Why Are We Drawn To Some People More Than Others?Dr Bhawna Gautam

.Why are we drawn to some people more than others?

It all depends upon how deeply connected with feel with someone. People who have a pure heart and have good intentions always tend to attract us because we get a sense of healing from them.

A person who is true from heart is always be kind, considerate and compassionate. Such people have such a postive aura that, gives you ease and comfort just by looking at them. We may even hardly know them, we can sense the purity in them.

If you want to know a person, understand how you feel about their thoughts. Do you feel connected to them? Do you feel positive being around them? Do you see love and kindness in what they do? Do they treat everyone with respect?

Always remember, when someone is true and pure, you don’t only see their physical body but purity of soul and depth of their heart.

Dr Bhawna Gautam
#pure #thoughts #heart #knd #soul #compassion #true #person #connection #healing

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