Who Is A Thug?By Philip Mainge

Who is a thug?
A thug is a violent man
An unhappy man
Who steals from his country
Takes money to his churches
All churches!
Thinking God needs money!
God didn’t make money
It is man who made money
Way back in 600 BC!
Now you can read and see
Know that God doesn’t need money
It is only thugs
Political thugs
Who steal public money
Give it as their money
So that you put ’em into power
Political power
Where they steal more money!
Public money
These are thugs
Known thugs
But Baba and Mama aren’t thugs
Once in power
The nation’s political power
They will jail all thieves!
Who needs thieves?
Except Satan!
Lucifer the Satan
A god
Not the real God!
Who put up a Commandment
One of the 10 commandments
Don’t steal
Yet only thugs steal
Using their free will
The Satanic will!
©® Philip Mainge, 28/5/2022

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