Ah, Your Royal Inkness
I bow to your greatness
You spew out worthy words
That slay like sharp swords

Hear, here, your wealthy words
Pay for me to enter your worlds
And glimpse with awe your ever revolving mind
A kaleidoscope of wit, wisdom in the heart of time

I sit to sip from your rich fountain
That flows with pleasure and pain
Your mirth is like the might of the old gods
Bringing tears of joy fit to fill endless pods

Many are avowed as ardent followers of your magic
Your story followers follow even when they’re tragic
When you run, my wobbly feet find your footsteps
I watch in fascination you weaving words in webs

I am sure saddened you are an island
A hero unsung, by people of your land
But I see your Jimmy Choos on the red carpet
That foreigners lay for you and your pet parapet

Go ahead and continue to be the head
Fortune found you and made you a bed
Lie down without a grain of lie on your lips
A wise man stays even wise when he sleeps

Validation of men makes or mar,never
Your divine crown can never dissever
Sing to the heavens and let thousand thunders roll
Your words stand the test of time, they’ll never fall
🔴Copyright©William Warigon*** 2019(Inspired by Umar Yogiza Jr.)

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