SCINTILLATING SUCCESS By Manthena Damodara Chary & Mildred DJ Par

(a Collab)

O My Spirit, soar high in the sky of sense
Swinging thy wings of virtue for essence
Firmament of fancy offers you rare views
Enrich life’s grandeur with candid reviews.

In each time we soar to heights in the sky
Lofty ideas gain ground in my fictive mind.
God’s grandeur, so magnaninous, I adore
All the world’s creation, divinely endowed.

Each bird identifies its need without greed
Venturing flights for heights for basic feed
It never breeds nagging notions of avarice
Building a nest for rest without any caprice

Bird naturally feed on berries in such delight
Everyday in flight, they never get really tired
They never hold anything for greed, no never
Just simply live each day at a time, sublime.

Pour thy divine melody of heart without fear
Exploring horizons of genial joy for life dear
Vision promotional provisions for multitude
Dedicating thy life to all goals with aptitude

Poetry is my passion, it gives me happiness
So immense, creating a new world of my own
I love to share my poem with others to read
It lifts me up and gives me high, like a need.

Beam thy gleam streaming realm of dream
Realising promises for gaining life’s cream
Sustain all charm through flawless process
Savouring sans stress scintillating success.

©️ Manthena Damodara Chary
India 🇪🇬
©️ Mildred DJ Par

All rights reserved
15 May 2022

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