You are a treasure trove of wisdom
My dear grey haired hound.
You’ve seen rise of many a Kingdom
You’ve seen many go down.

Bring that your rugged cup
I’ll drink from it without any fuss.
Its contents will lift me up.
I pray to prey on your grey truss.

I know you landed on furrows of hurricanes
And battled the ferocity of the wild sea
With your bare hands. You’d crushed banes
And ate uncooked thunder and banshee.

Your fellow travelers have since kissed the dust
And have become shriveled goodbye.
Anguished noise and warted silence may burst,
But by all that’s iconic, you still fly high.

If I could wear your shoes for a marathon,
I shall wear privilege like a leather belt.
To time, you are have been irritating thorn.
Upon me, I pray, let your wisdom pelt…

©️ William Warigon™️

📸Pic: Abu Abstar Ishaku

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