Each strand of his grey hair
Has a burden he’d to bear
He is a hero of mine, a dear
A big huggable teddy bear
Even when stressed, he hides his tears
When he faces an uphill task, his fears
He hides under his reassuring smile

I love to play with his beards all long days
Grey in wisdom, From him I learned his ways
A strand teaches about love and grace
Another teaches of Strength of he that prays
Yet another is about honour in integrity’s place
A father is like a mighty tower, formidable always
His strength of character seen from many a mile

He is a lion whose pride is surrounded by love
His roar brings to fore discipline set from above
He gives with a care from his treasure trove
My father’s love from him is soft and truly tough
Protection he provides proven is his paternal cove
Though giant in size, he’s at heart quite a quiet dove
He is my father, my Mount Everest, my River Nile

💟Copyright ©William Warigon 2019.All Rights Reserved

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