Now that I stand here close to
The top of this mountain
Some good distance yet to make
I look down at the mammoth
Crowd nestling at the deep valley
As they begin their own climb

I remember my time at that
Exact position a long while ago
Looking up here at those who
Occupied my present station
This ladder meant for all mortals

I can vividly recall the thoughts
That filtered into my fevered mind
The many things I wished and
Dreamt to do at this very height

How I held those who were
Here and accomplished neither
Of those wild dreams of mine
Not deserving of their places

I look back at the journey afraid
To even think of those experiences
The very nature of the difficulties
Encountered on the turbulent way

The excitement disappointments
Betrayals and failed dreams

The web of frustrations and how
It managed to penetrate every
Content of my effort to make a leap
And scale the ever present obstacles

Those were the days of youth where
The mind remained so impressionable
That everything wore a garment of
Possibility in a never ending dream

Today I look back and all that I see
Is a city of regrets in a world
Governed by memory where
I awake to a new consciousness
Considering things in the way I
Could never do under the stupor
Of exuberance where I made my bed

These are the days of adulthood and
The color of the sun is fast changing
I look back at the things I did and
Did them quite wrongly also the
Ones I didn’t do at all which were even
Of greater importance at the time

I can not turn back the hand of the
Clock to start all over again no matter
How much I wish but to contend
With what lie within me at this station

To use the experience of my tortuous
Journey up here to create a legacy
To bear witness of my timely sojourn

©®Egong Eku
August 1st, 2021.

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