Forgiveness is the heart of a mother
Accommodating all mistakes of child
No matter how prodigal, can’t hide
Yet, patient she is, continuous to guide.

Forgiveness is the tolerant ocean
Accommodating all garbages thrown by man
Merging them, purifying again its waters
Calming rages, recycling what is best.

Forgiveness is light of understanding
Allowing the other person to go on living
Knowing it loosen’s one’s feelings, be at ease
Extending the rein, affected not by tease.

Forgiveness is the image of the earth
Seeing all that the people have done
Yet still continue to give with mirth
It reverberates, forgive, there’s no dearth.

Forgiveness is the air of confidence
Proof of human being’s real essence
Giving space to breathe and live with sense
Seeing each other’s genuine magnificence.
(C) Feliz Ruiz.25.05.2018

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