Away From YOU! By Shuchi

Away from YOU !
By Shuchi

I strayed away from YOU…
I was lost in fruitless, endevours…
I got entangled in mere mortal trifles
Why did I wander and lose my way…
Along paths so untrue, so fake that forever sway…
Why did I turn my face away
From your guarding , guiding light within me ?
Why did I turn a deaf ear
To YOUR voice , enlightening,, without fear ..
Full of truth, pure divinity …
Speaking so clearly from within ?
Why did I disregard the realization
That none of these material pursuits
Are ever going to serve my purpose ?
That their passions further distance me from YOU ?
Everytime it’s YOU who gives me a blow
To open my eyes again…
To YOUR light , YOUR existence in me !
It’s YOU who then after my utter surrender
My repentance,
Become my saviour too !
Forgive me dear Lord,
I strayed away for long, from YOU !

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