White Bones and Black Waist – Trauma or Dilemma ?

The show must go on .
The dancers and the Beduins know how the secrets of Split hearts
Can negate the rhythm of the Earth !
The kisses on lips and those shadows of drops of rain
Can absorb the ruthless Cleopatra’s pain .

The setting sun spreads its hue over the Prison cells !
Even imprisonment can destroy sterility of the Soul
That needs to be Resurrected !
Bodies become alive when souls get connected !

Between life and death , Love leads the show that amuses
The eunuchs ,
Who stand as barrier
Between love and lovelessness !
passions triumph over the hollow
Structure of Power !
The sunkissed domes of the land of the mystic
aspire for more freedom
And the last shower !

Freedom of speech can smoothen the lips and the rocks of the domes !
Even the empire of Rome
Was built up at the cost of savage pain !
Rain , rain and more rain
Can soak up the warm bed of sand
Of the lost desert land !

Timelessness has been deconstructing the concept of Time –
Time is ripe for absorbing
a new amalgamation
Of passions
That will breed a new phase of life ,
Bringing the Past , the Present and the Future on one plane !
The Revolutionary can never be a sane .

The verdict negates the concept of sanity and lust !
The colonies are no more spreading the virus !
They are no more ominous !

Black skin , black hair , black eyeballs
Can create a new brown earth
Where the rebels will paint again portraits of broken guns !
The savage man embraces his white woman !
Too much of love
Can turn the white skin into a tanned
One !

The dancers sway their black waist
In a bid to find out the centre
Of the earth !
will oil come out at the cost of white bones ?

Bones are always white –
No matter what .

Copyright @ Priyanka Banerjee

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