Magical Adventure~
Alice became like the Hatter,
Over time it began to show.
Normality did not matter,
Like in Wonderland long ago.
Alice had a lovely daughter,
They had tea parties every day.
She made it using spring water,
It tasted better made that way.
They both lived a fantasy life,
There was magic no one could see.
Alice was the Mad Hatter’s wife,
The Cheshire Cat lived in her tree.
The White Queen would come to visit,
The Queen of Hearts was always loud.
Alice never asked once, “who is it?”
But the White Rabbit always bowed.
The caterpillar was smoking,
He never came into the house.
The thick smoke had Alice choking,
Her coughing woke up the dormouse.
Life is a magical adventure,
Living life in a Fairytale.
That no one could ever censure,
It is such a wonderful tale.
James F. Cunningham © 07.30.2021

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