THE MOON(Dedicated To Nasiba Babale)By Ubali Ibrahim Hashimu

Dedicated To Nasiba Babale

I see the stars bowing before you,
For your pen has never betrayed you,
Not even slipped out of your palms.

I see the sun asking for your abettance,
For you shine brighter than every ray in its eyes.

I see your mighty pen dancing on blank papers
For your muse is melodious and sweeter than
the chirps of nightingale.

Metaphors, simile, personification and hyperbole,
are all crying for help
For they will be scolded to death in your hands.

Emily Dickinson beseech your favour
For you give birth to literary world.

Stars become not so shiny
Because your eyes dim their light.

Ubali Ibrahim Hashimu
An Infant Poet ✍️✍️
Sat| 28| May| 2022

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