When Phil philanders in Philadelphia,
Philomena’s pain perches in pouch of patience.
She swallows hard, dealing with phobia
Of being left alone. She tries hard to keep her essence.

He is the restless sea that shatters her calm.
He returns home with flowers so fresh.
Indecorous dreams he features as a ram
Pursuing skirts and blouses daily afresh.

He returns home with a basket of apologies
And crocodilean tears, hot and aplenty.
With fires in her heart, she forgets his orgies.
A vicious cycle, she must be crazy.

Crazed, indeed is the heart that truly loves.
Regrets are always drowned in the perfume
Of his charms. She is the meek of all doves.
On her worst days, she only tears up and hum.
©️ William Warigon™️
📸 Snatched from FB

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