MY COUNTRY By Sulaiman Kabiru Isah

My country

The sod of grief and nervousness
The sod of guilty and stealing
The sod of bribery and corruption
The sod of cheating and killing
We hunger,we anger,we cry,we die

Oh Nigerians!
Our bucolic foot spoiled
Our bucolic eye closed
Our bucolic ear damaged
Our bucolic heart broke

Oh Nigerians!
How can we orbit our life portion?
Our sod leaders don’t care,
The pipe of our terrible situation
We lost luxury life generation

Oh Nigerians!
All we are the witness
We failed to have happiness
But we are in sadness
All thee and i lost happiness

Oh Nigerians!
The blood box bleeds
In our bucolic grief’s
From the Nigerians body’s
But our leaders kept eyes

Oh Nigerians!
The Bribery and corruption
Harvest in our bucolic generation
Our bucolic leaders steal the money
As a result of harvest of corruption

Oh Nigerians!
We wake-up to endure
And pray to our bucolic obstacles
To turn into zesty situations
And to be forgotten in this sod

©️ Sulaiman kabiru Isah

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