W O R D R I U MIt’s time to relive our sunburnt interest
In poring over poured imagination
And rich knowledge found in books.
The wordrium is an enclave
That’s cluttered with wisdom
From parchments and books.
Centuries old knowledge,
Pristinely made into historical treasure…
But they lay waste!
Social media, telephone and television
Have seduced
And reduced us Into internet junkies
Feeding fat on trends
Nictating our brains.
Too hasty, we have trampled upon the
Red blood of rich readership.
Upon its grave’s mud our feet are stuck.
Let’s give vent to the wordrium
And unravel the hidden truths
That are the panaceas to the common cold That had introduced inhumanity
Into our humane communal entity.
Make ink a king and the quill a queen.
“God save the quill”…©️William Warigon™️
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