Let not our Joy Journey Alone…

We are incomplete if we stand alone.Be happy all on your own.Rejoice and give thanks
If you find someone who compliments you.

No One is perfect; we all make mistakes.But isn’t it nice to share a piece of you with a sweet Soul who has your back and is a friend who tells it like it is ?There is no greater gift than that of a friend who always is honest even if it hurts:You have to care to tell them the truth….or it really isn’t a friendship at all….it’s just queued.

Who looks after you when you are all alone?Let some one in who really does care…Life is too short to waste always walking alone.So you’ve been hurt: that’s just part of Life’s Journey…So just begin……Time to start ‘your story”…Life doesn’t go on forever….Quit waiting to be happy when you are finally on the other side…..Grab Life now before you’re let go….

Marilyn Donita Miller

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