I’m not your sweetheart
Nor are you my lover
Time stretches between us as we stand realms apart..
Like solute and solvent however
We keep dissolving in repentance into each other..
Coalescing peculiar fluid droplets
Forming zillion entangled brush strokes
Of multicoloured Madhubani art..

Reused units of air and gases
Recycled and reincarnated million times over
Into ambiguous feelings and vulnerable emotions..
Sporadic bursts of fire desire and their sensuous silhouettes
Tangoing together like inflamed fantasies..

Uneven bits of cosmic gemstones
Sinking, biting and splitting
The red warmth of earth womb dreams
Coagulating into nothingness..
I call this creation and dissolution…

Copyright ©
Piya Ghosh~27-5-20220

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