Think Before You Say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’… By Audu Ufedo Joseph

Think Before You Say Yes or No.

There is no substitute in marrying in God’s will and time. The tragedy is that most people want their own will to prevail against God’s Will.

Most persons are vulnerable when it comes to the issue of marriage, maybe because they think that time is no longer on their side or the economic status of the person asking their hands in marriage.

Thinking before you say yes, the society that we are in today is characterized with all forms of crisis; I can categorically tell you that the foundation of such crisis is from the home.

If there is peace in the home, there will be peace in society and the world at large.

The decision of marriage is not easily revocable so we ought to take caution in the matter related to marriage.

Take cognisance of the following facts before you say yes.
= Try to know the background of the person asking you out. Is he from a polygamous family or not.
= Are his parents still together or divorced.
= what is the religion of his parents; what do they strongly believe in as their saviour.
= What is their present problem and what are they doing about it.
= What is the occupation of the person asking you out?
= Is he in his right sense?
= How is he taking care of himself, is he sure he can add another responsibility to his own.
= Is he still dependent on his parents for decision making?
= Why do he think that he wants to marry now?
= What is his maturity level? How much do he earn?

The above are the basic questions you need to ask him, you must do this intelligently, else, you may push him away because most men hate such questions…

You that is asking, what is your vision in life? How do you think you can help him and your children fulfill destiny…

If you have no role to play in his life, please, allow someone else to do that….

We must not marry anybody that comes our ways… We are meant to deposit a good mark in someone’s life.šŸ˜“

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Ā©Audu Ufedo Joseph

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