FRIEND REQUESTS By Sunita Grover Raina


Many accepted friend requests
were nothing but a pain in the neck
With whom was I trying to contest
Now trapped in their disturbing call and beck

All I saw were the mutual friends
and blindly clicked on confirm button
I should have waited till fully contend
Most of them are ‘pass time’ gluttons

They are no poets, they are no readers
just moving in these circles for fun
Actually self ego breeders
who are blindly on the run

I am talking about the male gender
who think females are stupid to trap
I sometimes laugh loudly and wonder
And love giving them tight online slaps

What poems, not even profiles are read
Idiots who need to be taught lessons
A 36 wanting a photo to wed
Age when said, stops chatting sessions

With the first hello in messenger when got
This is my instant direct reply
I fall in the 62 year old slot
They at once in opposite direction fly.

©sunita grover raina2022
Photo credit net

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