LOVE IN THE RAIN By Sarala Balachandran


Thundering and lightening
And heavy downpour
She stood in the rain
Without any fear
Just to see him wet
In the rain
His uncombed hair
She loves to ruffle up
And hold him close to her
But where is this
Dream lover of hers
She goes searching
Unable to find him
She is gloomy all the time
She dances in the rain
Fully drenched in love
For this man whom
She has never met nor
Talked but he resides
In her heart throughout
Unable to sleep or eat
She has become an ugly
Duckling wandering
Here and there
Not a tear she sheds .
As she is sure
He will be back to her
Today or tomorrow
She can’t say
She sits in the rain
And writes few poems
Of her love for this man
And the poems got wet
And her superstitious
Mind says he may
Never be back
Just then a tap on her
Awee! he has come back
And both of them
Embraces for the time lost !
A new love affair
Started when it rained
Cats and dogs !

Sarala Balachandran
Photo google

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