THE SUNSHINE By Madhu Gangopadhyay

The Sunshine!

Blocked mind
Arid, drought!
Ideas elope,
Creativity aborted!
Hopelessness strides!

Noises galore arise
Raging madness within
A poet bereft of ideas,
Despair envelopes,
All metaphors
Trapped in scallops!

Not a word emanate
The quill refuses
To bleed!
No imageries spill!
A traveller in Sahara
Unquenched thirst!
A lost sailor,
In the raging sea
Battling the tempest,
Forlorn, sea sick
As can be!

So lonely in a crowd
Beauty draped in shroud!
Luster lost
Scintillating view
The moon seems
On perpetual hiatus
Sunshine invaded
Fog betwixt!

The applique sky
Shall usher clear
Sunrays scattering
The valley of mind
The cloud and fog
Shall dissolve
Words wud brith,
Fresh verse
Shall rhythm find!


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