WHO OWNS THE EARTH? By Priyanka Banerjee

Who owns the Earth ?

Rocks harder than the crust of earth break the bones of the dancing tribes !
Streaks of light touches their hearts .
Their painted faces unfold the saga of those primitive lives ,
As pure as the fountain spring ,
Yet ,Dark and unexplored !
A foetus knows
how the secrets of midnights
Give birth to solemn truth ,
Shaping up the lives of the leaders , saints ,
Pregnant mistresses or
Jobless bachelors !

The Foetus prefers to die than to be a jobless bachelor ,
Decades later –
Centuries later –
Years after the bloodless Revolution
Or freedom of the nation .
Freedom was gained at the cost of
Lives of loving fathers , mothers , sisters ,
Brothers , leaders ,
Sons ,
Daughters –
Pure , virgin daughters .

Balloons and rainbows and watercolours
appear and then disappear in their Rainsoaked dreams –
They are still fighting for torn clothes ,
Silk ,
Rice ,
Tasted chocolates
Or a bottle of pure water ,
Produced at the cost of lives , lands , purity of earth and
breath !

Are birthday cakes more precious than the conquered lives ?
Fancy dress competitions deconstruct the myth that the earth lacks coal , gold and fire !

Who cares for him or her ?
Who still respects the liars ?
Who is in dire
Need of love , respect , cheap oil or care ?
What is foul and what is fair ?
Who dares
Challenge the discourses
that forcefully enter
Into the minds , psyche , souls
Of fools
Or innocent , floating fairies ,
Searching for light , cloud , vapours , mist , foggy nights
And warm , cozy beds –

Dark bodies donot always love to cherish dark thoughts
Of massacre !
Temporalities of the fluctuating movements of the dancers
Negate the untruth
Of the heartless lovers
Of distorted truth .

Tremors create a new mantra of boldest resilience –
Flags and lyres lead all to the infinite space of silence !
The woods burn slowly creating dense
Smoke –
Roasted flesh is more tasty than rice , rice and rice !
Who still sacrifices
For the rise
Of a nation ?

Bottles of Soda create a new saga of holiness and suspense –

Insanity has become the norm of new life , lived in utter hollowness .

Who owns the earth ?

The Black body
or the dark soul ?

Copyright @ Priyanka Banerjee

Shaping up the lives of the leaders , saints ,
Pregnant mistresses or

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