Both are positive divas
That create poetic rivers
The voices emanating from their golden words
Sing tales diverse or alike like Siamese swords

That sweet Kenyan Queen is a philosopher King
To literature’s table so dearth of ideas she brings
Such freshness that adds just panache to sunniness
A true proponent of trumpeting sounds of gladness

The nifty Nigerian quintessential word smith
That wields words better than that Will Smith
Gifts you with tears from her pain
But add smiles in heaps as your gain

When they deign to cook their ideas
In the boiling pot of poetry, my dears
They use such ingredients unknown to prying Angels
When they are done, demons scamper for holy candles

My eyes hunger for their inks
My heart in their thoughts thinks
They are two towers of light in the ocean
Their light illuminates and birth for us,vision
🔵Copyright ©William Warigon 2019(Inspired by Nancy Ndeke and Chichi Alintah)

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