From the warmth of your womb, my first abode
To the tenderness of your supple hands,
Through the echoes of your melodious lullabies
That conjured my soul to infant sleep,
Like a bud in the morning bloom, I grew.

How can I ever forget this selfless sacrifice?
For like a giant baobab,
You spread your boughs across the open heavens,
Taking the freezing rains and absorbing the scourging sun rays
While I grew under your cool bower.

Strong, brave and courageous,
Like an eagle that hovers over her nestlings;
And like a lioness that fights to protect her cubs
Always ready to give your life for your kids.

When sickness like terror comes to claim my life
Your blood, your all you give to make me whole.
When hunger like a stubborn wizard lashed my bowl,
Like a brooder, you scratched the earth
To fill my soul.

Oh, how I cherish your correctional scolding
And your occasional spanks when I stray
For they mould my very being
And guide my every step.

Now, to your glory,
Let my eulogy flow
Let this pen bleed lines of praise,
Let these lips pour forth worthy panegyrics
And in my bosom let my paean forever ring

To your resilience and courage,
Let my encomiums rain
And let the fruits of your labour be gathered to you.
For you to drink the milk of your calves
And lick the honey of your beehive.

©️From Purity Onyam
26th October 2021.

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