ELEGY ( FOR LOVE ) By Echem John


Culled From My Anthology: Goddess Of Idoto

A shallow pit without brier
All I remember
Of the night of sinister—
Sirens of processive dirges
For epiphany of rot times
The mourner, in black
Weeping in the dark
Sugarplum comeback…
I heard the blubber
Of a lover
Poignant prickles
piercing deep
With proboscis of lost
Slain by swords
Of lying tongues
Buried in a churchyard–the
Where eagles descend
With cruel claws
And ravens too caw
With monotone
That pierces the soul—
Your dirges, on labyrinths
And highways
Painful verses of reverie on
The face—-
You confucius opium
That betrays one for another
And another for another
Let no man puts asunder…
So much joy at birth
Much more pain at death
A song of sorrow paws
The air
Exhumed from the catafalque
Of gloom
Plowing the heart like juju—-
Dissonant eyeballs blinking
At images beyond barricades
Of the beginning
As you are laid to rest
Though lovers blubber restless—

Echem John
@Copyrights reserved

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