GREEK MISERY By Agber ElDread IBrainz Monaday



On the bed couched McTie,
Dead apparently he appeared
Numbers, his ribs could
Be given names A to Z
His sight could get glimpse
But only the Acheron river of tears
Streaming down his ever opened eyes
Few words his mouth could say,
Is woe in convulsion.

Gently, left him the body
Himself found tween life and death
Signing vows with
the river of unbreakable oath.
The waters of Styx
Before the god
And thus his soul moved.

On the bank of river Lethe
There stood McTie waiting
Shuddering his nerves wracked
Sorrow cloud him a crown
For the Charon’s boat,
He await to be carried over
“Over river forgetfulness”
Spoke his mind
The pain of loosing his memory
Up it well tears
In the eyes so red.
He looked behind
Throng thrust on to be blinded
From their life time actives
The memory he could call up
His mind brooded over jealously
Like Father talking to his angels
About man his image.

Behold, on the steam
So cold river
Hazily come the boat
The sailor, unrevealing creature
In black hoody cassock sailing

Move in.
The horrible deep voice
Grew devil bumps on him
More even when the sailor’s
face got revealed
Fierce fiery red hot eyes
Glow up as the boney
white skeleton yawned
Yawned to bid him farewell
Of his senses.
Now and even this you may never Recall when we’re on the other side.

Oh, my mind
Held him his head up tight with his hand
I’m loosing it
The understanding is vapourizing
Upon inhaling the cold vapour on Lethe

Pyrolyzed his soul began blazing
When they had come close to
Phlegethon (river of fire),
He had nothing on his mind
But only the Cocytus,
river of lamentation
Passing by his side
Consumed by it he was
Thus only the mouth and throat
was now employed for years
Not when a mercy hand picked him
Out of Cocytus up into
Mercy river he never stopped screaming

© 2021 August 1
ElDread iBrainz

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