I’ve taken a trip to the onset,
where His love pleaded guilty
for the actions of my nature.
I’ve sat on the wheels of recall
and I have driven to the spot
where He sacrificed His will
on the alter of my rescue.

His freedom went to the jail
That my soul should have gone.
On that mud of 2000 years ago,
I saw His will, it took on dumbness
and amplified the voice of God’s wish.
His pride stayed completely deaf
to the pleas in carnality’s luring voice.

As I flashed back through the pages
of the proposal of my creation,
there, I foreshadowed the glory
that lay behind the thoughts and plans
of the superatural and wonderful Potter.
Then I wondered why simple obedience
Should have become so hard a task.

And now, even in this now,
His words constantly build the core
where the walls of my faith gain anchor.
Even if I sometimes can’t see or feel Him,
The conviction of His reality
comes from the blinking of the days’ eyes.

©Jonny’swrites | August 2021

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