rather they put every responsibility on their partner’s shoulder. They become so occupied in their own world or things they want to do that they completely disregard the other person. When someone ignores your presence, it feels painful but slowly you get so use to that pain, that you no longer feel hurt. You find your own way. Slowly this creates a disconnect between the two.

If you are in a relationship, give your time to them. Relationships are shared responsibility. Your loved one may try many times to be with you but when they feel too heart broken, they may choose to follow their own path.

Dr Bhawna Gautam

#together #relationship #presence #love #connection #responsibility #journey #path

I’M THE BULLET OF WORDS By Asiwaju Abiodun Abdul’azeez

I’m the bullet of words,
the wall-head of literature.

I may be a mixer of ailments
but words ain’t excluded
from every excipient I granulate.

I’m the sound of peace
from the rains of bullets
cleansing the stains of time.

I’m the bullet that waves
in the air without blockade.

When nature demands
for my paints on stony life,
share them the memories
of my attitudinal prints,

share them the words I crested
during the nights of groans,
share them the love I designed
with every colourful ornament
around the vine of heart,

tell them; I’m the bullet of love,
I arrive without notice.
I’m the driver of peace,
tranquility with humility.

©️Copyright Asiwaju Abiodun Abdul’azeez

O R A C L E By Muhammad Haladu Scientist



At my eyes, dawn wave risen
Eventhough stars were gazing
Ghost in pore is chanting
I stand on ice cliff
Mighty pen frown
I crouched on lengthy grass
Brood would be aloofed
I’m in media charisma
To unveiled the capsule seed
Love is agony
I bolted homeland
For your love sim
I entered your land
Where olden sea planted
It seep the chest
When I saw you
A brouhaha creep
Your beauty defined
When the sun eclipse

I built garden glass
With honey trees
Painted with musk
See how the birds deify
I’m glued servant in your palace
As you are aging
Body is petalize
You are my last lass


Attack on NDA: Troops Rescue Major Christopher Datong, Eliminate Score of Bandits.

Attack on NDA: Troops Rescue Major Christopher Datong, Eliminate Score of Bandits.

Major Christopher Datong who was abducted by bandits during a recent attack on Nigerian Defence Academy,NDA Kaduna, has been rescued by troops.

Colonel Ezindu Idimah,Deputy Director Army Public Relations,1 Division, Nigerian Army revealed in a statement Friday night.

According to Idimah, the officer was rescued after troops overpowered the bandits in an exchange of fire.He said, though Major Datong sustained minor injury, he has been treated at a medical facility and handed over to NDA.

The text of Colonel Idimah’s statement reads: “Following the directive of the Chief of Defence Staff and Service Chiefs for 1 Division Nigerian Army in conjunction with the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) and all security agencies to conduct decisive operations to rescue Major CL Datong who was abducted at Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) Permanent Site on 24 August 2021 and find the perpetrators dead or alive, the Division in conjunction with the Air Task Force, Department of State Services and other security agencies, immediately swung into action by conducting operations in the Afaka general area to find and rescue the officer.

“The operations were being conducted based on several leads received from various sources regarding the abductors and likely locations the officer was being held.

“The operations which have been sustained since the abduction of the officer proved quite successful and led to the destruction of several identified bandits’ camps in the Afaka- Birnin Gwari general area and neutralization of scores of bandits particularly, in the late hours of today, 17 September, 2021, the troops arrived at a camp suspected to be the location where Maj CL Datong was being held.

“At the camp, the troops exchanged fire with the bandits (and) overwhelmed them (with) superior fire.

“In the process, the gallant troops were able to rescue the abducted officer.

“However, the officer sustained a minor injury but has been treated in a medical facility and handed over to NDA for further action.

The statement concluded that “The Division wishes to commend the efforts of the NAF, DSS , Nigerian Police and patriotic Nigerians for their invaluable support which contributed to the success of this operation.
Our operations will continue until we capture or neutralize the assailants that killed two (2) officers in the NDA on 24 August 2021.”

Produced by Babalola Sunday Emmanuel